Gay socialite Lasizwe confirms romantic relationship with Zari’s alleged boyfriend

Zari’s boyfriend Cedric is either bisexual or a lier if indeed the stories making sounds on social median are anything to go by!

Zari’s Ben 10

After flaunting her new man on social media, Zari left many women dying of jealousy; until just a few hours after South African gay socialite revealed to be dating the same man as Zari.

Thanks to a post shared by Lasizwe we understand that he is romantically involved with Cedric and is not shy to talk about their love. He went on to caption the photo saying;

Zari’s alleged man with his boyfriend

#BTS Can you guess what our love language is? ???? are you ready for the competition? WE UP TO SOMETHING ❤️???? @cadburyps_bar #findloveinyourlanguage

Who is Zari dating?

Not quite sure whether Zari is or was dating Cedric in the place. Since walking away from Diamond Platnumz she has been linked to dating her married manager and now Cedric who is gay.

Anyway as for now, it’s not clear as to who Zari is seeing but chances are that we might have to wait for a while before finding out.



New intimate photos of Zari’s new man with his alleged lover surface online

Zari Hassan is currently trying to get her fans off her new man’s back as seen on one of her latest posts where she urged her fans to stop stalking Cedric.

Zari’s Ben 10

Well, this comes just a few days after a new Instagram account going by the name of Lasizwe_e went on to release some never before seen photos of Zari’s new man with his alleged Gay boyfriend Lasizwe who is a socialite in South Africa.

Judging from the photos it’s evident to see that Cedric and Lasizwe seem quite close and if anything, the two really appear to enjoy each other’s company!

Is Zari’s boyfriend gay?

Not quite sure whether the allegations being made against Cedric are true but all we know is that Zari’s new man is quite fine and some of her fans can’t seem to accept this!

Lasizwe (the gay socialite) has also maintained his silence when it comes to matters concerning the kind of relationship he shares with Cedric – but chances are that he might grab this opportunity and use it to get fame in East Africa!

Below are just a few photos of the alleged couple!

Cedric with his alleged lover!
Cedric with his alleged lover!
Cedric with his alleged lover!
Cedric with his alleged lover!


Zari the boss lady dating her ex husband’s friend? (Photos)

Word making rounds on social media is that Zari the boss lady has been dating her ex husband close friend, Muyanja.

Apparently he is her current lover and for personal reasons the couple has been keeping their affair on the low.

Zari with her late ex husband

However, Zari has lately been sharing photos hanging out with the fella but as expected she always covers his face.

Zari’s boyfriend unveiled

Thanks to social media users who have been keeping a close watch on the new couple; we now have photos of the man Zari has been hiding from us.

Well he is not a stranger to Zari’s boys or the boss lady herself since he was the late Ivan Don’s close friend.

Now that Zari split from Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz, seems that she bagged herself another handsome man. Check out their photos below.


Zari finally unveils her new young boyfriend’s face

Zari the boss lady is undeniably enjoying what her money can attract…or could it be that her maturity attracts younger men more.

After breaking up with Diamond Platnumz a year ago, the mum of 5 decided to keep her love life on low until recently.

Thanks to her instagram posts we understand that she is now dating a young man who is definitely keeping her happy. The two have been spending some quality time and even gracing red carpets events together.

Face unveiled

Although Zari has been trying to hide her new man’s face; her fans couldn’t help but try to find him. She made this possible after sharing a few pictures teasing her followers who later on unmasked her man.

Anyway meet the handsome guy below.