Akothee decision to buy land with her partner is a monumental blunder

Image: Akothee with lover

So by now unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that Akothee and her new mzungu boyfriend are in love and they want the world to know. And while we are happy that she’s been able to find love again some of the decisions he’s been making a rubber questionable.

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For instance, the decision they made by a Prado together which many thought was merely a publicity stunt was a rather perplexing one because the white guy doesn’t seem to live in Kenya that often so will he buy her a 5 million shilling or what was going on there?

But now Akothee has done something even stranger when she took to her social media to post a photo of her and her man with a newt at the heads. The reason for this confusion is that the two aren’t even like formally married they are still in the dating phase.

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And whether or not we like to admit such things to ourselves this level of love bombing this level of anxious bonding is truly a red flag. The couple has not been together for a year yet they already making significant investments together and one can only hope that Akothee has received advice that would tell her how to cover herself legally.

Because otherwise this is really not a sound move imagine if the two of them have decided to invest in property together only for them to break up like Akothee does with most of her relation her relationships. That would mean 2023 would be filled with not just heartbreaks and also complaints from a woman who knows her dating history is chequered at best littered with the broken hearts of men in fact more men than formed the band Sauti Sol.

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I mean at the end of the day it’s her life but Jesus Christ I just hope he’s smart enough to have covered her bases. Can you imagine what this would mean for the mother of 5 if today, the couple ran into problems, end up breaking up and this guy decides to go after our property that would be devastating?

Akothee enjoying birthday vacationkothee

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