Why Aeedah Bambi is still with Anwar Loitiptip

Image: Aeedah Bambi

Aeedah Bambi and Anwar Loitiptip are still together and people do not understand why she chose to stick by a man who is said to have gotten violent with her two an alarming degree.

The Anwar Loitiptip and Aeedah Bambi situation is tricky

What was worse is that her man is said not to care about whether or not they are in public, delivering the beats even when they had attended Bahati’s album launch and his wife, Diana Marua happened to witness the incident that became the alk of the town which was allegedly spurred by what Bwana Senator perceived to be his wife flirting with some guy in attendance.

Aeedah with Senator Loitiptip

The internet was set aflame by feminists and other online in-laws who wanted to weigh in on the matter despite the fact that she has elected to remain where she is. That’s right, despite the fact that we all know that Aeedah Bambi is beaten black and blue by her husband, she still insists on standing by his side.

“He was beating up his girlfriend” Woman reveals Senator Anwar shot her for helping Aeedah Bambi

And this is something that confounds a lot of minds who cannot fathom being in that situation But in truth, Aeedah really has no choice. You see, even before she made her relationship public, she was warned by Saumu Mbuvi, the woman who was dating Anwar Loitiptip before her whom she took the senator from.

Saumu Mbuvi attacking Aeedah Bambi?

She was partly to blame for some of the beatings her former best friend received. She was the reason bwana Senator felt at peace with battering Mike Sonko’s daughter because he knew he already was checked out of the relationship. And to make this situation all the more insidious, Saumu would run to her bestie for advice without realizing she was the “other woman” causing friction in her relationship. Who can she currently turn to who will empathize with her? She started off as the other woman who was warned that this would happen. Who can she go to when she needs refuge? None of her friends trust her with their men and the inverse is true because she knows she can lose the Lamu Senator at the drop of a hat.

Aeedah Bambi deserves no sympathy nor hugs

And from there we also have to accept the fact that Aeedah Bambi is not a self-made woman. She is entirely dependent on Anwar to provide her with the type of lifestyle she has become accustomed to. The cars she drives? She can’t get them for herself -not yet anyway. So she has to stomach the abuse she receives. If she wants to continue to rub shoulders with the political elite, she has to remain by her husband’s side. And that is a reality Aeedah is clearly aware of and she has made the decision to stick around whether or not you agree with it.

Anwar Loitiptip is accused of assaulting Aeedah Bambi

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