Malice or just a concerned boss? Waititu sends Moses Kuria’s brother on compulsory leave… But Kabogo smells mischief

Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu has instructed Moses Kuria’s brother John Ngigi Kuria to go on a compulsory leave starting January 2nd.

In a letter to John Ngigi who serves as Chief Officer in charge of Agriculture, Crop Production, Irrigation and Marketing in Kiambu county, Waititu notes that Kuria’s brother hasn’t been taking his annual leave as required.

The Kiambu governor orders Kuria’s brother to surrender all county property before taking the compulsory leave with immediate effect.


Former Kiambu governor William Kabogo was quick to sneer at Kabogo’s letter to Kuria’s brother instructing him to go on a compulsory leave.

Kabogo took to Twitter to suggest that Waititu was hitting back at Moses Kuria by sending his brother on a compulsory leave. His claims that the letter to Moses Kuria’s brother is some sort of retaliation.

William Kabogo faults Justice Wakiaga for calling Jowie a woman eater, but quickly shuts up after KOT reminds him of Mercy Keino murder

High Court Judge James Wakiaga denied Jacque Maribe’s fiancé Josheph Irungi alias Jowie bail on grounds that he would interfere with the case if released.

Wakiaga also raised eyebrows when he described Jowie in unflattering terms, he called him a male version of a slay queen and a woman eater.

“A male version of a slay queen, which for lack of a better word I’ll call a woman eater. He was living in the house of the second accused. driving the second accused’s car, with no known source of income since 2017 when he provided security for some Jubilee politicians,” said Justice Wakiaga while giving his ruling on bail application.


Some people didn’t take it lightly that Justice Wakiaga called Jowie a slay queen and a woman eater. Mutahi Ngunyi and former Kiambu governor William Kabogo took to social media to express their disapproval of the judge’s unflattering terms.

Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) called out Kabogo for stating that Wakiaga should be excused from the Monica Kimani’s case for calling Jowie a woman eater.

KOT quickly reminded Kabogo about the murder of University of Nairobi student Mercy Keino who was killed in 2011. Kabogo was adversely mentioned in an inquest into the death of Mercy.

Mercy had attended a party hosted by Kabogo at Wasini Luxury Apartments, Westlands before her body was found on Waiyaki Way on the night of June 17-18, 2011, it was mutilated and bones had been fractured.

She was reported to have been escorted out of the party after she became drunk and unruly. Kabogo was however cleared of Mercy Keino death in 2016.



“Thank you for catching me” Julie Gichuru thanks William Kabogo for saving her from a humiliating incident

Julie Gichuru is forever grateful to former Kiambu governor William Kabogo who saved her from a humiliating incident which was almost caught on camera.

The former Citizen TV anchor opened up about the embarrassing incident during an interview with Janet Mbugua on her YouTube show.

Janet asked Julie what was the craziest thing that had happened to her during interviews. She responded by narrating how Kabogo saved her from embarrassing herself on live TV.

He caught me midair

Julie recounted the incident in 2013 when Kabogo saved her from literally falling to the ground. She said the camera would have caught her falling if Kabogo hadn’t saved her.

“So Citizen we have just had big tough interview with Kabogo 2013. And i had been seating with my legs crossed, I didn’t realize I had pins and needles. So when I stood up at the end of the interview I literally fell. Kabogo has the presence of mind to first look see the camera on and then grabbed me before I hit the ground. Thank you for catching me,” said Julie Gichuru.

Watch the full interview below:



“I don’t have water! Sonko snubs William Kabogo after he alerts him about dry taps at his home

Apparently the rich are also affected by water shortage in Nairobi. Former Kiambu governor William Kabogo has been without water at his home for three months.

Water crisis in the city is widely thought to affect poor neighborhoods alone. Kabogo highlighted the situation in Windsor area in a tweet on Sunday November 19th.

Get water at our area

The former Kiambu governor says water has not been flowing into his house for the last three months. He was replying to Mike Sonko’s tweet in which the Nairobi governor was assuring city residents of smooth service delivery.

Kabogo protests about water shortage saying that they are also paying tax like any other Kenyan. He reminds Sonko that he stays in Windsor just in case he has forgotten.

“Ndugu. Get us water to our area. We also pay taxes. We’ve not had water for 3 months. Windsor in case you e forgotten,” William Kabogo tweeted.


Sonko however doesn’t reply to Kabogo’s tweet. Guess the former Kiambu governor is no longer a big fish.


Kiambu residents in awe as former governor Kabogo makes a statement with Kes 2 million sportbike (Video)

Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo is living the life now that he has all time in the world  to do whatever he pleases. Kabogo is basically having fun with his expensive toys.

Kabogo has admitted he loves state of the art machines; the former Kiambu county boss owns a large number of cars and motorbikes. He also owns two choppers.

Kabogo with his sleek Jaguar XKR

Kiambu residents were recently left in awe when their former governor showed up at a joint riding his Kes 2 million sportbike.

Locals could be heard shouting “Ndo huyo… Baba Kafogo…Baba yao…” when Kabogo showed up riding his bike. Watch the video below:

5 prominent governors who are heading for a humiliating defeat

Kenyan voters in different parts of the country have decided to do away with their sitting governors; IEBC results show some county bosses are heading for a humiliating defeat.

Kiambu governor William Kabogo has been defeated by Ferdinand Waititu with over 520,000 votes. Kiraitu Murungi is leading incumbent Peter Munya with over 55,000 votes.

In Kisumu, Anyang’ Nyong’o is leading the incumbent Jackton Ranguma with over 110,000 votes while Boment governor Isaac Ruto is trailing with over 88,000 votes.

See provisional results from IEBC below:

Bomet 708 out of 728

Joyce Cherono Laboso  172105 (67.33%)

Isaac Kiprono Ruto 83524 (32.67%)

Isaac Ruto

Kisumu  949 out of 1027

Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o 254940 (63.36%)

Jackton Nyanungo Ranguma 143396 (35.64%)

Jackton Ranguma

Meru 1254 out of 1473

Kiraitu Murungi 242365 (53.76%)

Peter Gatirau Munya 187140 (41.51%)

Peter Munya

Kiambu 1831 out of 1963

Ferdinand Ndungu Waititu Babayao 716336 (78.21%)

William Kabogo   192045 (20.97%)

William Kabogo

Nairobi   3076 out of 3378

Mike Sonko Mbuvi Gideon Kioko 792847 (53.46%)

Kidero Odhiambo Evans 635990 (42.88%)

Evans Kidero





Ferdinard Waititu mocks Kabogo in the worst way after beating him hands down…this is the hilarious hashtag he participated in

It’s celebratory more for Ferdinard Waititu after he emerged the winner in the Kiambu gubernatorial party primaries where he beat his opponent incumbent William Kabogo with over 10,000 votes.

And it seems now it’s payback for the Kabete MP who has faced unbearable torment in the hands of  Kabogo in the name of lawsuits, insults and condescending remarks which have even appeared on National Television.

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And what did he decide to do?

He participated in the #sugeknightchallenge just to show everyone how he showed up at the election like a boss and scooped it like the true boss he is. Or maybe it was not him, maybe it was one of his supporters who exploited the situation.

If it’s indeed true however, he surely fits very well into the deathrow situation.

Just have a look at this: