Wema Sepetu allegedly faints during her surprise birthday party, rushed to hospital

Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu’s surprise birthday did not go down as expected as multiple sources claim she collapsed after being surprised.

According to Global Publishers she collapsed at her sister’s house in Mbezi Beach where her family and friends had thrown a surprise birthday party for her.



This then led to confusion and panic in the party as family members and friends tried helping her in the wee hours of the night.

Wema was then rushed to hospital where it was discovered she had low blood pressure.

‘Wema was over excited. She could not sit down, she was all over talking with her guests. It is during her rounds when she suddenly fell down and collapsed. She was rushed to the hospital where they discovered she had low blood pressure,” the source revealed. 

Wema Sepetu’s ban by basata lifted: We did not lift the ban because we pity her 

Diamond Platinumz’s ex-lover Wema Sepetu is back at acting after more than half a year suspension by Baraza la Sanaa-BASATA and Tanzania Films Board(TFB).

The actress was banned last year after posting a clip on social media half naked in bed kissing her then lover. Since then, she has maintained a low profile, avoiding the media in general.

Speaking in a presser TFB Secretary General Joyce Fisso said the board lifted the ban after the actress delivered on 75% of what was demanded of her.


TFB denied that it lifted the ban out of pity because the actress was rumored to have ran broke.

”We did not lift the ban because we pity her, we allowed her to continue working because she did about 75% of what we wanted her to do before allowing her back,” Fisso revealed. 

Wema confessed that she has learned a lot through the ban which threatened to kill her career.


His ex Diamond Platnumz, together with Rayvanny, had also been banned for their explicit song Mwanza. The two artists’ ban however was lifted early January and the two jumped in studio for new song “Tetema”.

Wema Sepetu loves gay men too much that’s why I dumped her- ex-boyfriend

Wema Sepetu’s ex-lover Patrick Christopher better known as PCK, has revealed one of the main reasons he had to part ways with her.

Rumors first indicated that he was kicked out of Sepetu’s house by her mother Mariam Sepetu last October for being allegedly a leech and having been officially introduced to the family, but according to PCK, the real reason why he ended the relationship is because Wema loves gay guys and was childish.

“Mahusiano yalikuwepo nimetembea naye muda mrefu sana ila nikaona at the end of the day utoto mwingi kesho utamwona yuko na kundi la mashoga,” PCK said.

Leaked video

PCK’s claims have come just a week after Wema introduced her new boyfriend Chrintony.

The Burundian man, who was planning to marry Wema as second wife, also said that Wema herself recorded her nude controversial video and leaked it.

“Kinachoniuma ni kwa sababu dunia nzima inadhani ni mimi niliyevujisha zile video wakati zile video na picha tulikuwa naye mwenyewe anapiga, video anajirekodi,” PCK said.

Wema Sepetu sends lovely birthday message to Idris proving there’s no bad blood between them

Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu has proved there is no bad blood between ex-boyfriend Idris Sultan and her by sending a lovely message to him during his birthday.

Idris has just turned 26 years old and he dated the famous lady in 2016. Sepetu in her message confessed that Idris is the closet to have given her true happiness because he got her pregnant.


Wema Sepetu was expectant with twins but she was not able to conceive. She lost the babies in a miscarriage.

Since then she hasn’t been lucky enough.

“U could pass for MCM BUT since its Monday and Its your Birthday, Wat the Heck…!!! Happy Birthday to this one who almost gave me My happiness… Wish you nothing but More Success and Good Health… Its your Day…!!! have a Blast… Keep doin what you do…,” she posted. 

Wema will die before getting married -Pastor prophesies before announcing prayer session for her

It’s more drama for Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu.

The actress has been in a fix after leaking a raunchy video kissing her man passionately that Tanzanian authorities hated. In return, they banned her from acting and other film-related activities.

The actress is now back in conversations yet again after a pastor who goes by the name Mchungaji Daudi Mashori Mashimo claimed that she will never get married because of her promiscuous ways.

God’s instruction

The preacher made the prophesy sharing that God had instructed him to hold a prayer concert that she needs to attend if she wants a change in her life.

The prayer session will last the whole night and will be all about praying for a change in Wema Sepetu’s life.


“Lakini pia siwezi kuchukua hatua ya kukuona mkosaji maana najua sababu iliyokufanya kusema hayo uliyo yaandika kwenye ukurasa wako.” he said in part.

Read the full post below:



Ray C sends emotional message to Wema Sepetu after she was banned by government 

Singer Ray C has shown remorse after the government banned actress Wema Sepetu from taking part in any film related activities after a raunchy clip of her and boyfriend leaked online.

Wema Sepetu was forced to make an apology by authorites for the video before being banned.

Nimekosea sana na ninaomba radhi na upuuzi ambao nimefanya. Tangu nimeingia kwenye dunia ya umaarufu 2006 nimefanya utoto na ujinga mwingi sana ambao umekua ukivunj watu wengi nguvu.” she said.


Ray C took to social media to post a long letter showing support and encouragement to the actress. She asked her not to give up despite what has happened and to stay positive since things will chance for the better.

Here’s the letter:

“Nakumbuka 2006 Mange alinipigia Simu akaniambia anakuja nyumbani na mshiriki mmoja atakaeperform wimbo wangu kwenye kipengele cha Vipaji kwenye mashindano ya urembo ya (Miss Indian Ocean)na inabidi tumvalishe kama mimi nikamwambia sawa!walipofika nyumbani Kwangu nilimwangalia wema juu mpaka chini na alivyo mrefu,nikamwambia Mange huyu anashinda Miss Tanzania,nakumbuka alikuwa mwembamba,mrembo na mwenye aibu and I was like Wow!!!!

“Anyway kiufupi Nakupenda mpaka leo Wema,Maisha ni Kama milima!wewe bado ni mdogo sana na una nafasi ya kuwa utakacho!pamoja na yanayoendelea sasa bado moyo wangu una imani na wewe kuwa utasimama tena zaidi ya juzi jana na leo na Utakua.Never give up!

“Dunia inaweza kukubadilikia kutoka kuwa kipenzi cha watu na kuwa Public enemy number one!Its normal!!!Its ok!ila kumbuka Familia yako ndio kila kitu!Please usihuzunike ukajiona wewe ndo mkosaji dunia nzima maana kila binadamu ana majanga yake ni Mungu tu ndio mkamilifu ingawa sio sababu ya kutufanya kurudia makosa over and over again!

“Nakupenda na nina imani na wewe!Nakutakia kila la kheri katika maisha yako na natamani kumuona Wema Mpya.Lots of  love @wemasepetu ”

Wema Sepetu looking hotter than ever as she finally turns 30 years

Tanzanian Sweetheart Wema Sepetu has finally turned 30 years! Having enjoyed her scandalous early and late 20’s the Bongo movie star is now ready to make a difference in her 30’s.

A while back during an interview, Wema Sepetu revealed that she would remove her womb if she wouldn’t have conceived by the time she was 30 years.

Not quite sure if she was serious about it but word has it that she recently went under the knife to help reduce her weight. In less that 2 months she seems to have dropped over 20 Kgs and neither is she planning to stop.

Wema Sepetu now looks like a 20 something year old especially in her new photos that have left many drooling.

30th Mega bash

As she turns 30, Wema Sepetu will be throwing herself one of the biggest birthday’s witnessed in Tanzania.

So far she has invited the likes of Van Vicker among other top celebrities. In an interview with Bongo 5 Wema went on to reveal that Diamond Platnumz will not be present due to a few things here and there. Anyway checkout her latest photos below.