Bahati and Diana Marua really did Willy Paul dirty

Image: Who would have thought Bahati and Diana Marua would have lasted longer than Uhuru Kenyatta's popularity?

Willy Paul is lucky to have survived the rape allegation that Diana Marua levelled against him and he knows it. There are a lot of ways to implode your career but by far, a sexual assault allegation is the most nuclear. And Bahati stood by and allowed that entire scam to unfold and play out for the sake of clout.

He’s A R*pist-Diana Marua Threatens To Take Willy Paul To Court Following R*pe Allegations

I get it, Bahati and Willy Paul are only really friends when the cameras are present and for as long as they are present. They both hailed from Mathare and both got their start from their mentor, J Blessing. Bother were gospel artists. So you’d be forgiven for thinking they should be the closest of friends.

Willy Paul

Perhaps it is the nature of the circumstances they grew up in but they started a rather fierce competition. And since they first blew up, they have fought like cats and dogs sewn up into a gunny bag (gunia). And any act that can give Bahati an edge over Willy Paul, he’ll do it, no questions asked and vice versa.

Willy Paul seeks help from the DCI following Diana Marua’s rape attempt accusations

That however cooled off once Willy Paul gave up being a gospel artists there was no real fight over the audience. That didn’t stop them from trading jabs once in a while but by and large, everything calmed down. Or so we thought.

One day, out of the blue, Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua came out and accused Willy Pozze of raping her. That was something no one had expected and though we were all blindsided, no one was as caught off-guard as Bwana Mkunaji.

Willy Paul on how false claims of sexual assault almost ruined his career

He has been the subject of other accusations that have never gone anywhere but in this instance, the allegations made no sense. It sounded a lot like an artist who met a fan and decided he wanted to sleep with the fan (Willy Paul has very little d-control) and after the fact that she was now married to his rival, she resented his treatment of her like a jump-off.

Diana Marua and Pozee

And the worst part of all this is the fact that there were witnesses one of whom came out to corroborate Pozze’s account of things. And she was none other than Niccah the Queen who was his neighbour at the time. According to her, Diana Marua was happy to be at Willy Paul’s side and even after they went off to do their thing, she was still eager like a beaver to hang out around him. She even said she’d invite some witnesses to back up her take on things.

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This sounded more and more like the case of regret getting weaponised. And Bahati watched it all silently. He could have stepped in to either get to the bottom of things and take his wife to report her claims to the police but instead he remained silent, doubtlessly enjoying this new torment his wife had unleashed on his frienemy.

And life simply moved on. A false allegation that could have been career-ending was allowed to go unpunished. And as I sit down reflecting on just how messed up Diana Marua has to have been to be making up such serious allegations, I realised that though Willy Paul gets a lot of flack for being arrogant, he didn’t deserve to have his career crippled by such a crazy allegation.

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