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Why some men carry their wives handbags

November 03, 2022 at 15:55
Why some men carry their wives handbags

I have noticed men like Terence Creative have begun carrying their wife’s handbags and claiming that it is the mark of a real man because he is confident enough to be of some sort of service to his wife.

Terence Creative is a cuck

But what he forgot to mention is the fact that he is doing this from a point of weakness. You see, Terence Creative is one of the men who don’t truly get much of a say as to how their marriages and relationships are run.

In his case, it is because he was caught with his pants down when he was running around with Anita Soina. And when he was busted, he started begging his wife to stay with him.

Terence Creative Speaks On His Wife Grinding On Bahati

That is the issue of every incident we have seen of men who carry their wife’s handbags. The other instance where we saw this was with Harmonize back when he was with Sarah Michelotti.

Popular comedian, Terence Creative aka Kamami

She was the breadwinner and as a result, he had to shrink into his emasculated role. You do not get to see men who are confident doing this type of nonsense.

Terence Creative forbids wife Milly Chebby from undergoing weightloss surgery, here’s why

The truth of the matter is that human societies have remained unchanged for thousands of years. It wasn’t until the age on enlightenment and scientific research that societies began to change and seem to appear more closer to what we recognise as a modern society but traditional gender roles still held.

Couple, Terence Creative and Milly Chebby

That was until the 1980s when feminists and the drug epidemic in America began to do a number on families and individuals (as a result) that we began to see men take pride in being useless and confused. We begin to hear women say they don’t need a man despite the science proving this to be a fallacy for both genders.

Harmonize is the weakest simp in East Africa

Why else do you think the same men who carry their women’s handbags are often men struggling with their masculinity or paying for the sins of their loins? Think about it, only useless men and men with zero d-discipline do this nonsense.

And then they try to make their situations a virtue where they start to talk about how they are real men because they aren’t shamed. Never mind that Terence Creative is obese and his hormone profile is closer to that of a woman than a man’s (consequences of obesity include growing breasts and hips).

Why else do you think the men who stayed behind to defend Ukraine don’t carry around handbags and think that’s what defines masculinity?

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