33-year-old Willis Raburu explains why he hosts kids show 

Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu has been trolled several times for hosting his teenager’s show 10 over 10.

Many have always claimed that the presenter shouldn’t be on the show because he’s too old.

The presenter recently revealed that he has always loved journalism and hosting 10 over 10 has always been a dream job for him.



He narrated how he started the job while in Unversity and even charged 30 shillings for his first show.

“You see I had always dreamed from when I was a young boy of hosting a show, when I was 7 years old I would read to my mum the newspaper,” he said.

Adding: “When I joined campus I revived it, the people of Moi University, main campus, remember WAYNE LIVE, a show I would charge 30 bob entry fee.”


Wewe endelea kusema ‘I just can’t anymore’! Willis Raburu’s parents celebrate 40 years of marriage 

Willis Raburu parents have hit 40 years now after exchanging vows. Yes, 40 years of marriage and still happy.

The Citizen TV presenter, who exchanged vows with Mary Ngami Irungu on May 5 2017, took to social media to share that his parents married in 1978.

“Happy 40th Wedding anniversary to my mom and Paps. 40 years of marriage!!! You are trailblazers,” he wrote on Instagram. 

Good number

Willis is hopping to hit those numbers too with wife Ngami since the two are just madly in love with each other and always display their love on social media.

Here is what fans had to say:

Willis Raburu ditching Citizen TV for NTV 

It seems everyone was moving from other stations to join Royal Media Services. The media giant has been poaching and hiring a string of journalists from other media houses for the better part of this year.

It seems the station has also started losing some of it’s favorite too. Lunch time news anchor and 10 over 10 host Willis Raburu is said to have resigned and is headed to NTV.

The witty presenter is expected to join his former colleague Salim Swaleh, who recently joined the Aga Khan owned media house after leaving Citizen TV in a very controversial way.

Filling up space

NTV has also added Doreen Gatwiri who used to work at Ebru TV and is looking to fill up space left by a bunch of top news anchors who ditched the station for other lucrative deals.

Adorable photo of Willis Raburu at 3 years old

It’s not Thursday but Willis Raburu’s photo from back in the day is the cutest thing you will see today.

The Citizen TV’s news anchor a few days ago unveiled one of his baby photos leaving his fans talking. The photo which might have been taken when Raburu was 2 or 3 years shows us another cute side of the anchor we didn’t known existed.

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Looking at the photo it is clear to see that the fella has always been handsome from way back and just in case he plans to have kids, they might take after him.

Footballer lover

In the caption Willis Raburu also reveals that he loved playing football but seems like his passion towards it disappeared as he got older.

Dunno where this talent disappeared to? I had started so well #tbt