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Why We Are Excited About Juliani-Lillian Relationship

September 02, 2021 at 11:23

Juliani and Lillian Ng’anga seem to have confirmed that they are an item and we couldnae be more excited about the entire turn of events. First for me personally, because it gives credence to what Edgar Obare had pointed out and secondly because it speaks to schadenfreude.

Juliani Opens Up On Receiving Threats Accusing Him Of Stealing Lillian Ng’ang’a From Alfred Mutua

And that is the very thing I think this whole affair has highlighted to me about who we are as a society: we love to see the underdog win. And make no mistake about it, in every sense of the word, Juliani is the underdog here as he is poetically up against a full, sitting governor in the form of Alfred Mutua.

Juliani death threat

And the object of their affection, Lillian Ng’ang’a is a thing of beauty but she is not some hapless child with no agency. She is actually surprisingly independent and self-driven. And we saw that in her personality the day she decided to walk away from her enormously wealthy former hubby. She matches to beat of her own drum.

Uliamua Kuiba Bibi Ya Governor? Wild Reactions From Fans As Juliani Confirms Relationship With Lillian Ng’ang’a

You see, in Juliani and Lillian Ng’ang’a we see a former ghetto boy who increased his station in life and is now managing to pull women who otherwise would never have looked in his direction. He has elevated who he is to the point these women look beyond his background and see him for the man he is.


Lilian Ng’ang’a posts new photo alongside, alleged lover Juliani

We can live vicariously through him. But make no mistake about it, it is also sweet that he seems to have taken away a powerful, wealthy man’s woman. This is what excites the men. For women I would imagine it is similar to the brute vs gentleman fantasy.

Juliani confirms romantic relationship with former Machakos First Lady

And, apparently, it has caused enough of an issue that Mike Sonko spoke about the matter and said that this is a normal part of life. Yup, Mike Sonko, in his usual crass way said that in life, you take a few men’s women and you lose your women to better men.


Lilian Ng’ang’a chilling with Juliani

What is however giving me pause for thought is the fact that Juliani is now receiving death threats. Things should never get to that point. Whomever it is who is threatening the rapper needs to stop because no woman is worth deleting a fellow man over nor is any woman worth risking serving a jail term in Kenyan prisons.

What Juliani should be doing with the ongoing Alfred Mutua Rumours

Then again, what do I know? Simps are gonna simp and this entire situation is something that has left the stench of simps in the air. I just hope that Juliani and Lillian Ng’ang’a do not fizzle out because we need some excitement and their relationship delivers on exactly this.

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