Why Diana Marua’s feeling the pressure of Yvette Obura looking sexier

Yvette Obura has been hitting the gym and as a result, her body is looking amazing seeing as how her target was clearly to lose weight and she surpassed even her own ambitions.


As a result, she has dropped a whopping seventeen kilograms and she is looking so sexy, one can’t help but feel good for the young mother. Add to that the fact that you got the sense she wasn’t too confident in her own body but had the mettle to work hard to change that so we are more than willing to celebrate her newfound self-esteem.

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And wouldn’t you know it, Yvette Obura has sparked a flame within none other than Bahati’s current wife, Diana Marua. And she has reacted as one would be expected to when they see their perceived love-rival get their physical glow on: she too has started working out.


And whether or not Diana Marua ios going to stick with her fitness regime is another question for another day. What we do know for sure is that she has begun at a peculiar time -after Yvette Obura posted her receipts. This only goes to prove the fact that she is feeling pressed.

Bahati and Diana Marua: loved by those who matter

The pressure is getting to Diana Marua and its showing but thankfully she has chosen a positive approach to handling it.

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You see, Diana Marua is the mother of two beautiful children by Bahati and Yvette Obura only has his one child. The truth of the matter is that childbirth is one of the most taxing duty a woman can undertake and it usually changes her physique completely.

“I was whipped back to line” Yvette Obura recalls elder brother’s beatings when she tried piercings aged 17

And while there was a time when this situation was something men had no choice but to accept, the truth of the matter is that with social media and the accelerated pace at which the world has become a global village, our beauty standards are elevated and most men, especially men like Bahati will always have options whether or not they choose to exercise them.

And Diana Marua has another factor weighing in heavily on her mind; she is a public figure and people seeing Yvette Obura putting in the work to look sexy raises questions on what she plans to do because she should ideally have more impetus to look sexy -her marriage.

So Diana Marua is competing with Yvette Obura, Bahati’s past and the potential competition from all the people (ladies) willing to have a go at her man, Bahati’s future. So she has to put that work in. And whether or not you agree with this approach to life, you have to agree with the fact that these factors would have any woman, let alone a celebrity like Diana Marua feeling pressed.

And there is one last factor that most people do not want to admit to themselves that Bahati and Diana Marua’s ancestors no doubt knew and that is that when a wife looks good, she makes her husband look great.


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