Eric Omondi is 100% right

Image: Eric Omondi

Let’s face it, Eric Omondi is 100% right about Kenyan media houses and even DJs being mandated to play 75% Kenyan music but where his push falls short is in the fact that he, a very divisive personality is making the push and he has also not worked out the mechanics of how to make such a mandate work.

Is Eric Omondi washed up?

The comedian who seems to love getting into bikinis and women’s undergarments has been trying to leave a legacy behind by making a push that will forever leave his mark stamped on Kenyan entertainment and rather than insisting on a steelman argument where his detractors have to focus on either the merits or demerits of his initiative, he has made this about him as a comedian and entertainer so everyone who has an axe to grind with him can do so on his proposed bill.

Eric Omondi cross dressing

And the only reason Eric Omondi would do such a thing is because he knows he doesn’t have his own sponsored bill figured out. So if we focus on what it is he is saying, there is really little substance.

Eric Omondi has a point BUT…

Something most people do not know about radio stations is that they only ever accept high-quality audio. The same goes for TV stations with Kenyan video and movie content. Is there enough of such content to fill in the gap? After that, the next question to answer is whether or not Kenyans support their own.

Eric Omondi hasn’t explained to the stakeholders what will happen if they play 75% Kenyan content and their audience who have a plethora of options decide to switch off and look for their preferred content online. At the end of the day, business is business and demand and supply are the only deity at whose alter businesses worship.

Eric Omondi steps out in bikini

All he has at the moment is good intentions but the road to hell is paved by good intentions.

Eric Omondi and Ms P posing for one of their publicity stunts

The same thing goes for concert organisers and event planners aswell. How many local artists can pull a crowd? That was a great question he asked. One that was soon drowned out by the manner in which he asked it: insulting people only makes them switch off.

‘I Am The Centre Of Entertainment’- Eric Omondi Boasts As He Announces 2 Months Break

When it comes to business, merely pointing out a problem is useless. Eric Omondi needs to learn that he should only point out a problem if he has figured out a solution.

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