Why Eric Omondi needs to stop responding to Kamene Goro

Eric Omondi seems to have offended the entire entertainment industry. His recent statements complaining about the fact that Diamond Platnumz was invited to perform and endorse Azimio political candidate, Raila Odinga irked the same people he was trying to defend and motivate.

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And two people he managed to offend were Kamene Goro and her co-host, Oga Obinna. To be fair, the comedian is about of a ditzy moron so it should come as no surprise that he won himself no friends when he blundered through the entire debate.

And as a result, Kamene Goro decided to go after him. To be fair, so did Oga Obinna but seeing as he isn’t as big a star as she is, I don’t see the point of making the headline fit his name. This is about Eric Omondi and the one radio personality.

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But at this point, he needs to stop arguing with the radio personalities. For two main reasons, the first being that he gains nothing -unless he loves bad press. Afterall, they have an entire media team behind them but also because ultimately, he is arguing with a salaried person.

Eric Omondi

While being employed is a great thing, most employees do not understand what it means to run a business and Eric Omondi is a business. Every aspect of him is a business. And him arguing with people who do not have the same stress to make ends meet as he does is poor use of his time.

Kamene Goror-IG

Eric Omondi will not be able to change how Kamene Goro and Oga Obinna think and they will not be able to change his mind either. So why waste your time?

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And all he is serving to do is alienate his own audience. And that is a problem because those are the people who truly get him paid, not pompous celebrities or his dimwitted and flatfooted approach to debating. And ultimately, a person whose only argument is “I have more money than you” is not the type of person you should waste your time on.

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