Diamond pledges to reveal individuals making advances towards his partner, Zuchu

Diamond Platnumz revealed that he has collected screenshots of direct messages from men who have been making advances towards his partner, the singer Zuhura Osman, also known as Zuchu. Taking to Instagram, the musician stated, “And now I’ll start posting messages that I have screenshot and expose those who have been hitting on Zuhura.”


The feud between Willy Paul and Diamond Platnumz: The lengthy post that ignited the conflict

The couple recently returned from Dubai, where they had been spending time together following a brief split. The disagreement arose when Diamond introduced his ex-girlfriend Sarah to his fans, which made Zuchu feel disrespected.

Zuchu expressed her feelings on social media, saying, “I know I am famous, and it’s normal to be talked about, but don’t spread falsehoods to praise your boss who owns the radio station, especially when you could get my side of the story to provide balance.” She continued, “This is exactly why I left. I was tired of being disrespected by people close to him, even though he is the one who caused it.”


Mahaba moto moto! Diamond and Zuchu on holiday in Dubai

Zuchu concluded her post by saying, “Let me leave with my bags, and why don’t you tell people what the person who made me leave did to me? If baby mamas come with their attitude, they throw it on Zuchu. Ex-girlfriends I don’t even know have to use my name for content…I’m done.”

Mahaba moto moto! Diamond and Zuchu on holiday in Dubai

Bongo stars Diamond Platnumz and Zuhura Othman, popularly known as Zuchu, continue to leave their fans guessing about their relationship status.

Despite recent rumors of their breakup following an incident at one of Diamond’s shows, the musicians were recently seen enjoying each other’s company in Dubai.


Diamond Platnumz’ 1st girlfriend discloses betrayal involving Wema Sepetu

On Wednesday, Zuchu shared several stunning photos on Instagram, showing her and the WCB boss dressed in white and having a great time in the Middle Eastern city. She captioned the photos, “DZ+DUBAI=DZUBAI.”

Zuchu also posted a video of them and their friends having fun in the desert. Some of the photos she shared suggested a romantic connection, possibly indicating that they are still together.

This comes just weeks after Zuchu, the Bongo Flava star from Zanzibar, publicly announced her breakup with Diamond. Earlier this month, the “Sukari” hitmaker explained that Diamond’s controversial lifestyle had made her a target for disrespect, which she had grown tired of.

“I know I’m famous and being talked about is normal. But kindly, stop giving me false praises just to glorify the boss, especially in the local media where you can also get the truth and correct your stories,” Zuchu vented on her Instagram page.


Harmonize’s Girlfriend On The Spot After Allegedly Sliding Into Diamond’s DM

She continued, “This is precisely why I left; it’s exhausting to be with a man who pushes you to be insulted by people while he’s the one contributing to your humiliation. His woman is just a stepping stone for everyone around him; once he decides, they all unite and tarnish my reputation while he remains silent and all he does is sit and swallow. I’m trying to be a good person, but being a weak link in my life is him.”

The singer appealed for kindness and peace, expressing frustration that she was often blamed for issues involving Diamond’s co-parents and ex-lovers.

“Every time they wake up with anger, they come with their attitude towards Zuchu. People I don’t even know are given content to speak against me. My enemies collaborate with them, sitting with this man, and they gain strength, blaming it on Zuchu,” she wrote.

Previously, there were rumors that Zuchu left after Diamond introduced his ex, Sarah, on stage during a recent concert in Tanzania.


As an entertainer, vocalist, recording, and performing artist, Jovial is making significant strides in the music industry. Her music style is a blend of Afro-Fusion and R&B, and she primarily sings in Swahili, which she says helps her express herself authentically and defines her identity as a Kenyan.

Diamond Platnumz Spends Good Time With Zuchu Amid Break-Up Rumours

Tanzanian musical stars Zuchu and Diamond have not been consistent in their relationship for the past several months. While it may all seem like a clout chasing stunt between the two lovebirds, it’s imminent that they’re set to take their relationship to the next level.

This can be deduced from the manner they spend time with each other; which is more often than how Diamond spends with his baby mamas.

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Two months ago, Zuchu went ahead to write that she’s no longer in a relationship with Diamond, citing dis-respect from him.

Hello family .I had to post this to clear my conscience. Kuanzia leo hii mimi na nasibu (Diamond) hatuko pamoja . I know this has been our thing but as hard as it is kumuacha mtu unaempenda hii naomba Mungu iwe ya mwisho na nianze maisha mapya. Mapenzi ni heshima kwa bahati mbaya sana hiko kimekosekana kwetu . .as for him bado tuna kazi za pamoja I wish him and his family the absolute best. Tumeishi vizuri lakini nadhani hii sio rizki . Mwaka huu nimejifunza kusema hapana kwa kila kitu kisichonipa furaha ama baada ya kusema haya naona kabisa naenda kuanza ukurasa mpya wenye maisha yaliyojaa furaha ,uhuru na amani . As for now kazi iendelee and I am single,” she wrote.

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Diamond & Zuchu Hang Out

While having a tumultuous relationship, the two lovebirds have now been spotted on ‘baecation’ in Dubai. The two lovebirds shared photos on their Instagram while having a good time; insinuating that they’re back together.

Even though Diamond claimed that he’s not looking to marry any time soon, Zuchu continues to cling on to him, hoping to further their relationship.

Zuchu has the last laugh on Harmonize after the recent feud with a new list

The ongoing feud between Zuchu and Harmonize, sparked by the latter’s mockery of Zuchu’s reported split from Diamond Platnumz, shows no signs of simmering down.

The tension escalated on social media as both artists engaged in a public exchange of verbal jabs.


Zuchu Gets Jealous & Breaks Up With Diamond After He Introduced His Ex-Girlfriend

However, recent developments suggest that Zuchu may have gained the upper hand. She shared a list of the most-watched Tanzanian artists in April, where Harmonize ranked fourth after Diamond Platnumz, Rayvanny, and herself in third place.

Seizing the opportunity, Zuchu humorously referred to Harmonize as “Kistulii, ah” (a playful jab implying someone of short stature), alongside a screenshot of the list.

Previously, Harmonize had dismissed Zuchu’s reported breakup with Diamond Platnumz, which stemmed from Diamond introducing his ex-girlfriend during a recent event.

Expressing her frustration, Zuchu took to social media to address the disrespect she felt. She stated on Instagram stories, “I understand that being a public figure means being talked about, but spreading lies to favor your boss who owns the radio station, especially when you could have reached out to hear my side of the story for balance.”


Diamond’s ex-partner says, “Hajawahi Kusema Anapenda Mwingine Zaidi Yangu”

She further elaborated, “This is precisely why I decided to leave. I grew tired of being disrespected by people close to him, even though he was the cause of it.”

Zuchu criticized those discussing her split from Diamond without acknowledging the underlying reasons behind it. She stressed the importance of addressing Diamond’s actions towards her instead of solely focusing on her own decisions.

In conclusion, she stated, “Let me depart with my dignity intact. Instead of fixating on me, why don’t you expose what the person who drove me away did? If baby mamas bring their issues, they pin it on Zuchu. Ex-girlfriends I’ve never even met are using my name for their content… I’m over it.”

Subsequently, Diamond unfollowed Zuchu on Instagram, signaling further tension in the ongoing saga.

Zuchu and Harmonize, along with his girlfriend Poshy Queen, are at odds.

Tuesday saw tensions rise in the Bongo music industry as WCB queen Zuhura Othman, famously known as Zuchu, and Harmonize’s girlfriend, Poshy Queen, engaged in a heated exchange on social media.


Harmonize and Diamond start fighting again

The feud ignited when Konde Boy, Harmonize, took a jab at Zuchu shortly after she publicly addressed her decision to end her relationship with Diamond Platnumz. In a video, Harmonize appeared to mock Zuchu’s personal matters.

Responding to Harmonize’s taunts, Zuchu called him out on Instagram, urging him to refrain from meddling in her affairs. She criticized him for his actions and reminded him to focus on his own endeavors.


Harmonize issues an apology for her divisive comments regarding God’s gender.

In retaliation, Poshy Queen, Harmonize’s girlfriend, joined the fray, ridiculing Zuchu’s physique on her Instagram account.

Amidst the exchange, Harmonize continued to mock Zuchu through sarcastic videos and comments on his Instagram account.

These clashes come amidst reports of Zuchu and Diamond’s alleged breakup. Speculation arose after Diamond introduced his ex, Sarah, during a recent music festival in Tanzania, where he publicly acknowledged her influence on his song “Kamwambie.”

However, Zuchu refuted claims that her split with Diamond was due to Sarah’s involvement, instead attributing it to issues within their relationship that led to a loss of respect from others.

What caused Zuchu to leave Diamond’s residence is described by Diamond’s sister

Esma Khan, Diamond Platnumz’s sister, shared details about Zuchu’s departure from Diamond’s house, revealing that Zuchu packed all her belongings, including her toothbrush, and left despite pleas from their mother.


“Unaioa lini? Ama Unanitumia?”-Zuchu Asks Diamond If He Will Marry Her

In an interview with Wasafi, Esma recounted the situation, stating that their mother tried to convince Zuchu to stay, but she was resolute in her decision to leave.

“She took everything, even her toothbrush. Our mother pleaded with her to stay, but she refused,” Esma disclosed.

Esma also mentioned that Zuchu expressed her anger and firm resolve not to return, even refusing to answer Diamond’s phone calls.


Zuchu Deletes All Instagram Posts, Days After Being Banned From Performing In Zanzibar

“She made it clear that she won’t return, no matter what,” Esma added.

Furthermore, Esma offered some advice to Zuchu on navigating her relationship with Diamond, emphasizing the importance of understanding and accommodating Diamond’s public persona and the attention he receives from fans.

“You have to understand how to coexist with someone like Diamond, who is adored by many. It’s essential to comprehend the person you love and not be swayed by outside influences,” Esma advised.

Zuchu’s departure from Diamond’s house reportedly occurred after he introduced his ex-girlfriend, Sarah, to his fans during a recent event.

Zuchu requests that concertgoers implore Diamond to wed her

Zuchu and Diamond Platnumz ignited excitement with their performance of the beloved ballad “Mtasubiri” on Tuesday, April 16th.

In a video aired on Wasafi TV, Zuchu sat beside her mentor Diamond as they sang verses of their song together. Playfully, Diamond asked Zuchu, “Do you love me, Zuchu?” to which she promptly replied, ‘Yes.’

He continued, “Do you desire me too?” to which she affirmed.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Wasafi Classic Baby! (@wcb_wasafi)

“Do you trust me?” he teased, but she shook her head in playful denial.

“And will you bear me children?” she remained silent, then countered, “Do you love me?” He responded, “Very much.”

“Do you desire me too?” Zuchu pleaded with Simba.

“When will you marry me?” she inquired as he smoothly replied, “Tomorrow.” Surprised, she asked, “Are you serious?” while standing up and gesturing with her hands.

Diamond looked stunned, prompting Zuchu to turn to the audience, urging them to encourage Diamond to marry her.

“I want you all to tell him, ‘marry her, marry her,'” the ‘Sukari’ songstress instructed the crowd, who eagerly chanted, “Marry her, marry her.”

“Unaioa lini? Ama Unanitumia?”-Zuchu Asks Diamond If He Will Marry Her

Tanzanian musical stars Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu have raised eyebrows after their recent performance.

While performing alongside each other, Zuchu posed a question to Diamond, to confirm whether he’s ready to marry her.

Diamond started off by asking Zuchu whether she would sire a child with him.

‘Ati unanipenda mi, mmh, unanitaka pia, mmh, unaniamini, na utanizalia?,” Diamond Harmonized their song with the words.

Upon noticing the paramount question, Zuchu replied with questions, one of them being whether he would marry her

“Unanipenda mimi, unanitaka piaaaa… Unaioa lini? ama unanitumia?”

The two sweethearts seemed to be enjoying the moment as they exchanged sweet nothings on stage.

Diamond and Zuchu have amused fans over the period that they’ve been together. They’ve had their ups and downs as they break-up and re-unite over and over.

Diamond’s antics in enticing women to love him then leaving have been conspicuous over the years. Diamond once stated that he’s not looking to get married soon, reason being, he believes marrying will pull his career back. Zuchu definitely has a hint that the latter might happen to her. She might as well add to the list of Diamond’s baby mamas.


Zuchu Deletes All Instagram Posts, Days After Being Banned From Performing In Zanzibar

Popular Tanzanian singer Zuchu has hidden all her social media posts indefinitely. While her Instagram page currently displays “No Posts Yet,” it indicates that 26 posts have been archived.

Archiving allows users to temporarily remove their posts from public view but retain the ability to restore them later. This move coincides with the start of the holy month of Ramadan, which began on March 11th, 2024, and is expected to end on April 10th.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and a time for spiritual reflection, fasting, and prayer. It’s possible that Zuchu is taking this opportunity to focus on her religious observances and personal time during this sacred period.

But Zuchu has also been making fishy moves recently, especially after her break-up with Diamond Platnumz; which was taken as clout.

Recent apology following performance controversy

In a separate development, Zuchu recently issued an apology to Tanzanians after facing a performance ban in Zanzibar. The incident stemmed from an altercation at a show in Kendwa Rocks, where she used language deemed offensive by the National Arts Council of Tanzania (Basata).

Her apology reads: “I would like to sincerely apologize for any ‘insult’ during my performance in Zanzibar. My apologies to everyone who was bothered by my actions.”

Zuchu Apologises After Being Banned For ‘Ratchet’ Photos

Tanzanian singer Zuchu has been suspended from performing in Zanzibar for six months, effective March 5th, 2024, by the Zanzibar Arts, Census, Film and Cultural Council (BASSFU).

This decision follows concerns raised by BASSFU regarding aspects of Zuchu’s performance at the Full Moon Kendwa Night concert that were deemed “inconsistent with local cultural norms and social beliefs.”

Following the online circulation of visual content from the concert, BASSFU launched an investigation and confirmed violations of cultural norms. This led to the suspension, KSh 1 million fine, and the discovery that Zuchu had not registered with the council nor secured the necessary permits for the event.

Zuchu has since issued a formal apology, clarifying that her performance was intended for entertainment and not meant to disrespect the people of Zanzibar. She expressed her regret for any confusion or negative impact caused by her performance and further pledged to work with her team to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

“I would like to use this opportunity to apologize for the words I used in the rhyme that caused chaos at the Full Moon Party-Kendwa Beach Zanzibar festival recently.

I know that the words have brought confusion to many of you and brought a negative meaning to society and my fans. I intended to bring good entertainment and happiness to all my fans.

It’s not my goal to mislead, erode morals, or cause trouble for anyone. I am taking a pledge today to work with my team to ensure that such incidents do not happen again in future concerts.

I apologize again to the community and the arts council BASATA who are my guardians.” Zuchu stated.

This incident underscores the importance of cultural sensitivity in artistic expression, particularly when performing across different regions with distinct cultural norms.

Zuchu Resricted From Perfoming In Zanzibar After Her Explicit Photos Leaked Online

Tanzanian artist Zuchu has been suspended from performing in Zanzibar for six months, effective immediately. This decision comes after the Zanzibar Arts, Census, Film and Cultural Council (BASSFU) deemed certain aspects of her performance at the Full Moon Kendwa Night concert to be “inconsistent with local cultural norms and social beliefs.”

According to the council, Zuchu’s videos and images caused uproar among Zanzibar residents who considered them not in line with their cultural norms and social beliefs.

BASSFU launched an investigation following online circulation of visual content from the concert, which sparked public concern. The investigation confirmed violations of cultural norms, leading to the suspension and a KSh 1 million fine.

Furthermore, BASSFU discovered that Zuchu had not registered with the council, as required for performing artists, and lacked the necessary permits for the event.

Zuchu’s label, Wasafi Records, has issued an official apology, clarifying that her performance was intended for entertainment purposes and not meant to disrespect the people of Zanzibar.

Zari Hassan Tells Zuchu She’s Not Interested In Diamond

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has responded to reports that her connection with her baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz, is the reason behind his split from musician Zuchu, on air.

The South African socialite, who was speaking to a blogger, flatly denied the rumors, pointing out that the couple has been experiencing issues for some time.

She added that Zuchu has been ending their relationship a lot.  She added that shes not interested in Diamond anymore and that she’s not in a romantic relationship with him;

“Simtaki Diamond, na simrudii baba Tee. Zuchu na Diamond wamekuwa na matatizo hata before. Zuchu kutoa taarifa kwamba amemaliza uhusiano kwa sababu ya video yangu na Diamond ni uwongo. Zuchu anaondoka kwa Diamond kila wiki na kurudi. Anaendelea kukana kwamba yupo katika mapenzi. Hana uaminifu na hata mama yake amesema mara nyingi kwamba hampitii uhusiano wake na Diamond. Wana matatizo na siwezi kuwa tatizo. Wamenichukua kama lengo rahisi wanapopata kuvunjika. Tumekwisha enda mbele na mimi nimeolewa na yeye amekuwa na wanawake wengine kabla ya Zuchu,” Zari shared.

The accusations come after Zari was spotted holding hands with Diamond while promoting his song. Shortly after this, Zuchu and Zari’s husband showed vengeance as they both rebuked the actions.

Zuchu Tells Women That Diamond Won’t Leave Her No Matter What

Female musician on WCB Wasafi label Zuchu has refuted her claim from two days ago that she is single and that she and Diamond Platnumz have already broken up.
Zuchu said she and Diamond are like a newborn and sleep since they can’t split ways today or tomorrow during a full moon party show in Zanzibar.
In contrast to their announcements two days ago regarding their separation, pictures and videos from their event in Zanzibar last weekend feature the two in close-up poses.
Zuchu made the decision to address their detractors while they were still performing, warning them that they would have to wait an eternity if they stayed up hoping Diamond would leave her side.

“Ila wacha tutume taarifa kwa upande wa pili si ndio? Wanaohisi watamchukua [Diamond], nawaona mnamaliza Miungu, mnamaliza mikao na utundu, huyu kwangu hapa hatoki hata mmpe mkun*d*,” Zuchu stated.

The two have been in a controversial relationship for a long time. Tanzanian musical star Diamond had stated that he doesn’t fancy getting attached to a woman, since he believed that getting attached would pull him back in his musical career. This makes the relationship between himself & Zuchu seem like a hoax

Diamond Kneels While Asking Zuchu For Forgiveness(Photo)

Following the announcement of their separation by Zuchu, artist Diamond Platnumz made a public attempt to reconcile.

In a video shared by media outlets, Diamond joined Zuchu on stage during her performance in Zanzibar. He expressed his love and apologized, even kneeling before her.

Diamond revealed his friend Haji Manara encouraged him to set aside his pride and seek forgiveness. He stated his journey to Zanzibar was solely for that purpose.

Zuchu’s Reasons for Breakup

Diamond Platnumz begging his ex Zuchu for forgiveness. PHOTOs/Screengrabs by K24 Digital

Previously, Zuchu cited disrespect as the reason for ending their relationship. This included, according to her, Diamond’s interactions with his baby mama Zari Hassan.

“Hello family, I had to post this to clear my conscience. Kuanzia leo hii mimi na nasibu (Diamond) hatuko pamoja. I know this has been our thing but as hard as it is kumuacha mtu unaempenda hii naomba mungu iwe ya mwisho na nianze maisha mapya. Mapenzi ni heshima kwa bahati mbaya sana hiko kimekosekana kwetu”, Zuchu wrote.

A video of the two holding hands publicly added to the strain.

Zuchu’s Stance on Reconciliation

Despite their history of reconciliations, Zuchu released a statement on February 23rd, 2024, expressing her desire for this separation to be permanent.

Diamond Platnumz dumps Zuchu

It appears that Diamond Platnumz is no longer interested in maintaining a fake relationship with his protegee Zuchu.

The renowned Tanzanian artist officially declared the end of his relationship with the Wasafi star in a candid statement posted on his Instagram stories earlier today, January 8. In the statement, he referred to her as “mwanake yoyote” (any woman).

Diamond’s announcement read, “From today on, ningependa niwatangazie rasmi kuwa I AM SINGLE, sidate wala sina mahusiano na mwanamke yoyote…hivyo nisiwekewe mwanamke yoyote kama mwanamke wangu, itapotokea kudate ama kuwa na mahusiano nitawajuza ama kuwatambulisha as I always do!”

This translates to, “From today on, I would like to officially announce that I AM SINGLE, I am not dating, and I don’t have any relationships with any woman… so no woman should be placed as my partner, if I happen to date or be in a relationship, I will inform you or introduce them as I always do!”

The unexpected news has elicited various reactions from fans on social media. Here are some comments from Diamond’s followers:

shamym8495: “Kwani alikuwaga na mahusiano si mamake alituambia alikuwa single.”

fabian.vema: “Ulikataliwa zamani sema hukujua km mama mkwe hakutaki ss wazee tulishajua hl”

amondi_sharon:”Alikuwa na nani kwenye mahusiano??? Msibandike jina ya zuchu kwenye hiyo mahusiano yaliyopita…….nimefurahi msanii wetu zuchu atanona kote hata Tako itatingika bila stress kazi pia atafanya kwa bidii ashinde Kila mtu🙌🙌🙌( nimefurahi hizi drama fake zimeisha❤️ zuchu anenepe sasa !!🙌”

Zuchu Makes Statement With 11.3 Million Worth Wig

Tanzanian singer Zuhura Othman, better known as Zuchu, has sparked both intrigue and debate with her recent lavish purchase – a hairpiece reportedly costing a staggering Tsh11.3 million (Ksh706,562). This extravagant acquisition highlights her evolving image as a fashion icon and raises questions about the role of luxury in the music industry.

Zuchu’s penchant for high-end items, including handbags and grillz, has garnered attention and ignited discussions about her perceived “flashy” lifestyle. However, in a past interview, the singer offered a different perspective, explaining that these extravagant choices are not solely fueled by personal opulence.

Zuchu views projecting an opulent image as a strategic move to gain the upper hand in the competitive music industry. She believes living in a luxurious home and driving expensive cars contribute significantly to her brand image and attract potential collaborators.

“There is music career and other careers,” she stated. “If you are a musician, you need to live flashy, from the house you stay in and the car you drive. That has contributed so much to building my brand and how much I will make from those who want to work with me.”

Zuchu’s perspective deviates from the traditional view of artists solely relying on talent and music for success. She presents a strategic approach where image and presentation play a critical role in securing brand deals and collaborations.

Whether Zuchu’s opulent lifestyle is a genuine reflection of her personal taste or a calculated career move remains a topic of conversation. This latest hairpiece purchase further fuels the debate about the intersection of artistry, image, and commercial viability in the modern music industry.

Zuchu’s Comforting Gesture Towards Tiffah Sparks Discussion

A recent video clip of Zuchu soothing Tanzanian star Diamond Platnumz’s daughter, Princess Tiffah, has garnered mixed reactions online. In the undated footage, a young Tiffah appears distressed during a family boat ride, prompting Zuchu, Diamond’s partner, to offer empathetic words and support.

This tender interaction has sparked debate among fans, with some applauding Zuchu’s kindness and motherly instincts towards Tiffah, while others have expressed concerns about the public nature of the gesture and potential implications for their family dynamics.

The video depicts seven-year-old Tiffah experiencing a moment of anxiety on the boat. Zuchu, known for her hit song “Honey,” quickly notices her discomfort and approaches her with a gentle and concerned demeanor.

Their conversation, captured in the video, reveals Zuchu’s efforts to understand Tiffah’s feelings and offer reassurance. She patiently compares the boat ride to a safe and enjoyable experience, emphasizing that there’s no need to be afraid.

Zuchu’s calming words and caring actions towards Tiffah showcase her compassionate nature. She suggests ways to ease the child’s anxiety, such as relaxing, having a snack, or taking a nap, all in an attempt to make the trip more pleasant.

While Zuchu’s gesture has been praised by many for its warmth and empathy, some viewers have expressed concerns about potential overstepping of boundaries within the complex family dynamic. They argue that such situations are best handled privately and question the motive behind publicly sharing the interaction.

Ultimately, the interpretation of Zuchu’s actions towards Tiffah remains open to personal perspectives. Regardless of varying opinions, it’s clear that her caring behavior has sparked online discussion and highlighted the complexities of navigating blended families and public scrutiny.

Bongo Titan Claims His Queen: Diamond Platnumz Warns Off Suitor Pursuing Zuchu

A fiery feud has erupted in Tanzanian pop royalty, with Diamond Platnumz taking a defiant stance against a rival vying for the affections of his reigning queen, Zuchu. The Bongo sensation met the suitor head-on, exposing his attempts to infiltrate Diamond’s kingdom of love.

Diamond unveiled the admirer’s amorous texts to Zuchu, messages brimming with cupid’s arrows, begging for brief encounters and whispered sweet nothings. This audacious pursuit sparked Diamond’s protective lion roar. He publicly warned the interloper, acknowledging Zuchu’s report and claiming full awareness of his advances.

“To the owner of this number,” Diamond roared, sharing a screenshot. “Let me just inform you that my woman, @officialzuchu, has informed me of your antics!”

But the plot thickens. Just last September, Zuchu crowned Diamond the king of her heart, declaring him the only man she had intimately connected with. In a Wasafi interview, she shattered doubts about her past, shutting down questions about previous romances. When prompted about her “boyfriend count,” she emphatically declared her relationship with Diamond the sole chapter in her romantic history.

However, whispers linger. Diamond’s past paints a different picture, one adorned with numerous relationships, including the mothers of his three children. Can the king’s bold claim reign true in the face of his complicated past, or will this simmering feud ignite a full-blown drama royale? Only time will tell.

Zuchu & Diamond Spend Time With Zari & Shakib In South Africa

Zuchu’s 30th birthday celebrations are proving to be an unforgettable affair, filled with surprises, love, and family bonding. The Tanzanian singer, currently in South Africa with her boyfriend and WCB CEO Diamond Platnumz, has been showered with affection and attention, making her special day truly memorable.

Diamond Platnumz, known for his grand gestures, hosted a surprise dinner for Zuchu, where he expressed his love and admiration for her. The couple also embarked on a breathtaking hot air balloon ride, taking in the stunning scenery and creating cherished memories.

In a heartwarming turn of events, Diamond’s baby mama, Zari Hassan, joined the festivities, welcoming Zuchu into her South African home. Zari shared a video on her Instagram stories capturing a “blended family moment” with her husband, Shakib Cham, Diamond, and Zuchu.

Zuchu reciprocated Zari’s warm gesture, affectionately addressing her as “Mama tee” on Instagram. The two women shared a heartwarming hug and cheek kisses, showcasing their budding friendship.

Zari’s approval of Zuchu was evident as she sat next to her, placing her hand on Zuchu’s knees. The gathering also included Nigerian socialite Swanky Jerry, a close friend of Zari and a member of the Netflix series Young Famous and African.

The intimate gathering sparked excitement among fans, who expressed their surprise and delight at the unexpected bond between Zari and Zuchu. This camaraderie highlights the importance of women supporting one another, regardless of their personal circumstances.

Zuchu Reflects On Absent Father, Comparing Him To Diamond Platnumz

Tanzanian singer Zuchu opened up about her absent father and her boyfriend, Diamond Platnumz’s involvement with his children, in a recent interview with Wasafi Media.

Zuchu said that she understands and supports Diamond’s involvement in the upbringing of his children. She mentioned that she was aware of his status as a father when she started their relationship, and that she sees his involvement as a part of life.

“I knew when I started dating him that he had children, and I knew that he had to be involved in their lives. Naseeb has children, and he will always be in their lives. They will celebrate birthdays, and both parents need to be there. They have become a family, and even if one of them dies, they will still be a family,” she said.

Zuchu said that she sees nothing wrong with this, and that she views it as a normal part of life. She has seen parents form lasting relationships through the shared bond of their children. These interactions, whether celebrating a birthday or attending other significant life events, are considered entirely normal.

Zuchu also acknowledged that things become more comfortable over time. Co-parenting, in her view, requires patience and understanding.

“These are normal things, and I didn’t see any problem with them. I didn’t see anything wrong because I didn’t see them hugging or kissing. I just saw two parents who came together to celebrate their child.

“It gets easier over time. Everything takes time and understanding. The man I am with has children, and if anything happens, the family comes together,” she said.

Zuchu’s reflection on her absent father and her support for Diamond’s involvement with his children is a refreshing and honest take on a complex topic. It is important to remember that co-parenting can be challenging, but it is also incredibly rewarding.

Zuchu Denies Beefing With Diamond’s Mother, Mama Dangote

Tanzanian singer Zuchu has denied rumors that her relationship with her boyfriend Diamond Platnumz’s mother, Mama Dangote, has soured.

In a recent interview, Zuchu said that she and Mama Dangote are still close, and that the rumors are just “internet things.”

“We are good. I spoke to her about plans to celebrate Simba’s birthday. As a family, you have to involve your mother. We discussed what we needed to do, and we are good. Those things are just on the internet, but we are good. There is no problem that I am aware of,” Zuchu said.

Zuchu also denied that Tanasha Donna’s recent gifts to Mama Dangote had caused any tension between them.

“All of us as Wasafis are family. That is our mother, and there is nothing wrong. Only networks like things but we are talking. We are good,” she said.

Rumors of a rift between Zuchu and Mama Dangote began circulating after Mama Dangote allegedly unfollowed Zuchu on social media and seemed to agree with a fan who had suggested that Diamond should reconcile with Tanasha.

However, Zuchu has now put those rumors to rest, affirming that she and Mama Dangote are still on good terms.

Zuchu and Diamond rubbish breakup rumours

Rumors of a breakup between Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu have been quashed after the two were seen together at a pre-party event in Iringa, Tanzania on Friday. Diamond called Zuchu on stage after cutting a cake and fed her with his tongue in front of cheering fans.

This public display of affection comes amid rumors that the two have split. However, their actions at the pre-party event suggest that they are still together and going strong.


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Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu were seen together at a pre-party event, which suggests that they are still together despite rumors of a breakup. Diamond fed Zuchu with his tongue in front of cheering fans, which is a public display of affection.

Zuchu Forced To Halt Performance After Being Hit By Object While On Stage

Tanzanian singer Zuchu was forced to halt her performance at the Wasafi festival VIP pre-party in Mbaya last night after being hit by an object on her face while on stage.

In a video circulating on social media, Zuchu can be seen performing her hit song “Kwikwi” when an object is thrown at her. She immediately stops singing and grabs her face. Bouncers then rush to her aid and help her off stage.

Fans were left baffled and concerned for Zuchu’s well-being. Some speculated that the object was a bottle, while others said it was a stone.

This incident comes shortly after Zuchu’s recent revelation that she is single. She made this announcement after Diamond Platinumz’s baby mama, Tanasha Donna, gifted his mother, Mama Dangote, with expensive gifts for her 55th birthday.

Netizens were quick to draw comparisons between Zuchu and Tanasha, with some criticizing Zuchu for not being able to keep Diamond. However, Zuchu has dismissed these rumors, stating that she has been single for some time now and that Diamond is free to do whatever he wants.

It is unclear what motivated the person who threw the object at Zuchu, but it is a reminder of the dangers that celebrities face on stage. Zuchu is a talented and successful artist, and she deserves to be safe and respected while performing.

Zuchu Receives Love & Support From Fans After Announcing She Is Single

Tanzanian singer Zuchu is receiving love and support from her fans after announcing that she is single again. It is unclear when Zuchu and Diamond broke up or what led to their split, but the singer has maintained that she is living her life happily single.

This comes after Zuchu’s ex-boyfriend Diamond’s mother, Mama Dangote, took to Instagram to show off expensive gifts and wads of cash she received from Diamond’s baby mama, Tanasha Donna. Tanasha was apologizing for sending her ex’s mother belated birthday wishes, and Mama Dangote was pleased.

However, fans flocked Zuchu’s comment section after she posted a video of herself getting ready with a makeup artist and urged her to cut off Diamond. Some advised her to leave the record label and find new management so she could be free from Diamond’s shackles.

Zuchu’s fans are clearly supportive of her decision to be single and are encouraging her to focus on her own career and happiness. It is important to respect Zuchu’s privacy and allow her to heal from this breakup at her own pace.

It is also important to note that Zuchu is a talented and successful artist in her own right. She does not need to be in a relationship with Diamond to be successful.

Zuchu denies Diamond Platnumz

Tanzanian singer Zuchu has addressed fan reactions following an unexpected reunion between Diamond Platnumz’s baby mama, Tanasha Donna, and his mother, Mama Dangote.

Tanasha recently flew to Tanzania to personally celebrate Mama Dangote’s birthday, which coincided with her own birthday in July. She presented Mama Dangote with a bouquet of flowers, money, perfumes, and oils.

This led to speculation among fans about Tanasha’s relationship with Diamond. One fan, Precious Clarence, commented on a heartwarming video of Tanasha and Mama Dangote, saying: “You’ve seen she was with your man, Diamond, yesterday. The jealous are getting angry.”

Zuchu responded to the comment, clarifying Diamond’s relationship status: “He’s not my man. My lover has been single for some time now, so he’s free to do whatever he wants.”

This confirms that Diamond and Zuchu are no longer dating. Zuchu has been linked to Diamond in the past, but she has always denied being in a relationship with him.

It is unclear why Diamond and Zuchu broke up, but it seems that they are both moving on with their lives. Zuchu is focused on her career, while Diamond is focused on his music and his children.

Zuchu Exposes Her Derriere To Fans While Performing On Stage

After a video of her contentious performance went viral on social media, sultry singer Zuchu raised eyebrows.

The ‘Sukari’ hitmaker recently delighted fans with a somewhat racy performance in Lindi, Raungwa area as part of the current Wasafi Festival.

Only yesterday did videos of Zuchu’s performance begin to trickle in, with the singer releasing some footage on her social media pages.

With her action, Zuchu, who entered the stage wearing a white micro tiny skirt, gave the crowd a bird’s-eye view of locations that only Diamond Platnumz is permitted to see.

However, the part of Zuchu’s performance that received the most attention was the one in which she could be seen repeatedly touching her groin before bending over and flashing her behind to the audience in four quick seconds.