Mwanaume ni pesa: Fans react to Bahati’s baby mamas hanging out together

Bahati recently shared a video showing his 2 baby mamas; that is Diana Marua and Yvette Obura hanging out together. Judging from the contents of the video; we can confirm that Marua and Ms Yvette got to ‘chill out’ together for the first time; 5 years after Bahati left mama Mueni with no notice.

Truth is – fans had been looking forward to this day; but most did not expect such a chilled out meeting but drama. However why waste their energy when Bahati already made his decision by picking Diana Marua; so why would Yvette, cry over spilt milk?

Anyway, having both baby mamas link up – not only left fans excited; but gave most a platform to leave hilarious comments surrounding Bahati’s ‘blended family.’

Yvette Obura with daughter Mueni Bahati

Money solves all problems

Most fans congratulated Bahati for his hard earned money that has been able to bring peace between his two women.

According to most fans, there is no broke man who would be able to pull such a stunt; but in Bahati’s case – at least he helps keep both women and the kids comfortable in terms of lifestyle.

Diana Marua meets Yvette Obura

So far we understand that he pays his daughter Mueni’s rent and school fees as well as her other needs. This is because he understands his role as a dad; and is not interested in whether Ms Obura benefits from his money or not – at the end of the day she is his mother’s child, right?

Well if you think otherwise, then check out the hilarious comments left by fans below.

Meet Bahati’s young sassy ex mother-in-law (Photos)

Singer Bahati was involved with one Yvette Obura before he got her pregnant and walked out on her!

At least this is what we have heard the lady and after going through hell and back; Ms Obura learnt an important lesson in life that betrayal comes from the closest person in your circle.

However despite the hardships of life, Ms Obura welcomed Bahati’s first child all alone as the singer had distanced himself from her. The whole pregnancy was kept on the low; and even when the baby arrived, it took Bahati 2 years to acknowledge Mueni was his daughter.

Tbt Bahati and ex, Yvette

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Former mother in law

Having abandoned his baby mama and child, we cannot confirm whether Bahati and his former mother-in-law get along!

We finally got to meet the youthful mother to Yvette this past weekend; thanks to the few photos shared on Ms Obura’s page.

Yvette with daughter, nephew and nieces

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Judging from her appearance it’s evident that her serious face does not entertain jokers! And for this reason, we can’t help but wonder whether she is in good terms with Baha considering what happened 4 years ago.

Mama Yvette Obura

Anyway chances are that Bahati and his former mother in law rarely cross paths; just to avoid the awkward vibe.

Yvette with mummy and family

Bahati’s baby mama speaks about baby number 2

Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura is goals! So far everyone knows how her relationship with Bahati turned out after getting pregnant for him.

Things were not as smooth but thanks to her support system; she managed to get through a heartbreak, rejection and labor pains while delivering baby Mueni.

Despite everything she went through including a DNA test being carried on her daughter to confirm Mueni is Bahati’s child; the young mum still allowed herself to forgive in order to have a fresh start.

So far we know that mama Mueni has been working on herself both mentally; and physically to help heal on the untold pain she still keeps inside.

Yvette Obura

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No more children!

Anyway thanks to a question and answer session on her IG page, Ms Yvette has once again revealed a shocking detail about her future plans. This is after one of her fans went on to inquire whether she has any plans of adding a baby number two!

Well at 25 years Ms Obura should still be thinking of having more babies as she has time to raise and watch them grow. However this is not the case with Yvette.

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Responding to the question asked by her fan; Yvette Obura made it know that she will not be having more babies in future. She went on to write saying;

No baby number 2 for Yvette Obura!

That chapter is closed sis mueni_Bahati is enough for me

Not quite sure why the lady would think of having one baby if she has clearly moved on…but oh well if that rocks her boat then why not!

¨Hang pictures of me all around your office!¨ Yvette Obura places yet another demand on Bahati

It seems like Yvette Obura is here to give baby daddy, Bahati, a run for his time and money.  The baby mama stormed his offices not only to demand for a car and a house, but recognition in his office as well.

Yvette decided to drop by the singer´s office, on a random day and without any ´appointments´ because well, for her, she needs no prior notices.

However, she met Bahati´s receptionist who has no idea who she is and what she is doing there without any appointments.

Yvette Obura storms Bahati´s office, raging

This irked the mother of one so bad, she stormed in Bahati´s office, bashing the kind of welcome she received at the entrance.

A dear Bahati was chilling out, playing PS, before Yvette slammed:

Educate your receptionist because she asked me who I am.

Yvette Obura angered by the cold reception at baby daddy, Bahati´s office

Further demanding:

Or better yet, I think you should hang pictures of me all around your office for her and others like her to be aware of who I am.