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Harmonize hitting on Kajala’s daughter proves nice guys are scum

April 12, 2021 at 13:31
Harmonize hitting on Kajala's daughter proves nice guys are scum

Harmonize has just been exposed as a leech. He has been dating a has been Tanzanian actress called Kaajalla and all the while, he has been trying to into her daughter’s pants.You read that right, Harmonize has been trying to get with both the daughter and the mother.

Photos of mother and daughter Harmonize is accused of bedding under the same roof

How is that for a love triangle? And all this comes after Harmonize formed and led the lynch mob that was trying to end Rayvanny’s career over a rumoured romantic dalliance with the 18-year-old girl in question. And the extent to which he was persecuted stank to high heaven of moral grandstanding in the way Vannyboy was targeted.


Harmoonize wanted an unholy threesome

To be entirely honest, Harmonize did a lot of pandering and tried to stand on some moral high ground as he tried to have Rayvanny not just cancelled but arrested and charged. I remember that at the time I why he was doing all the extra nonsense he was doing as the girl in question was revealed to be of age even though she is still in high school.

‘Binadamu Aina Gani Wewe?’ Rayvanny Slams Harmonize For Hitting On Kajala’s Daughter, Leaks WhatsApp Chats

Now we know that Harmonize was simply trying to get rid of a love rival. And as he does so, we see that one of my mentors was right in saying that it is always the “nice guys”that we have to be most wary of because more often than not, they are scum pretending to be stand up human beings.


Harmonize was revealed to be a grimy, unscrupulous male

When we discuss Kajalla and her daughter and the fact that her former fiance was pursuing her, we have to discuss the fact that he was essentially attempting (and bangling) the process of grooming the young lady. He was using the fact that he was an authority figure in her life to try and lay his claws in her.

Romantic or foolish? Harmonize has extreme ways of showing love

Let us ignore the immoral and off-putting nature of what he is doing and let us focus instead on the nature of the type of man who would do something like this. Harmonize is essentially the type of man who screams from high heaven that he is a male feminist only for him to worm his way into a position to prey on women or in the very least attempt to.


Imagine the type of idiosyncrasy that a man has to harbour in order for him to actively choose to date a single mother, attempt to destroy an older man who tries dating her on moral grounds then for him to turn around and sexually proposition his now fiance’s daughter.

Why Harmonize is really getting involved in Rayvanny’s woes

That should give you the creeps because not only is it predatory, it is deceptive behaviour. We often attack men who are blatant with their flaws. Men who are, ironically, honest about who they are and the fact that they are imperfect and instead celebrate men who learn from an early age how to virtue signal.

Harmonize’s girlfriend with daughter, Paula Kajala with her mum

So you are walking around with men who are busy putting on an act; pretending to be paragons of virtue as espoused by society but because a lot of society’s lofty ideals are fickle, they can easily hide behind the facade of being “nice” that many men wear as masks. So we never truly do get to deal with the issues these people have nor do we ever get to address the less than savoury behaviour they often get up to because we are too busy enjoying the monkey dance they are putting on for our benefit.

Harmonize is not a great man. He is not a good man. Infact, I would argue that he is more male than anything else. He is simply biologically male. And we are lucky his dual identity has been exposed with not too much mischief having been done.

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