Chiki Kuruka wasnt wrong in defending her husband Bien

Why are people so upset that Chiki Kuruka did not want random women dancing with her husband and client, Bien? That’s the question of the day after a video surfaced from I went over the weekend that featured some random Fun grinding on his back and she quickly rushed in to arrest the situation.

Why Chiki Kuruka Is Insecure About Her Husband Bien

I shall start with the low-hanging fruit talk about an incident that featured a stalker and their favourite artist that ended tragically. For that one, we could always look at the Beatles frontman John Lennon, who met his tragic End at the hands of an obsessed fan.

Chiki Kuruka with husband, Bien Aime

Don’t you think that if his handlers could do anything different they would? So why would we fault Chiki Kuruka for getting involved to avoid the possibility of such an occurrence? Because although that was not the case in this instance it could very well be the case in the next instance involving Bien and a fan.

Bien lied to us! Chiki Kuruka is clearly not cool about his idea of being in an open marriage

The second reason we need to look at is the fact that no woman wants a random lady dancing on her man in a sexually suggestive manner. The common at for the given is based on the fact that he himself had at some point gone on a podcast and revealed that he was open to the idea of an open relationship with his wife if her celebrity crush ever came around town.

Vybez radio presenter and Bien’s wife, Chiki Kuruka

But there is quite a stretch because even in an open relationship, there are rules. You can’t just start sleeping with anyone at random. If indeed the relationship is open as many people are suggesting it to be, then Chiki Kuruka and Bien have probably agreed on the rules and regulations. That means they can’t just randomly pull up on anyone and attempt to sleep with them.

Chiki Kuruka responds to womb watchers asking, “When will you give Bien a child?”

What that fun did was an invasion of personal space and even sexual battery because it was clear being had not consented to dance with her. The irony of this is not lost on me as both Chiki and Bien are feminists who often use that misguided philosophy to hide their misandry. So it was funny to see a woman harassing Ben and because of his stance, his hands were tied so you couldn’t call her out and instead his wife got the backlash.

“To say I love you is not enough,” Chiki Kuruka’s open letter to renowned photographer who hooked her up with Bien

Given both aspects of what we have discussed her actions were not wrong both in her capacity as a manager (who needed to ensure the safety and comfort of her client) and in her role as a wife who was uncomfortable with the fact that another woman got to cosy and too familiar with her disinterested husband.


Let us not act as if Chiki Kuruka is envy and jealousy and natural to human beings. Let us not act as if human beings do not come with the desire to protect their loved ones.

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