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What next for Kiss100 after Jalang’o exit?

January 22, 2022 at 09:27
What next for Kiss100 after Jalang'o exit?

Kiss100 is faced with a Herculean task: they have to replace Jalang’o. And while to the casual observer this is nothing particularly special as companies inevitably have to replace their workers, one person in the know who has to be quaking in her boots is Kamene Goro.

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You see, while Milele FM had the luxury of letting go of Jalas, Kiss100 was faced with a more serious situation and them getting their hands on Jalang’o was a godsend. At the time he had joined the station, the morning show was performing abysmally.

Jalang’o and Kamene Goro striking hot poses at Kiss 100 studios

That is both in terms of the audience size as well as the commercial aspect of things. They had gone from losing the shows producer, Xtiandela and then Kibe had to be shown the door after he fell afoul of the station management team because of his antics. The only member of that NRG trio left, Ms Goro was struggling to maintain her audience, let alone grow it.

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They had no ads to speak of until Jalang’o signed onboard. he is indeed a force in the radio space as when he joined, actually, the minute it was announced he would be joining, the Kiss100 audience began to record growth. And when he finally did put on the headset and speak into the mic, it swelled. Aside from that, he managed to almost immediately attract ads.

Kenyan comedian, Jalang’o

It seemed like a match made in heaven because of his charisma and the fact that his juggernaut had outriders who were advertisers. Whether or not you think his comedy is for you, you have to admit that he made the Kiss Breakfast worth tuning into.

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But what now that he has declared his interest in the Lang’ata parliamentary seat? Well, first off, he had to tender his resignation. And now that he is about to fully focus on the political contest; first against other ODM ticket aspirants and finally against the incumbent, Nixon Korir, he has to bow out but with a plan to not disrupt the gravy train he had helped create at Kiss 100. And that is why he (probably with the entire management team at Kiss100) has come up with the idea of “finding the next Jalang’o”.

Kamene and Jalang’o

Afterall, if the trick worked with him once upon a time when he was picked and placed on the Big Breakfast show with Caroline Mutoko, then perhaps they can replicate the same magic. After all, at some point, it becomes more than just about being “magic” but more of a mathematical calculation.

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I mean, sure, they have to hope they get someone with Jalang’o’s charisma and intelligence but beyond the human aspect, the rest is a formula they have already put forth and repeated with Mbusih and Lion.

Kamene Goro just needs to ensure she does not haemorrhage the audience numbers in the meantime. While Kiss100 is looking for a replacement presenter for her. Why? Because this time, unlike previously with her friends Kibe and Xtiandela, there is a significant standard to compare her to.

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