Why do Kenyans not like Karen Nyamu?

Robert Alai recently warned the newly elected Bomet Woman Rep, Linet Toto against hanging out with Karen Nyamu. According to him, the only thing Samidoh’s side chick would do is to lead down the path of orgies and drugs.

“She will mess you up with gang s*x & drugs” Robert Alai warns newly elected Bomet woman representative, Linet Toto against befriending Karen Nyamu

What was even more shocking than Robert Alai’s statement was the fact that he managed to reinvent himself from one of the most divisive voices on the internet to becoming an MCA and representing the people of Kileleshwa.

Karen Nyamu

But aside from that, and sticking to the matter at hand, it is the fact that so many people agreed with his sentiments of Karen Nyamu. No joke, his comments were heavily supported.

Samidoh tired & fed up by mocking his relationship with Karen Nyamu, he finally hits back

I understand why on a social level women would be put off by the nominated Senator but why would they be so upset from a political standpoint? And why do men too have strong opinions about her?

Karen Nyamu puff puff passing

Well, for starters, you need to understand how people view Linet Toto. They see her as a stark contrast from Karen Nyamu. She is the good girl who has done everything right and still has her morals solid.

Why Karen Nyamu is desperate for a husband

Meanwhile, Samidoh’s side chich has had scandal after scandal and even went after a married man. And her defence was, “if not me then it would be another”. And we have to question that because it shows low morals.

Karen Nyamu back when Samidoh rocked her head for cheating

Na huyu alidhani amegonga point akisema hivyo. So what happens when a woman who is seen as the darling of the people starts hanging out with someone who embodies everything society hates about modern women? Well, you get the reaction we are currently witnessing.

Does Karen Nyamu really stand a chance at being Nairobi Senator?

And this is a reputation that will haunt Karen Nyamu to the point it will handicap her political ambitions. Men see her and see a problematic woman. She reminds them of their deepest fear of dating and marrying modern women. So they want on a visceral level to avoid and even punish her for the sins of other women in their lives like her.

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