Mike Sonko Splashes Ksh1 Million On Alcohol For Uhuru Kenyatta’s Birthday

Mike Sonko, the former governor of Nairobi, splashed over Ksh1 million on alcohol as a birthday gift for former president Uhuru Kenyatta.

In a video shared on social media, Sonko is seen at a local liquor store with his team, cross-checking the various expensive alcohol brands displayed. They then selected specific brands amounting to Ksh1,029,000, including a Louis XIII brandy from Remy Martin valued at Ksh420,000.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Kenyatta, happy birthday to you,” Sonko sang as he handed over his credit card for swiping.

Sonko also celebrated Uhuru on social media with a message that read:

“Happy belated birthday, my former buddy Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta. It is written in the book of Mathew 5:43. ‘Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.'”

“I celebrate the former President H.E Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta. May the Good Lord give him good health and a long life as he celebrates his 62nd birthday.”

Sonko, who fell out with the retired president in the final days of his reign as Nairobi governor, struck a reconciliatory tone, asking for forgiveness.

“Happy birthday, my brother, and may your additional year bring you happiness. May God forgive me for the insults, unkind words, and anything I have said to provoke you in revenge. I have also forgiven you for all the wrongdoings and persecution. May you live long. God bless you and your family,” Sonko prayed.

The former governor also revealed that he had gifted Uhuru with a cake and card in addition to the drinks.

Uhuru turned 62 years old on October 26, with different celebrations across the country, despite his absence on the scene.

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko Thanks Supporters For Tattoos, But Asks Them To Stop

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has thanked his supporters for getting tattoos of his face on their bodies, but has asked them to stop.

Sonko said that he appreciates the loyalty and love of his supporters, but that he does not want them to permanently mark their bodies with his image.

“I love you all, but please stop getting tattoos of my face,” Sonko said. “Your body is a temple, and you should not deface it with my image.”

Lady Who Tattooed Mike Sonko's Face on Her Thigh Speaks

Sonko also said that he plans to meet with Maryanne Njoki, the latest supporter to get a tattoo of his face. He said that he wants to thank her for her support and to encourage her to stop getting tattoos.

Njoki said that she got the tattoo of Sonko’s face because she is a big fan of his work. She said that she would be honored to meet Sonko in person and to give him a hug.

“I would tell him that I love him for his work,” Njoki said. “If he accepts a hug when we meet, I would be happy. The ones who would talk, let them talk.”

Sonko’s request to his supporters to stop getting tattoos of his face is a reminder that everyone has different views on what constitutes body art. While some people may find tattoos to be a way to express their love and appreciation for a particular person or cause, others may view them as a form of self-mutilation. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to get a tattoo is a personal one.

Kibe and Sonko Go at Each Other

Two of Kenya’s most outspoken personalities, Andrew Kibe and Mike Sonko, have been engaged in a war of words on social media.

The feud began when Kibe, a former Kiss100 radio host and now a YouTuber, criticized Sonko, the former Nairobi governor, for promoting Western luxury products without leaving his own legacy creations that will be remembered long after he is dead.

Kibe also wondered aloud how Sonko sustains himself.

Sonko, who is known for his fiery temper, responded by calling out Kibe and telling him to mind his own business. He also launched a full-on assault on Kibe, using many insults that are too incendiary to publish here.

Kibe responded by questioning Sonko’s source of income and accusing him of corruption.

The back-and-forth between Kibe and Sonko has attracted the attention of most Kenyans, who have been enjoying the vitriol being spilled between the two.

Some people have praised Kibe for speaking out against Sonko, while others have criticized him for stooping to Sonko’s level.

It remains to be seen how the feud will end, but it is clear that both Kibe and Sonko are not afraid to speak their minds.


The feud between Kibe and Sonko is a reflection of the increasingly polarized political climate in Kenya. Both men are known for their outspokenness and their willingness to attack their opponents.

The feud is also a reminder of the power of social media to amplify conflict. Kibe’s comments about Sonko were shared widely on social media, and Sonko’s response was even more widely shared. This has helped to fuel the feud and keep it in the public eye.

It is unclear how the feud will end, but it is likely to continue for some time. Both Kibe and Sonko are unlikely to back down, and their supporters are likely to continue to defend them.

The feud is a reminder of the dangers of social media. It can be used to spread hate and division, and it can be difficult to control once it starts.

Sonko Calls for Peace in Kenya Amid Anti-Government Protests

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has called for peace in Kenya amid the ongoing anti-government demonstrations by the opposition Azimio coalition.

Sonko, who was speaking on Wednesday when he stepped out in the streets of Nairobi to distribute food and bottled water to anti-riot police and demonstrators, cautioned Kenyans against violent protests, saying that the citizens are at risk of losing lives.

“I’m urging the people to be peaceful and let the government work on its promises. If the young people burn this country, they have nowhere to go, but leaders like me have houses abroad like London and Dubai where we can relocate to,” Sonko said.

Sonko’s comments come as the country is facing a wave of protests against the government’s handling of the economy and rising cost of living. The protests have been largely peaceful, but there have been some reports of violence.

Sonko’s call for peace is a welcome one, as the country needs to avoid further violence. The government and the opposition need to find a way to resolve their differences peacefully, and the citizens need to be patient and allow the government to work on its promises.

It is important for all Kenyans to remember that violence is never the answer. If we want to see change in our country, we need to work together peacefully and constructively.

Mike Sonko Supports ‘Kaveve Kazoze’ Hitmakers, Gifts Them New Outfits & Performing Gig

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has once again shown his support for local talents by gifting the Kaveve Kazoze crew with new attires, money, and a performance at his club in Mombasa.

The group, which is made up of four men and one woman, has been gaining popularity in recent months for their catchy Gengetone music. Sonko’s gesture has been welcomed by many, who have praised him for supporting local talent.

The group’s only female member, Ngesh, has also been the recipient of Sonko’s generosity. She received a makeover, including a new wig, makeup, and dental work. She was also awarded money to help her produce better videos.

Ngesh took to TikTok to show off her new look and thank Sonko for his support. She also met with nominated Senator Karen Nyamu, who promised to help her with her music production.

Sonko’s gesture is a reminder that there are still people in Kenya who are willing to support local talent. It is also a boost for the Kaveve Kazoze crew, who are now one step closer to achieving their dreams.

ICYMI: 5 Former County Governors were Facing Corruption Charges in Court This Week

Five former county governors are expected in court this week to face corruption charges. The cases, which are being prosecuted by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), shed light on the pervasive issue of corruption that has plagued various levels of government in Kenya.

The former county bosses include Mike Sonko, Ferdinand Waititu, Moses Lenolkulal, Mwangi wa Iria, and Okoth Obado.

The cases are as follows:


  • Moses Kasaine Lenolkulal: A suit for the recovery of Sh80 million. The amount in question is alleged to be the proceeds of corruption, specifically engaging in a conflict of interest by trading with the County Government of Samburu while serving as the Governor. The former governor is accused of trading with the county government through his business Oryx Service Station.

  • Ferdinand Waititu and Testimony Enterprises: A suit for the recovery of Sh144 million. The funds in question arose from a road construction contract that was awarded through an irregular procurement process.


  • Mike Mbuvi Sonko and 16 Others: Charged with conflict of interest. The allegations revolve around a conspiracy to embezzle Sh24.1 million from the County during Sonko’s tenure.

  • Francis Mwangi Wa Iria and 7 Others: A suit for the recovery of Sh547 million. The funds in question were allegedly paid to Top Image Media Services, a company associated with the former Governor of Murang’a County. The contracts awarded to the company were allegedly obtained through conflicts of interest. Additionally, the case seeks the recovery of two parcels of land purchased using the proceeds of corrupt conduct.

  • Zakaria Okoth Obado and 19 Others: A suit for the recovery of assets valued at Sh73.5 million. These assets are alleged to have been acquired from the proceeds of procurement contracts with the County Government of Migori.

The cases are a reminder of the pervasive issue of corruption in Kenya. It is important to hold those in power accountable for their actions, and to ensure that the proceeds of corruption are recovered.

The EACC has been praised for its efforts to prosecute corruption cases. However, more needs to be done to ensure that the cases are successful. The EACC needs to be adequately funded and supported by the government. Additionally, the judiciary needs to be impartial and independent.

Sonko Condemns Matatu Operators’ Unruly Behavior

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has condemned the unruly behavior displayed by matatu operators in a recent incident involving traffic police officers.

In a video shared on social media, matatu operators can be seen angrily chasing traffic police officers during a routine traffic check. The officers were forced to flee for their safety.

Sonko warned matatu operators that attacking the police would likely lead to someone getting shot by the officers in self-defense. He also said that the incident raised concerns about the conduct of matatu crews and the need for comprehensive reforms within the industry.

“I am deeply concerned about the unruly behavior of matatu operators,” Sonko said. “This is unacceptable and must be stopped. I urge the police to take action against those who are responsible for this incident.”

Sonko is not the only one who has expressed concern about the conduct of matatu crews. In recent years, there have been a number of incidents involving matatu operators attacking passengers and traffic police officers.

In 2019, a matatu operator was shot and killed by police after he attacked them with a machete. In 2020, a matatu crew was arrested after they were caught on video assaulting passengers.

The matatu industry is a major part of the Kenyan economy, but it is also plagued by problems, including corruption, violence, and safety concerns.

Sonko’s comments come at a time when the government is considering reforms to the matatu industry. The government is hoping to improve safety and security in the industry, and to make it more efficient.

It remains to be seen whether the government’s reforms will be successful. However, Sonko’s comments suggest that there is a growing public demand for change.

Mike Sonko Proud Of Daughter Sandra Mbuvi After Graduation

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko is a proud father after his daughter, Sandra Mbuvi, graduated from St. Austins Academy. Sonko took to social media to congratulate his daughter, saying that he was proud of her hard work and dedication.

“As a very proud father, I congratulate you Sandra Mbuvi on your graduation yesterday. I’m very proud of all of your hard work & dedication that has led to this incredible accomplishment,” Sonko wrote. “You have shown that you are capable of achieving great things, and I have no doubt that you will continue to thrive in all of your future endeavors.”

Sandra Mbuvi is the youngest daughter of Mike Sonko and his first wife, Saumu Mbuvi. She is a bright and accomplished young woman who has always been a source of pride for her father. Sonko has often spoken about how proud he is of his daughter, and he has always encouraged her to follow her dreams.

Sandra Mbuvi’s graduation is a major milestone in her life, and it is a testament to her hard work and dedication. She is an inspiration to many young people, and her success is a reminder that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

We wish Sandra Mbuvi all the best in her future endeavors. We know that she will continue to achieve great things.

Sonko adds Conjestina to his bodyguard team

Mike Sonko has given boxing champion Conjestina Achieng a fresh lease on life.

The struggling boxer is a member of Sonko’s security team.

Sonko uploaded a photo of Conje as she started her first day as an employee on his social media accounts, dressed in an all-white two-piece suit.

We change lives, thus Nawacho ni Conjestina okdog Siaya. No Kenyan plays politics or public relations in our daily lives. The politician praised her and remarked that.

He also uploaded a video showing her accompanying him from his residence to his car, where she expertly unlocked the front door of his expensive car.

“We go now, twendeni,” Sonko tells his troops, who were waiting.

Sonko Raises Eyebrows After Offering Money To A Curvy Lady Arrested Over Property Damage

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has offered to help a woman who was arrested on Monday for allegedly damaging her boyfriend’s property after she caught him cheating.

The woman, Imelda Mwendwa Kiguda, was arrested after she allegedly vandalized her boyfriend’s car and broke his TV. She was taken to court and asked to pay a cash bail of Ksh. 100,000.

Sonko took to Twitter to express his disagreement with how the boyfriend handled the matter. He said that he would offer to pay the woman’s bail and asked for her court case number.

Sonko’s offer of help has been met with mixed reactions. Some people have praised him for his generosity, while others have accused him of trying to take advantage of the woman.

It is unclear whether Sonko will actually pay the woman’s bail. However, his offer of help has certainly sparked a debate about the ethics of cheating and the appropriate way to handle it.

Here are some of the reactions to Sonko’s offer of help:

“Sonko is a real man. He is always there to help those in need.” “Sonko is just trying to get in the woman’s pants. He is a creep.” “I don’t know what to think of Sonko. He seems like a good guy, but I’m not sure if he’s really helping the woman or just trying to get attention.”

Sonko the Savior

Mike Sonko, the self-proclaimed “people’s savior,” has once again come to the aid of a Kenyan in need. This time, Sonko is offering to help Imelda Mwendwa Kiguda, a woman who was arrested on Monday for allegedly damaging her boyfriend’s property after she caught him cheating.

Kiguda was arrested after she allegedly vandalized her boyfriend’s car and broke his TV. She was taken to court and asked to pay a cash bail of Ksh. 100,000.

Sonko took to Twitter to express his disagreement with how the boyfriend handled the matter. He said that he would offer to pay Kiguda’s bail and asked for her court case number.

Sonko’s offer of help has been met with mixed reactions. Some people have praised him for his generosity, while others have accused him of trying to take advantage of Kiguda.

It is unclear whether Sonko will actually pay Kiguda’s bail. However, his offer of help has certainly sparked a debate about the ethics of cheating and the appropriate way to handle it.

Some people believe that Kiguda was justified in her actions, as she was understandably angry and hurt after catching her boyfriend cheating. Others believe that Kiguda should have handled the situation differently, and that she should not be rewarded for her behavior.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide what they think of Sonko’s offer of help and Kiguda’s actions. However, it is important to remember that everyone deserves to be treated with respect, regardless of their situation.

Audio Of Sonko’s ‘Enemy’ Allegedly Leaked

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko went on a rant on social media recently, showing off stacks of cash. The angry politician appeared to have been reacting to an unnamed person’s comments that he was broke.

In the video, Sonko is seen holding wads of cash, some of which are in foreign currency. He then proceeds to insult the person he is addressing, calling them a “beggar” and a “failure.” He also claims that the person is spreading lies about him in order to ruin his reputation.

Sonko’s rant has sparked a lot of debate online. Some people have praised him for standing up for himself, while others have criticized him for his vulgar language.

It is not yet clear who Sonko was addressing in his video. However, it is likely that the person is someone who is close to him, as he refers to them as a “family member.”

The leaked audio that has since surfaced appears to confirm that Sonko was indeed talking about his family. In the audio, a man who sounds like Sonko can be heard arguing with a woman. The man accuses the woman of spreading lies about him and of trying to ruin his reputation. He also threatens to expose her secrets.

The woman in the audio has not been identified. However, it is possible that she is Sonko’s wife, Saumu Mbuvi.

Sonko’s latest outburst has only added to the controversy surrounding him. He has been accused of corruption, extortion, and violence. He has also been linked to several criminal cases.

It remains to be seen what the consequences of Sonko’s latest actions will be. However, it is clear that he is a man who is not afraid to speak his mind, even if it means using vulgar language.

Video of Mike Sonko Flaunting Wads of Dollars, Kenyan Notes Astonishes Kenyans: "Hii ni Pocket Money" - Tuko.co.ke
Mike Sonko Flaunting Wads of Dollars & Kenyan Notes- Google

Sonko’s Response to the Audio

Sonko has since responded to the leaked audio, calling it “fake” and “malicious.” He has also threatened to sue the person who leaked it.

In a statement, Sonko said that the audio was “doctored” and that it was “part of a wider scheme to tarnish his image.” He also said that he was “considering legal action” against the person who leaked the audio.

It is not yet clear whether Sonko will take legal action against the person who leaked the audio. However, his statement suggests that he is serious about clearing his name.

Mike Sonko’s Daughter Defends Him Over Flossing Ksh 40 Million

Mike Sonko’s daughter, Thicky Sandra, has come to his defense after he was criticized for flaunting money online.

Sonko posted a video of himself showing off bundles of cash in response to a relative who claimed he was broke. The video quickly went viral, and many people criticized Sonko for his behavior.

Sandra took to social media to defend her father, saying that he is human and that people should be mindful of the things they say about him.

“Guys please stop attacking my father in that video,” she wrote. “Everyone gets upset, and if it were you in that position you would have flipped even worse. Y’all don’t see things from his point of view, but then are so quick to jump to conclusions. He’s human too!”

Sonko has been a controversial figure in Kenyan politics for many years. He was impeached as governor of Nairobi in 2019, and he is currently facing corruption charges.

Despite his legal troubles, Sonko remains a popular figure among some Kenyans. His daughter’s defense of him suggests that he still has a strong base of support.

It remains to be seen how Sonko’s latest controversy will affect his political career. However, his daughter’s defense of him shows that he still has the support of his family.

Mike Sonko Yet Again Shows Off His Riches By Flaunting Diamond Bling

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has been trending on social media following his show off where he flaunted huge chunks of notes via his social media.

Read also;Kenyans react to video of Mike Sonko showing off 40 million KShs

“You say I don’t have money because I don’t help children. Who told you that a person over the age of 18 is a child? Someone who has given birth, who has been educated until they finish school. I have money, but not to spend on children. I have money to spend on my wives. Let me show you,” Sonko began, launching into a series of insults.

Sonko wasn’t done with flaunting how rich he is. He has now gone ahead to flaunt his huge bling made of real Diamond as he addressed fans.


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Alai vs Sonko: Insults and arrogance on display as the two clash

Robert Alai and Mike Sonko have been engaged in a war of words all morning and as you can expect, they have been trading insults and showcasing their arrogance on social media.

The beef emanates from a video the former Nairobi governor had shared on social media of himself flaunting 40 million shillings in cash (local and foreign currencies).

Robert Earl I took offence at the insults Mike Sonko was hurling as well as the jarring boasting and it would seem Mr Mbuvi had a lot of time on his hands because yesterday and earlier today morning he has been engaging his destructive on both his main account and from pseudo accounts.

Their spot has been rather entertaining as you can see from the tweets below:


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40 million reasons! Mike Sonko’s daughter defends him

Mike Sonko’s daughter, Thicky Sandra (her moniker on social media) has come out rather loudly and aggressively in his defence and why wouldn’t she not only is he her father but he is also super loaded so maybe he has twice the incentive to be twice as clear in his defence.

Yesterday he had shared a video in which use flossing 40 million Kenya Shillings in different denominations and currencies and Kenyans were quick to hold his feet to the fire asking which company owns that can have afforded in such wealth or which business he is engaged in that is so lucrative especially given how terrible Kenya’s economic health currently is.

On top of all that, Mike Sonko’s video was also filled with a lot of profanities which Kenyans were quick to say it was a clear sign he is still not a statesman. But his daughter Sandra jumped to his defence and said Kenyans are unaware of the types of pressure he is under that led to that particular video and she went on to straumann and say most Kenyans would have reacted even worse were there in the circumstances he is under.


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Kenyans react to video of Mike Sonko showing off 40 million KShs

Mike Sonko leaked a video of himself showing off 40 million shillings in different currencies and denominations courtesy of his bank account at DTB and the internet has not been calm since then.

Kenyans on Twitter have a rather hilarious take on the matter with many either sharing advice or expressing shock at how he has amassed such vast sums.

To say that Mike Sonko has more money than some of our families put together is an understatement and he seems very familiar with the idea.

Check out some of the comments Kenyans have been making:


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Mike Sonko Admits He Was With Maribe On The Night Of Kimani’s Murder

Former Citizen TV news anchor Jacque Maribe defended herself against accusations she has a hand in the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani. Appearing before the court, Maribe defended herself claiming that on the fateful night, she was with her then-friends Anita Thumbi, Chelangat Ruto, Mike Sonko and others.

The former anchor added that her ex-boyfriend Jowie joined them at Club Forty-Forty at around midnight and they went home at 4am.

Former Nairobi Governor Sonko confirmed that he was indeed with Maribe at Citizen TV during an interview, where after they went to party. He took to social media to address the issue.

However, Sonko claimed that he did not know about Jowie’s whereabouts on that day; unlike Maribe, who claims they proceeded home together afterwards.

Commercial se.x worker exposes famous pastor for fake miracles

Mike Sonko has shared an old video of a commercial sex worker who was on the streets of Nairobi when she was interviewed about her interactions with a very popular televangelist who she claims is selling fake miracles.

Wacha watoto wakufe, tutazika – cult leader Paul Mackenzie

In the very hilarious video the obviously inebriated pro was seen explaining that she was approached by a John who turned out to be a famous televangelist and after he was done procuring her services, he informed her she had a job for her which would save her from the cold nights she spends being a pro.


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And thus began her new career faking miracles at his church and this hilarious video can be observed below for your amusement.

Malindi cult: Daddy Owen addresses church leaders cowardice

Why are we sharing it now? Because churches are being exposed for performing fake miracles and even brainwashing members into either committing self deletion (slow and agonizing self-deletion by starvation) and Kenyans have began rooting out the charlatans.


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Mike Sonko Offers Conjestina A Job At His Club

Legendary boxing champion Conjestina Achieng is a lucky woman after Mike Sonko decided to take her to rehabilitation; where she has showed a tremendous change.

A 2nd Chance

After seeing how miserable Conjestina previously was at her home in Siaya, Sonko was on the frontline to rejuvenate her previous self.

Sonko has now offered her a job at his club as head of all female bouncers (Club Volume).

”Kweli Mungu halali. Eight months later after checking into the rehabilitation centre in Mombasa, our boxing hero Conjestina Achieng is looking good. This time round we are not releasing her to go back to Siaya. Immediately she is discharged after fully recovering, I have already prepared a good plan for her where she will also be earning a salary. She will be the overall assistant head of security and head of all female bouncers at Club Volume Mombasa @volumevipclub001 at night & during peak hours/holidays.

Sonko further offered to open a gym for her to be a boxing coach.

She will also serve as the head trainer in all the gyms in our establishments @salamabeachresortke and @kimerimetalodgeke. As a long term measure, we are intending to open for her a boxing training centre where she will be coaching boxing.”

Sonko has been Conjestina’s hero after her health tremendously started deteriorating after the end of her career.

“I’m not giving you sh!t!” Sonko tells alleged baby mama demanding child support

Mike Sonko has come out to tell one of his alleged baby mamas sitoi hata bob (I’ll not give you even a shilling.) This is after she allegedly took him to court for failing to support their daughter.

From what we understand is that the baby mama is seeking Ksh 448,450 monthly child support for their 15 year old daughter; but problem is – Sonko says the woman is a serial con artist who has been doing this for years with her other baby daddy.

In a post shared on his page, the former governor however made it known  that he won’t be issuing even a cent to the lady; and if anything – he is willing and ready to take his daughter and raise her on his own.

Sonko baby mama drama


On the same post, Sonko went to mention that he already knows the money ‘child support’ will be used to sponsor her entertainment and drinking ways….something he won’t be doing despite having millions in his account. He wrote;

Hiyo part ya kutoanishwa pesa alafu anaenda kudunda 24/7 ndio hatutaelewana ata kidogo na sitoi hata bob. Hata mtoto awe si wangu amlete tu kwangu ata saii nitamlea vizuri.

Just to show how generous he is and how much he values children; Sonko asked other ladies having trouble raising their kids to bring them to him – since he can do this without any issues.

Na pia madem wengine mkifeel hamuezi cope up na kulea watoi msiwadhulumu kivyovote, waleteni kwangu nitawalea. It’s hard but fun being Mike Sonko.


Machoos! Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko reacts to news of his favorite pastress getting engaged

Reverend Lucy Natasha is officially off the market after her Asian boyfriend recently proposed to her. Having said yes shows that indeed Reverend is now ready to settle down as someone’s wife; and hopefully will graduate into motherhood as soon as possible – because clearly time isn’t waiting for nobody.

Rev Natasha with fiancé

Anyway to announce the good news through her social media pages, Ms Lucy Natasha shared some beautiful photos together with her Asian fiancé; leaving many impressed and some nursing their bruised feelings now that she finally picked a man to settle down with.

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Among the hurt fans is one former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko who was quick to question Lucy Natasha for announcing her engagement in a comment where he wrote;

Rev. Dr. Natasha why are you getting engaged without informing me na unajua tumetoka far??????????? Ama nisimamishe hiyo wedding ikifika

Sonko and Rev Natasha

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Well, from where I’m seated – one would easily think that the comment was more of a joke; but knowing the kind of person Sonko is – we can’t help but wonder whether there is more to his sarcastic post. Alaaar!

Natasha finally engaged

Sonko’s mixed feelings

In yet another post, the former governor decided to wish the woman of God all the best as she plans to live her life as a married woman.

Like I said, it’s obvious that Sonko wasn’t really ready to hear about the wedding announcement; but being a clever man he decided to cheza chini as he went on to celebrate the new couple in town saying;


“Why is Juliani’s life in danger?” Lilian Ng’ang’a questions Mike Sonko

This past weekend Activist Boniface Mwangi released a few new photos of Juliani hanging out with girlfriend, Lilian Ng’ang’a.

From the way the photos look, let’s just say Activist Boniface Mwangi aim was to spread love; especially with the new reports indicating athlete Agness Tirop died after reuniting with a toxic ex. However Boniface Mwangi’s mistake was that but he shared them without the couples consent.

Juliani with girlfriend, Lilian Ng’ang’a

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With the new photos, social media users took it upon themselves to widely share them online; which explains how they ended up on former nosy Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko’s Twitter page.

Sonko reacts

As usual, Sonko didn’t have anything nice to say but mock Lilian; and ex, Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua in his caption as he wrote;

Aki stop hurting Kavaluku. Just move on in peace, you are endangering the life of the msanii.

Enough is enough

Having shared this on Twitter, Ms Ng’ang’a who is an active social media user; also happened to came across this post which unfortunately disgusted her.

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Couple goals: Lilian and Juliani

Seeing how Sonko captioned the photos; Lilian Ng’ang’a for the first time decided to respond now that this guy was getting out of hand.

Responding to Sonko’s post, Lilian wrote;

Two things.

1. these photos were posted by our friend and in no way whatsoever are they meant to hurt anybody.

2. My main concern though, @Mike Sonko, is why should @Julianikenya’s life be in danger for being with me?

Well, looks like we are all waiting for Sonko’s explanation; or could it be that Lilian finally put him in his place?

Violence! Former Nairobi Governor takes a swipe at Alfred Mutua’s failed marriage

At this point, serikali inafaa kupatia Sonko kazi! Having been relieved off his duties as the Nairobi Governor – Mike Sonko seems to have too much time in his hands; hence his activities on social media.

Alfred Mutua’s birthday as he marks 51 years

About a week ago the former governor was among the first people to advise Alfred Mutua; on the importance of fixing his family problems in private.

Although his message made sense – reading in between the lines; its obvious that Sonko was also mocking politician Mutua. But, as you already know – there’s a very, very thin line between clowns; and Politicians in Kenya.

Sonko riding on Mutua’s failed marriage

With everyone talking about this failed marriage; Mutua and Lilian this past weekend pulled a not so smart PR stunt that fueled the failed marriage.

Of course by now fans are aware that Lilian Ng’ang’a’s body language not only confirmed she is uninterested; but the photos paved way for  Sonko to do what he does best – Mockery.

This was seen in a new post where Sonko wrote;

Birthday iko karibu kwisha. Kila mtu ataenda kivyake Ama what will be next yoooh?

Sonko to Governor Alfred Mutua

Judging by the photo Sonko shared, it’s clear tho see that he isn’t such a big fan of his Kamba mate, Alfred Mutua; but since they both want to keep acting like Nairobi socialites – who are we not to stay entertained.

Mike Sonko’s fine and stylish mother-in-law leaves tongues wagging on social Media (Photo)

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and yes, we now believe this especially after coming across Primroses; aka Mike Sonko’s wife’s mum…or rather in short Sonko’s mother in law.

Mike Sonko’s wife

Thanks a photo shared by Primrose a few days ago we finally got a chance to meet the beautiful woman who birthed former Nairobi Governor’s wife. To caption the post, Sonko’s wife introduced her mum by writing;

Mother’s are like buttons, they hold everything together ???????? Happy Mother’s Day Mum????????

Being the first time her face is being unveiled on social media of course fans in the comment section could not help but shower her with praises. From the photo, we can also tell that indeed Sonko is keeping his in laws comfortable; hence the glow – and did I mention the expensive looking outfit?

Sonko’s blended famiky

Although this is not the only mother in law Mike Sonko has (others from his previous situationships); we understand that Primroses mum comes into the picture since she is the only grandma to the former Governor’s kids.

Judging from most posts by the wife, we understand that she has been raising the 3 Mbuvi sisters like her own; although she is Sandra’s biology mum. The likes of Saumu and Salma also get love from their step mum; and the funny part is that the girls actually look like Primrose.

Anyway meet the stylish mother in law below.

Mike Sonko’s wife and mother in law

“There are times I lock myself in a room and cry” Mike Sonko confesses in emotional post

Mike Sonko has come from way too far. From a hustler who started his business of hawking in Mombasa to a flamboyant businessman who has not only used his wealth for his personal benefit; but also in helping the jobless youths in most of Nairobi ghetto areas.

Anyway, thanks to a new post shared by the Nairobi governor, he goes on to advice his followers on the importance of not giving up. Through his Instagram page the trendy MP went on to reveal that he has never given up on life; and this is why he has managed to come this far.

He went on to open up about this in a detailed post where he wrote;

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Mike Sonko arrested

Good morning dear brothers and sisters.

As Celine Dion would sing, a new day has come. How has your day started? I know times can be tough. There is that challenge each day brings with it. Maybe you are looking for a job that seems so hard to find, or have applied for that promotion but its not forthcoming, don’t you dare give up. I never give up and if you are my friend, I beg you to keep going.

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We all stumble

Having seen so many youths and young families suffer during this pandemic; Sonko went on that he too breaks down and cries when he hits the wall.

Judging from the rest of the message, I bet Sonko has been witnessing most youths visit his office for donations; hence reminding him of the life he once lived. The stylish MP went on to add;

Sometimes you may look at my life and think it has been smooth sailing. That is far from the truth. There have been tough times, there are times I have closed myself in a room and shed tears wondering how tomorrow would be, but guess what I have never given up!

TBT: Sonko

You see, nobody’s journey is seamless or smooth. Not even Barrack Obama, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, or Abraham Lincoln or Nelson Mandela or whoever that person you idolize. We all stumble. We all have setbacks. There are times when things will go wrong, there are those times when you will hit a dead end. But remember dear friend, when that time comes, realize it’s just life’s way of saying, “time to change course.”

In conclusion, life will never be fair as it has it’s ups and downs. However choosing to give up will not help in any way. He went on to conclude saying;

In every failure, in every crisis, in every difficult time, I ask myself “what is this here to teach me? As soon as I get the lesson, I get to move on. I get to make wiser decisions, I get to be at peace with the world, I get to be a person’s role model, and I get to be a friend you can always talk to. Kila wakati sio siasa. Kweli rongo?

Mike Sonko’s piece of advice to youths looking to make quick and easy cash!

Governor and slay King Mike Sonko isn’t all about jokes when it comes to the youths! For some reason, he happens to be the only member of parliament with good intentions towards the young generation.

As seen on his latest post shared on his social media pages; Mike Sonko went on to urge the youths to start from the ground up – instead of jumping into quick sweet deals!

His post comes just a few weeks after one Kevin was said to have been murdered over money related issues. From the stories making rounds on social media, the guy is said to have been involved in an easy money making deal; however he did not live long enough to enjoy his money.

Mike Sonko

Sonko’s message

Addressing this burning matter that has left many youths cashing easy money. Mike Sonko went on to post;

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Let me share this…To our young men, under 30. Look my dear brothers fortunes and success in life are results of hardwork. If you by any chance angukia and become rich you have cheated in life, and most definitely you will fall back to zero. The best diamond passes through hot fire.

He went on to add;

Hizi deals za usiku kucha and you start spinning Porsche Panamera which you can’t tell how you earned, will dig you an early grave. The sweetest success has a story. You start a business, tried and failed, tried and failed, tried and failed and so on and so on until business teaches you enough money lessons.

Life has no short cut

To pass his message across, Mike Sonko went on to remind his followers that nothing in life comes easy; nor does it miraculously fall down from heaven.

For one to be successful, there must be hard work. The governor went on to add;

Life has no short cut, that’s why our fathers drove cars at 40s and 50s. Life experiences has no short cuts, that why it took our fathers years to finish the house we were brought up in.

Marriage has no shortcuts, you have to face challenges, you build it up through those challenges.

Nothing is easy to earn, and if you woke up a millionaire, just know you will not overstay on top. This wash wash businesses will give you a one hit wonder, or make you a one minute millionaire. And we can tell with the excitement you have, you are not built to last.

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I have been approached many times, oooh bro with your brains you can do very well. Oooh, you just need to dress smart and nail a deal and walk out a rich man. Oooh, I will give you a good car bora deal iivane, nonsense let me work hard for my money. Let me cry when I fail, let me scratch the ground hard enough.

If God wants that for me, acha niangukie kaproject kapesa mzuri, that one I will have worked hard through my experience. Lakini hii, tupatane B club nikuonyeshane kwa mabig fish, you are wasting your time, I am not coming.

Think twice

There two things to understand in this businesses, one you can’t cheat on big fish, and if you do they will not have a second thought pulling that trigger.

Two, you can’t outsmart them, you can’t tell of their secret businesses, they watch your life more than your mother watches you. What a life you have money but nowhere to spend because you are being watched. If not by them, the DCI is tracing your steps.

Vijana acheni haraka yakuwa mabudesko, your time will come.