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We were right, Bahati has quit gospel music to put out ‘love songs’

July 28, 2020 at 17:28
We were right, Bahati has quit gospel music to put out 'love songs'

A few weeks ago, we decided to have a conversation around the fact that Bahati was moving like he was gearing up to quit the gospel scene. You see, Bahati has been watching how the same decision affected Willy Paul his frenemy and from the look of things, Willy Paul has only managed to grow from strength to strength and he is not slowing down.

Willy Paul discloses main reason for quitting gospel music

On the contrary, the Kenyan contemporary gospel scene has been slowly grinding to a halt with several gospel artists preferring to simply chase clout on social media than churn out songs and Bahati is among that rank.

bahati and his wife

Celebrity couple, Diana Marua and Kevin Bahati

That doesn’t, however, mean that he has given up on his musical ambitions. If anything, we have been treated to Bahati slowly warming up to the idea of announcing the switch even as he did multiple collaborations with Gengeton artists.

Bahati is going to be the next gospel artist to turn secular

And now the switch has more or less been confirmed by his latest song titled Missing You:

So what now for the formerly gospel artist? Well, for starters he is the type of guy who thrives off controversy so he really should just make the announcement even if it is just a mere formality. That is sure to get some of his more conservative fans, the ones who started out his journey with him as a gospel artist to say a thing or two.

And it also opens him up to actually take his show in the clearly more mature direction he has been trending towards over the past couple of weeks with he and his wife even discussing his inability to make her experience a sexual climax.

In addition to that, he can now expand his product endorsement deals to feature condoms, alcohol and anything further that would otherwise be off-limits for gospel singers. So who knows, perhaps this just might lead to a boon for the former gospel crooner.

Bahati has mastered the art of seeking attention

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