Janet Mbugua reveals she doesn’t mind being around alcohol despite being a teetotaller

Two months ago, Janet Mbugua, an author and philanthropist, revealed that she had been sober for almost two years. She has been getting questions about her life without alcohol and her journey to sobriety.

Mbugua says that she did not have a dangerous drinking habit, but she wanted to quit because she was afraid it could escalate. She used alcohol to cope with stress and bad days.

Mbugua says that she will continue to attend events where alcohol is served, and that she does not condemn people’s choice to drink. She will often be seen at these events with a juice or mocktail in hand.

Mbugua encourages anyone who is struggling with alcohol to reach out for professional help.


Janet Mbugua is sober and has been for almost two years. She quit drinking because she was afraid it could become a problem. She still goes to events where alcohol is served, but she doesn’t drink. She encourages anyone who is struggling with alcohol to get help.

Janet Mbugua Shares Her Journey To Sobriety

Media personality and philanthropist Janet Mbugua recently shared her journey to sobriety, almost two years after quitting alcohol.

Mbugua said that she made the decision to quit alcohol on her own, without any pressure from anyone or anything. She also said that she did not set a deadline for her sobriety, as she wanted to give herself the time and space to heal.

In a candid video on her YouTube channel, Mbugua revealed that she is excited to have reached this meaningful milestone. She also talked about the importance of discipline and self-compassion on the journey to sobriety.

Mbugua said that she refrains from putting unrealistic expectations on herself, as she knows that discipline does not come easy or naturally. She also said that it is important to be patient and kind to yourself during the healing process.

Mbugua’s decision to share her story is an inspiration to others who are struggling with alcohol addiction. Her message of self-compassion and discipline is a reminder that sobriety is a journey, not a destination.

Janet Mbugua Throws Lavish Birthday For Her Son As He Turns 5

Janet Mbugua’s second-born son Mali has turned 5 years old. The overjoyed mother threw him a birthday party in an Italian restaurant, where he was praised for being a joy to his family.

In a beautiful message, Mbugua expressed how much Mali means to her family:

You’ve made these last 5 years some of the most beautiful ones we’ve ever experienced. God sent, go-getter, heart full of love and a Guka at heart 😊

Happy 5th birthday, beautiful Mali. Though you continue to develop our characters with your boldness, innocent but powerful questions and strong willed nature 😃, you continue to make every day we share with you here on Earth, a gift.

God bless you, God keep you, We love you. So much ❤️

Mbugua also added that it was a milestone birthday, marking a significant step in Mali’s growth and development.

Congratulations to Mali and the Mbugua family on this special occasion!

Janet Mbugua Shares Love Poem She Wrote For Ex-Boyfriend 18 Years Ago

Former news anchor Janet Mbugua shared a love poem she wrote for her ex-boyfriend 18 years ago on her Instagram account on August 8.

The poem, which is titled “The End of Us,” is about Janet’s heartbreak and the end of their relationship. She wrote the poem in 2004, after she and her boyfriend broke up.

Janet shared the poem with her followers, saying that she was surprised at how deeply she had been invested in her feelings for her ex-boyfriend 18 years ago.

“Another original poem from my collection. Feels like I’m sharing a super vulnerable piece of me online,” she wrote.

Despite feeling vulnerable, Janet said that she was also excited to share her poetry with her followers. She said that most of her poems are about love, lost love, passion, and relationships.

Janet’s followers were supportive of her decision to share the poem, and they praised her for her honesty and vulnerability.

One follower commented, “Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem. It’s so raw and honest, and it really resonates with me.”

Another follower said, “I’m so glad you shared this poem. It’s beautiful and heartbreaking, and it reminds me of a time in my own life when I was going through a similar heartbreak.”

Janet’s decision to share her poem is a reminder that it is okay to be vulnerable and to share our emotions with others. It is also a reminder that love is a powerful emotion that can both bring us great joy and great pain.

Janet Mbugua shares sweet poem she’d written for her husband Eddie Ndichu

Janet Mbugua is a tireless traveler who uses her platform to raise issues that are important to her.

The first is menstruation. She wants to eradicate the discrimination against girls. She is revealing a very personal thing in the interim.

Janet posted on Instagram about a highly romantic poem she once penned in which she declared her eternal love for an ex-boyfriend. The former Citizen TV presenter is emotional as she remembers the love poetry she has ever written for an ex-lover.

“I found some poetry I wrote, between 2005 and 2007… In fact, the document has over 30 poems! It’s taken me back in time; so many of them are about love, lost love, passion, and relationships…so now I’m trying to think back and figure out who I was then, what I was thinking, dealing with. Who I was with!

This is one of the few I’m posting as I figure out what to do with the rest ???? Don’t laugh! Try not to ???? I was simply expressing myself 🙂 And clearly letting go of lost love!

#mafeelings#poetry#partsofme#love#loss,” she captioned her slight embarrassment.

And the poem was:

Funny I would think that two years ago,

I was the one thing you were certain of.

We were the heart of everything was a flirt,

You were gentle

I was the spoilt one

where you would spend

Funny, we thought we’d stay

Only to throw it all away

Strange that our paths crossed when I was up in arms

You were rational, I’d lost my mind

You were convinced that I was your kind

You talked and charmed me. I looked away

I knew I’d turn back and made you stay

Strange that we stood side by side

Only to find ourselves in this collide

Surreal, so surreal that it’s been two years

You moved on, I moved out, I stood alone, You fell in love

I remember everything

You’ve made it her world

Almost as if we never were

Janet Mbugua discusses her journey raising sons

Janet Mbugua recently travelled to the coast to celebrate her birthday.

She needed some time alone away from her hectic routine because she was burnt out.

“I was dealing with something that was difficult and I didn’t know I was dealing with it, and so what this has allowed me to do is just be comfortable with the fact that vulnerability is actually a strength and it’s good for you. But it took me a long time to kind of put that in my mind.”

She was discussing her journey from the media to being a gender/menstrual rights advocate on the Working Smart and Living Well podcast, which was featured on Agenda Women.

The former media celebrity was dealing with a lot of problems.

“I think the last time I was vulnerable was probably last week around my birthday. I allowed myself for the first time ever to get in touch with myself. Coz I hadn’t had space, parental burnout, this burnout, work burnout, allow yourself two days, it is not the end of the world.

“And then I got vulnerable with myself and you know had to come to that place where emotions were let out, but it was within a space safe space, and it allowed me to be vulnerable because I’m like now you know it’s okay to be vulnerable.”

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“They could not stand watching me on TV” Janet Mbugua opens up on how Kenyans bullied & mocked her for being a pregnant news anchor

President Kenyatta himself announced to have quit Twitter following the harsh insults from KoT. Okay, imagine a whole president quitting social media because of cyber bullies – so what do you think a common Mwanainchi would do?

Well because of the same cyber bullying the number of suicidal cases have gone up; that’s because at sometimes some of these experiences end up causing too much damage hence the easy way out….suicide.

Some of the celebrities who have faced cyber bullying include Mulamwah, Boniface Mwangi and Janet Mbugua among others. For this r reason, Janet a Mbugua recently spoke to Aljeezera opening up about her experience with cyber bullies. Bet y’all didn’t know this but – Janet’s first pregnancy was not so easy!

Bullied for being her pregnant

According to Janet Mbugua, most of the people  who picked on her always targeted her pregnancy. For some reason, most felt she didn’t deserve to stand infront of a camera, pregnant and reading news….making it feel like being pregnant is a sin.

  As a news anchor, reporter, presenter, and as a woman on its own, there is always something that will come at you, unfortunately.


Every day it was hateful, spiteful messages saying you are too pregnant to be on TV. Or we can’t stand looking at you when you are reading the news like that.

Having faced the wrath of angry bitter kenyans Janet Mbugua joined Be Kind Online to help fight cyber bullying; and although this is a ‘disease’ that can’t be killed easily – I guess it’s time it was tackled different.

Eddie Ndichu finally denies divorcing Janet Mbugua, but are they still together?

Rumor has had it for a while now that Janet Mbugua and husband, Eddie Ndichu no longer live as man and wife. The Marriage institution being the hardest and struggling field man has ever dealt with – we honestly can’t judge these two – that is if they parted ways.

Eddie Ndichu with wife, Janet Mbugua divorcing?

For about 2 years now we have not the spotted the couple together and after the Ndichu brothers scandal at Ole Sereni – netizens confirmed that Janet Mbugua’s marriage had already drowned; but being a media personality – she had no option but to lay low.

However thanks to Mpasho who recently spoken to a source close to Eddie Ndichu – we’ve learnt that Janet Mbugua and Eddie still remain as man and wife….. on paper that is because they haven’t divorced yet.

Denies divorce rumors

Former journalist Janet Mbugua

From what we know is that the Eddie’s source denied the divorce allegations by getting defensive and demanding to be shown any proof suggesting either Janet or Eddie filed for divorce case.

Even if you go to court, there is no story like that filed. If indeed the story is correct, please give me the details of where you got the story from.

Just him demanding to be told who is spreading story confirms there is indeed a filed divorce case but problem is – there is a leak somewhere.

I mean why else would he ask about the source of the divorce story when he knows journalists do not reveal sources? Ethics.

Anyway responding on whether the couple is still together, Eddie’s source said;

Getting to the details of whether they are married or divorced, that is a matter Eddie and Janet can address. One thing I know is they are not divorced.


Janet Mbugua leaves netizens drooling with never seen before bikini photo, flaunts thick figure (photo)

So it hasn’t been an easy year for former Citizen Tv’s news anchor Janet Mbugua; that is thanks to husband, Eddie Ndichu’s scandal at the Ole Sereni hotel.

However life hasn’t as bad as we thought that is judging from her latest photo where she is seen rocking nothing but a black bikini. Yes, the old ‘covered up’ Janet Mbugua is no longer hiding her curves from fans; as she recently stepped out looking hotter than most of these wannabe socialites on Instagram.

Also read: “I condemn all forms of Gender-based violence“ Janet Mbugua speaks after ex husband’s scandal

From the photo, we can all agree that Janet Mbugua has become thicker over the years; but the good thing is that her fat always goes to the right places – that is her thighs and the boobs.

Talking about her boobies – did you know Janet Mbugua has a tattoo, no? Well, neither did we.

Janet Mbugua


Captioning the post, the former news anchor wrote;

Love the (beach) bod you’re in because if not you, then who ✨ I’ve got some tales about this December that I’ll come back and share here soon plus an appreciation post for some loved ones next but in the meantime, I really hope y’all are keeping safe and sanitized. COVID19’s vengeance this time around is next level!  Get vaxxed. Get double-vaxxed. Do it now ????????

Mummy with the boys

From the other photos taken from her short trip, we understand that she travelled with her two boys and a female friend who might also be a relative.

Hubby, Eddie Ndichu still remains on the low and has not yet said anything since his case was taken up by the DCI. But having seen him eat life with a big spoon – while Janet Mbugua was home with the boys – looks like karma (or whatever) finally served its justice, no?



Janet Mbugua pours out her heart to eldest son, Huru as he turns 6 years

Janet Mbugua is proud of the far she has come with her two sons, Huru 6 and Mali, 3. Of course it hasn’t been an easy journey for her especially now that we know her marriage to Eddie Ndichu fell apart a while ago and being the mum, that means she has the boys living with her.

Anyway despite the failed marriage, Janet Mbugua continues to focus on her kids and career – which explains why she has been low key for the past few months or rather 2 years.

Janet Mbugua with Baby Huru

However one unique thing about Janet Mbugua is that she rarely parades her kids on social media unless it’s a special occasion hence the latest post dedicated to her sons on their birthday.

All grown up

Through her Instagram page, the yummy mummy marked her eldest son’s 6th birthday with a special message where she wrote;

Huru all grown up

I couldn’t ask for a better, brighter gift,Than two wonderful sons, one of whom today turns six! *(Patting myself on the back for that rhyme!) #Happybirthday Huru.
6 already! God keep you and Mali, always. All ways. For all your days #BabyHuruMilestones #HuruMilestones #HuruAndMali #MotherAndSon #SixAlready #MamaBoys #Godspeed ????????

As her eldest son turns 6 years and the youngest 3 years, Janet Mbugua got to unveil their latest photos and boy have they grown.

Huru and baby Mali

The eldest, Huru already has that American height which means he may have taken after his daddy while baby Mali, well…he must be mummy’s boy.

IG Mutyambai Responds To Viral Video Of Janet Mbugua’s Husband & His Twin Assaulting Ladies In At Ole Sereni

Former TV girl Janet Mbugua shared her take on the horrific video clip of her husband Eddie Ndichu and his twin brother Paul Ndichu being involved in a fight at Ole Sereni Hotel in Nairobi over the weekend.

While reacting to the drama that befell her husband, Janet condemned the incident while calling upon justice to prevail.

”I am sadden by increasing incidents of Gender-Based Violence. Over the last decade, I have joined my voice to efforts to #EndGBV. I condemn all forms of GBV irrespective of who is involved and will continue to speak out against it. We have laws in Kenya and justice must prevail.”

The viral video shared by activist Boniface Mwangi and blogger Edgar Obare also caught the attention of police boss; Hillary Mutyambai after Netizens urged law enforcers to intervene and bring the two brothers to book; following the weekend incident.

In response to the clip during his engage talk on Twitter, he directed the complainants to make a formal report at the nearest police station for immediate action.

“This incident should be reported to the nearest police station for action,” Mutyambai said.

Legal action is yet to be undertaken for the two ladies that were assaulted.



Janet Mbugua hospitalized

All is not well after TV queen, Janet Mbugua penned an emotional post from a hospital bed.

In her long message, a dear Janet recalled how all was well, running up and about, enjoying life and all it has to offer, until all was not well and the next minute, she was lying on a hospital bed.

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The unfortunate incident

According to the TV girl, she was suddenly on a drip, sipping not such good liquids, all because she had missed something. She was busy taking care of the world, at the expense of her self care.

“As I write this, I now understand more than ever, the importance of being in tune with your body, something I was doing previously and then I let it slip,” jotted Janet.

Janet Mbugua hospitalized

Also read: Former Citizen TV couple Janet Mbugua and Hussein Mohamed drop major hint on possible comeback after grand reunion (Photo)

A situation that has now forced her to take a break from the daily hustles and the multiple runs, having to now take care of that one person – herself.

“I’ll be back when I’m back ” she wrapped up her post. Barely hours later, messages of comfort, love and kind words flocked her comment section, greatly humbling the mother of two for the sacrifices she had given up for the sake of others that were now costing her own being.

Janet Mbugua hospitalized

Sending back the love: “Thank you all for your incredibly kind messages. God bless, stay safe and please look after yourselves. ????????”

Her battle with anxiety

Her message comes barely days after she did a vlog regards unknown facts about her, mentioning how she spends hours thinking a lot, before admitting that she suffers from anxiety. Something she has been battling for a while and hopes to get over, eventually.

“I think I a lot suffer from anxiety and it’s something I’m trying to work on. Hopefully at some point it will be a lot less than it is now,” she opened up.

Media girl, Janet Mbugua

Quick recovery to her!

6 celebrity media couples who parted ways in sad goodbyes

The media industry has housed multiple outstanding personalities over time, some who had to make exits we never saw coming, others whose chemistry lured fans to tune in to this station or that channel only for the end to come too soon.

Be it on TV, be it on radio, Kenyans have had to witness some of the most unpleasant goodbyes among media couples, leaving wounds that might never get healed unless these duos make major comebacks. Let’s start off:

1. Janet Mbugua and Hussein Mohamed

The former Citizen TV’s Monday Special duo split in 2015 while at the Royal Media studios as Janet left for maternity leave but never came back, leaving behind Hussein Mohamed to co-anchor with Jacque Maribe before the two later made their exit as well.

Janet Mbugua and Hussein Mohamed

2. Lulu Hassan and Kanze Dena

The tale of Lulu and Kanze is one of best friends who we never ever thought would part until the latter landed a lucrative State House job in 2018 where she has been working since. Meanwhile, Lulu was paired with her beloved, Rashid Abdalla.

Kanze Dena and Lulu Hassan

3. Kalekye Mumo and Shaffie Weru

Kalekye and Shaffie was one of the most popular and favorite radio duo Kenya has ever heard, with personalities perfectly complementing each other but unfortunately, the Kamba doll had to leave in 2016 as Shaffie paired with Adelle Onyango.

Shaffie Weru and Kalekye Mumo

4. Victoria Rubadiri and Larry Madowo

A speculated screen chemistry many hoped would blossom into a love story without an ending, only for Larry to soon after leave NTV for BBC in 2018, where he has since been making major moves.

Victoria Rubadiri and Larry Madowo

5. Olive Burrows and Dennis Okari

Olive Kalekye Burrows was one lady who stirred lots of controversy after an alleged screen chemistry with Dennis Okari just after his marriage with Betty Kyallo had started becoming wobbly, before the two were eventually separated on air.

Dennis Okari and Olive Burrows

6. Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro

The unfortunate story of Kamene and Kibe is one that probably still hurts, a match so perfect but it had to be done in June 2020 after Kibe handed in his resignation, thereafter getting replaced by Jalang’o.

Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro

10 Kenyan celebrity journalists who took to self-employment after years of working with giant media corporates

Cases of retrenchments and mass firings from local media conglomerates almost became the order of the day especially after Coronavirus hit.

It is no longer a new tale in the media industry, a lesson that majority of journalists have since learnt and taken steps on in the event that they face redundancy or even for those that already have.

Citizen TV studios

Once bitten, twice shy. Media professionals have now opted for second, third sources of income to sustain their families and even for financial security. However, for those that opted out of the circle or were forced out by unforeseen circumstances, self-employment has become the route to take for them. Lets get right through it.

1. Betty Kyallo

The sassy celebrity journalist has hopped several times in the media industry especially after her exit from her first home, KTN in 2018, to join rival station K24 where she exited in May 2020. Since then, Betty has been all about her beauty parlor business, Flair by Betty among other partnerships.

Ms Betty Kyallo

2. Maalika Kazia

Late August 2020, the young beauty called it quits at KTN where she had been for the last 2 years in what she termed a new step into a different chapter. The beauty is now into content creation on her YouTube channel ‘Maalika Kazia’ where she mainly talks about her personal life.

Maalika Kazia

3. Eric Njoka

The former K24 news anchor who teamed up with Karen Knaust for the Weekend Edition, has made his major comeback with his own online talk show Centred set to kick off this Thursday.

Former K24 Editor and producer, Eric Njoka

4. Jacque Maribe

Maribe, after being surrounded with controversies in late 2018 while working at Citizen TV, bounced back in August 2020 with her online political show dubbed Hot Seat that has aired several episodes so far.

Ms Jacque Maribe

5. Janet Mbugua

The mother of 2 quit her plum job on Citizen TV’s Monday Special show as she went into maternity but never returned, where she soon after launched her book My First Time and has since been doing all sorts of gigs including running her enterprise Inua Dada. 

Janet Mbugua

6. Mwanaisha Chidzuga

Mwanaisha was among the team of professionals shown the door at K24 in late 2019 where she dropped her journalism cap to take up full-time catering which was her main profession and has since started her own online talk show The Dada2Dada Uncensored.

Mwanaisha Chidzuga

7. John Allan Namu

The popular investigative journalist resigned from KTN in 2015 after multiple frustrations, to start his own investigative documentary series Africa Uncensored.

John Allan Namu

8. Terryanne Chebet

Terry was fired from Royal Media Services owned TV station Citizen TV in 2016, a move that totally broke her down for months before fully taking up her business empire, Keyara organics, that she had founded in 2014. She however currently holds multiple power positions in different entities.

Terryanne Chebet

9. Asha Mwilu

Asha worked as special projects editor at Citizen TV before announcing her exit in May 2020 before unveiling her own media company dubbed Debunk, on July 1, 2020.

Ms Asha Mwilu

10. Nancy Onyancha and Joab Mwaura

The celebrity couple took up their media organization, Sauti Tajika as option B after being shown the door during K24 TV’s mass retrenchment in June 2020. Nancy however joined Switch TV in early July.

Nancy Onyancha and husband, Joab Mwaura

Politicians and even colleagues approached me for intimacy – Janet Mbugua opens up

It is not news that Kenyan politicians have an eye for most news anchors especially, the young, sassy and charming ones.

It´s not once, or twice, or even thrice, that such news have made headlines in our local media.

Whether dating them for prospective marriage or just sexual favors in exchange for material wealth, it´s been there.

However, what irks most is fact that these politicians do it regardless of the subject´s marital status.

Some might be married, others already have kids and have started a beautiful, blossoming family, but that has been given a deaf ear by these very politicians.

Renowned Kenyan media personality, Janet Mbugua, opened up on her own experience.


Yes, she was married and having kids already but politicians kept approaching her, from all sides of the divide.

Speaking on Radio Maisha, the mother of two expressed:

I don´t want to sit here and pass judgement but I do believe this is wrong especially if it is somebody who has a family. On principle, it´s wrong but at the same time, it doesn´t mean that that woman should be abused, or harassed, or bullied.


However, the multi-talented personality went ahead to clarify that having made mistakes does not mean these women should be treated with contempt, rather advised accordingly.

It´s  human rights violation. She needs to be educated better kwamba that the choices that she makes will come back and hurt her because the day you are older there will be a youngin and you will be kicked out. You can lose your credibility or even your job, you lose everything.

Sharing her own experience, Mrs Ndichu opened up:

How many politicians, how many colleagues in the media have approached me? So many. Did I say yes? No. Even when I am married and gotten kids. I just used to say point-black that, ¨I have a family. Don´t you think what you are asking is wrong?¨.


Because honestly, actions have consequences.

It´s a choice. I just said that even if they can give me all the money in the world, what will happen to me? There is no credibility I´ll have.


Janet Mbugua celebrates her second born’s 1st birthday with special message!

Former Citizen TV’s Janet Mbugua is one proud mum of two boys that she has been raising with her handsome husband, Eddie Ndichu.

Their second born baby Mali turned 1 years a few days ago and to mark this new milestone, Janet Mbugua could not hold back from pouring her heart to her baby boy.

Janet Mbugua with baby Mali

Through her Instagram page Janet Mbugua went on to say that she loved her baby boy with all her heart and bones – something that many mothers will relate with! She wrote;

It was around this time, a year ago today, that this precious, loving, UNPROBLEMATIC baby was born. Happy birthday Mali. Love you in my heart and my bones. Keep that calm, kind and warm spirit. Always. Folks, let’s constantly surround our little ones with love, with prayer, with wisdom, with the intention of raising Kings and Queens.
#BabyMaliMilestones #BabyMali ❤️

Janet Mbugua Private life

Unlike most media personalities, Janet Mbugua enjoys keeping her sons and husbands lives on the low.

However, a while back she shared a new photo of her eldest son Huru and went on to reveal big he has grown and unlike his old self…Baby Huru now prefers to play with mud and not his toys like before.

Janet Mbugua with Baby Huru

#FBF – Huru has grown so much from the time this picture was taken. He’s now fully at that stage where playing with mud is THE main plan ????????‍♀️



“Is it okay to have sex while menstruating?” Janet Mbugua answers

Former news anchor Janet Mbugua is one open lady who likes to share with her fans on all her social media platforms.

During her latest YouTube episode shared on her channel, Janet Mbugua got to educate those asking whether it was safe to get intimate while on their periods.

According to Janet Mbugua this was one of the most asked question and for this reason had to respond to her follows.

Janet responds

Well, the mother of two says there is nothing wrong with having sex when a lady is on her periods; but there are a few precautions people should take.

The lady opened up saying;

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong, I just think you have to take certain precautions, you have to have a towel, you have to make sure that you’ve covered the sheets I guess. Some people find it very messy but I don’t there is anything wrong per say in terms of is it a health risk etc. Just take precautions is what I would say and here is another thing I would say, have your partner wear a latex condom if possible. It will protect against pregnancy and STIs,”

There you have it!

Former Citizen TV Journalist, Janet Mbugua set to make TV comeback on rival station

Veteran journalist, Janet Mbugua makes TV comeback on rival station after calling it quits from Citizen TV for a while now.

Early today, rival station, NTV announced their newest employee via social media who is none other than Janet Mbugua captioning:

It’s time for a different voice…

NTV reveals that the former Citizen TV journalist will be hosting ¨Here and Now¨ show, set to air every Thursday.

The thrilled mother of 2 also shares this on her social media expressing:

So this is happening! I’m back on TV! With , on Thursdays…

The butterflies in my stomach are REAL, but so is my excitement!


Funny enough, she is both excited but a little shaken to be back, being anxious to make a comeback to her first love.

Not so long ago, soon after exciting Citizen TV in 2017 for a couple of reasons, did the articulate journalist reveal her love and passion for news anchoring.

The opportunity to have been a Broadcast Journalist for 10 years has been humbling and rewarding, with 5 of those years spent at Citizen TV.

I know the moment is right for me to take a sabbatical; breathe, reflect, pursue my passion projects in earnest and spend time with my young family.

It’s more ‘see you soon’ than ‘goodbye’.

She cited it all as a blessing in her life.


The renowned personality might have sent a signal just recently after being part of a panel discussion on Citizen TV talking about the negative effects of smartphones.

Sure enough, as the hosts, Trevor Ombija and Waihiga Mwaura were prepping for a short break, they actually offered Janet the opportunity instead, one she actually slayed.


It is evident that the beauty´s anchoring skills are as fresh as her old days on camera and will therefore not be a disappointment.


Netizens quickly congratulated the media personality, expressing their eagerness to listen to her on NTV.

Janet this is the moment we were waiting for,

you are such an inspiration to us the young people with ambition of being journalists, dope and all the best Janet#role model


Finally the wait is over


It is indeed time for a different voice. Welcome back Janet


Good to have you back on the screens. i wonder what the show is about…


????????????????????????☺️☺️☺️☺️ SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!!


About damn time! Excited. Can’t wait. So happy for you! ????


Congratulations @officialjanetmbugua!!! ???????? ???????? ???????? ????????


Best thing I have seen on the internet today ! ♥️♥️♥️
Congratulations hun! ????


Woooow ????????????

Renowned Journalist, Janet Mbugua opens up on what actually pushed her to share her motherhood journey

Renowned Kenyan media personality, Janet Mbugua opens up that negative trolls on social media actually thrust her to share her motherhood journey, publicly.


Mean comments like:

You look disgusting.

You shouldn´t be on TV when pregnant.

You are wearing a dress that is suffocating your unborn child.

These were the trend on her social media pages and she decided enough is enough.

Janet was an angry lioness that had been poked and decided to rise like the Queen she is.

She asked one of her critics:

So what about being pregnant?

How did you come into the world?

Don´t you know you are insulting your mum?

Instead of backlash from fans, they actually turned the tables and applauded the TV siren who then bounced back and shared her motherhood journey.


This journey was shared to a myriad of women from across her social media platform and hasn´t looked back ever since.

However, this that was just but the tip of an iceberg when it came to negative trolls.

She returns to work after giving birth and her boss gives them a stern warning about getting pregnant.

Janet Mbugua recalls several incidences where her boss would be so mean, always jeering at women but she could not stand it.

This is how the endometriosis warrior is now involved in couple of initiatives that stand up for women, even for their maternal health.

Groomyard Barbershop is now open! Janet Mbugua’s twin brother opens his barbershop after quitting employment (Photos)

Timothy Mbugua quit his job sometimes last year to start his own business. It took him months to open his barbershop but now he’s open for business.

Speaking during an interview with Nation in November 2018, Timothy said that he decided to quit employment after realizing he was putting great effort and work on someone else’s brand.

“I spent between 12-15 hours a day working, I figured that working on my own brand for that long made more sense than putting in all that effort to build someone else’s brand. I decided to step out of my field, design and advertising, and try something new, different and fresh,” said Timothy.

Inside view

Timothy’s barbershop – Groomyard Barbershop is located on Dennis Pritt Road, Kilimani. It’s an high-end barbershop, its location just tells you the kind of customers Timothy is targeting.

See photos of the barbershop below:






Janet Mbugua TOTALLY loses her cool…savagely fires at incoming New York Times bureau chief for East Africa

The New York Times has published some disturbing photos of people who were killed at the Ducit D2 Hotel at 14 Riverside Drive.

The horrid photo, on New York Times article titled ‘Shabab Claim Responsibility for Deadly Assault on Nairobi Hotel-Office Complex’, shows bodies of at least three people inside the Secret Garden Café.

Incoming New York Times bureau chief for East Africa Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura has been at the receiving end of Kenyans’ anger.

Kimiko is VERY arrogant, she has been answering Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) the ways she feel, saying that they should direct their anger to the photo department.


Janet Mbugua reacts

Janet Mbugua has gone HAM on Kimiko, the former Citizen TV journalists says that Western journalists are very biased in their reporting especially when it comes to Africa.

Janet fired at Kimiko in a series of tweets:


Janet Mbugua announces TV comeback

Janet Mbugua took many by surprise when she quit her illustrious career on television to be full time mother. She left Citizen TV after close to six year working as an anchor.

She joined Citizen TV in 2011 after quitting her job at South African station eTV. Janet anchored her last news on Citizen TV on April 10th 2018 before announcing that she was leaving for another challenge.

Apparently she left her job when she was already pregnant with her second son Mali Mwaura Ndichu. She gave birth to her son on September 17th 2018.

Janet Mbugua while she was still an anchor at Citizen TV
Janet Mbugua while she was still an anchor at Citizen TV

Well, it has almost been a year since Janet quit her job. And she is already thinking of going back on TV. Janet  revealed that she will soon be back on television screens during an interactive session with her fans on her Vlog.

She however didn’t say when exactly she will make the comeback and on which TV;

“I am, (making the TV comeback) maybe not in the way that people were used to seeing me and that’s all I’m gonna say about that,” said Janet Mbugua.




Janet Mbugua reveals why she underwent another surgery shortly after her C-section

Janet Mbugua recently welcomed her second baby boy, Mali but unlike her first pregnancy things did not go so smoothly.

In a video shared on her YouTube channel, Janet Mbugua revealed that she had opted for a normal delivery; but after her labor got so intense she had to be wheeled in for a C section.

Baby Mali arrived safely and was even discharged after 5 days. However when they got home the former media personality started feeling unwell and had to go back to the hospital.

On arrival she underwent several test and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Her doctors however decided she needed to be readmitted just to make sure that everything was okay.

Janet Mbugua back to hospital

In her video the mum of two narrates how she kept on battling with her on and off fever for a few days.

Before her doctors decided that she was going in for surgery, Janet says she developed Jaundice; which actually might have saved her life since it helped doctors know was wrong with their patient.

The celebrated media personality reveals that she had to undergo another surgery to remove her gallbladder due to gallstones. Watch her full detailed video below!

Janet Mbugua opens up about her breastfeeding experience with her new born

Former news anchor Janet Mbugua recently welcomed her second born child called Mali. Thanks to a video shared on her YouTube channel we understand that she gave birth via C-section; just like her first baby boy Huru.

However in the vlog Janet Mbugua says that she had earlier prepared for a normal birth; but after having series of long contractions for almost 10 hours, she then opted for surgery.

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Her new young boy was delivered safely but we understand that Janet Mbugua had to go back to hospital for another 1 week. The media personality revealed this in her first section of her #myfirst28days with a newborn series on her social media pages.


Breastfeeding struggles

Just like most new mums, Janet Mbugua reveals that she had quite a challenging time breastfeeding her newborn the first 3 days. She went on to reveal saying;

I’m still having breastfeeding struggles but I’m trying for it not to get to me because even last time it took about three days for the milk to flow,”

Anyway baby Mali is doing great as far as we know and we can’t wait to see his face soon!


Janet Mbugua opens up about health scare after giving birth to her second child

Janet Mbugua and her husband were blessed with a bouncing baby boy Mali Mwaura Ndichu on 17th September 2018. The couple already has a grown boy Ethan Huru Ndichu who will be turning 3 on October 27th.

Baby Mali was born at 1.42PM weighing in at 3.8kg, according to his father Eddie Ndichu. The baby was in perfect health but things were not good for Janet after the delivery.

The mother of two had health scare after she gave birth to her baby, Janet reveals that she underwent a surgical procedure with her baby next to her.

“I underwent a surgical procedure next to my newborn, and it was insane. I had multiple meltdowns and I thank my family members both mine and my hubby’s for being supportive. They were there for me. Most incredible families,” said Janet Mbugua.

Janet Mbugua
Janet Mbugua

Janet further discloses that she spent two weeks in hospital recovering after the surgery. She is now recuperating at home, her condition has greatly improved.

“I was hospitalized for two weeks and been on a recovery journey for one and a half weeks. It has been really tough, but I’m back getting healthier.”




Janet Mbugua’s husband talks of possibility of baby number three barely a month after they were blessed with second child

The Ndichu family is quickly getting bigger, currently there are only four members but if Eddie Ndichu’s words are anything to go by then it’s only a matter of time before a new member arrives.

Janet Mbugua and her husband were blessed with a bouncing baby boy Mali Mwaura Ndichu on 17th September 2018. The couple already has a grown boy Ethan Huru Ndichu who will be turning 3 on October 27th.

Baby number 3

Eddie hinted that they might be having more children on his post on social media. He took to Instagram to announce that his wife will document her motherhood journey on her Vlog.

“#WCE ❤ Thanking God for bringing back her health and cute goofy self.I guess she will tell you her journey at some point, as she always does. ❤ #MamaBoys #MamaHandM #MamaHUMA P.S. I think we should keep having babies to grow her hair and sell it!” wrote Eddie.