Why Size 8 is receiving backlash for exorcising demons

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Size 8 is nolonger just a gospel artist, she is now a pastor ordained to preach and a video surfaced of her exorcising demons and Kenyans are divided on the matter. Some seem to think this is a natural progression for the lady who is seeking to grow from an artist to a minister while others accuse her of being a charlatan.

Size 8 responds to netizens mocking her for casting out demons, Claims God authorized her to!

And this already presents two issues: The first is that people do not know whether or not to trust her as a person. The second is that we as Kenyans have a lowly opinion of our church leaders.

Preacher Size 8

Size 8 is being looked at as a charlatan. She is being looked at as someone in the midst of a money grab. She has found a group of fools who she can fleece for all their worth. And the Bible actually backs up those thinking along these lines: 1 Timothy 2:11-15.

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Then there is the fact that the people who have given her the platform she is on, and the church she is doing these miracles at are questionable at best. so the root is rotten, how can the plant help but bear spoilt fruit?

Size 8

And Covid19 is something that put the lies of the modern church in focus. Why did no one go to the ICUs that were apparently overwhelmed to try and heal the people? Why don’t they do that now? Why is Size 8 among the people claiming the Holy Spirit is using them to fight “spiritual diseases” instead of following the footsteps of Christ and the prophets of old and curing ailments?

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So who is fooling who? Or is it whom? Whatever. We are where we are and doing what we do. Is the former gospel singer actually exorcising demons? Or is it more likely that she is a symptom of the rot in churches? That is what the audience has to answer.

Were I her advisor I would tell her to keep the church antics off her social media spaces. Why? Because we have seen her and her husband fake medical emergencies for the sake of selling a hospital. We have seen them fall from grace via social media. That is a huge mark against her personality. Because now we have to try and figure out whether or not this is yet another con being run on us. And she needs to reflect on just how we view her brand that we are even questioning her claim of having a connection with God.

Size 8 is a pastor who clearly learned the Bible from one of Kenya’s backward Bible schools that refused to teach her: 1 Cor 14:34.

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