Yvette Obura Should Appreciate Dissolution Of Her Relationship With Diana Marua

Content creator Diana Marua recently sparked trouble in paradise with her baby daddy’s ex Yvette Obura. The two were in a monumental relationship considering they had to co-parent since they’re sharing a baby daddy.

Diana Marua has been taking care of Yvette’s daughter Mueni for the longest time. Bahati moved on with Diana Marua while Mueni was months old.

Shortly after, Yvette learnt about Diana and Bahati through social media.

“The first time I got to hear about you guys was on social media. You had posted something about being each other’s prayer partners. I just asked myself, what is happening? When you had your things going on, I had just given birth, the baby was still very young, I’m a first-time mom and fresh from a break up. I sat and thought to myself, how fast did he meet someone? I mean what happened?” she said.

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Is Everything Okay Between Diana Marua And Yvette Obura - Kelebrity

Looking On The Bright Side Of Things

The thing is, Yvette wasn’t having as much time to bond with her baby. And now that the two have decided to go their separate ways, it means Yvette will have all the time with Mueni. But Bahati will also have to take up responsibility.

For now, both Diana and Yvette have remained silent. None of them has come out to divulge whether they’re in good terms or not. They’re yet to bury the hatchet.



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