Daddy Owen still wearing his wedding ring is an admission of weakness

Image: Daddy Owen celebrates wife, Farida

Daddy Owen is a simp but we already knew that. Actually, seeing his conduct makes me sympathize more with his cheating wife than him. You see, he recently revealed that though his wife is gearing up to marry her new man, a man who she reportedly cheated on him with.

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To be fair, Daddy Owen simply confirmed the story after it broke. Anyway, she was revealed to be well on her way to marrying a businessman who was even allowing her to drive his high end SUV. The lady in question, Farida Wambui is said to have had a rather caustic relationship with Daddy Owen by the time they were calling it quits.

Daddy Owen
Lovebirds, Daddy Owen and Farida in happier days

You see, he was at one point, the hottest artists in Kenya. Nothing he released flopped and it seemed he could do no wrong. As a result, he was minting a lot of money from endorsement deals and his performance fees.

Daddy Owen explains why he still wears his wedding band despite wife dumping him

When the tough times came, his wife decided to leave. And here we find ourselves. Daddy Owen still holding onto the dying embers of his relationship because he is refusing to take off his ring and claiming it is due to the significance of the vow he took before God and man or some bullshit like that.

Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen needs to ponder on moving on from his marriage

But him clinging to that sign of his vows when his partner has shown that she doesn’t care about them anymore is actually pathetic. I get it, he loved her and the idea of marriage. He wanted to honour his vows.

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And as more information hits us about their split and impending divorce, Daddy Owen seems to be looking like more and more of a chump and a clown. Why? Because in one of the communications Farida Wambui has passed onto Daddy Owen through her lawyers, she is insisting he delete her photos from his social media accounts. Another thing is that she is demanding back her educational and legal certificates.

Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen had pedestalized Farida Wambui, a single mother

Let that sink in. She is being petty about the breakup to the point she is demanding he deletes her photos. That speaks to the fact that Daddy Owen is being forced to realize she wants nothing to do with him to the point where she believes he is of lower value than her and her new man.

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Daddy Owen on the other hand is like the man clinging onto her legs and begging her not to go. He has refused to wake up to smell the coffee and see that his wife has left the union so all that hoopla about him clinging onto the ring because of his vow to God is nonsense. He is refusing to let go of the hope he has that they will reconcile and that is stupid. he is lowering his value not only in her eyes but in the eyes of Kenyans.

Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen with small brother, Slejj who needs to step up and be a real friend

That is why we do not see women commiserating with him. Everyone who is discussing this matter is laughing at him. He is weak. if he has any friends, they should be talking to him about not just this fact but the fact that when he shows the world how weak he is, it damages his brand. And unless he has the talent to put that into a love-song that can make him some beaucoup money, he is wasting his emotions.

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And in a world as unfeeling and uncaring as ours, the weak are meat for the strong to eat. And Farida Wambui has decided to eat off the emotions Daddy Owen is throwing about in his attempt to win her back.

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