Intimate Partner Violence: Oga Obinna is right, our society doesn’t protect men

Image: Oga Obinna

Oga Obinna has raised a rather pertinent question following a violent episode involving his friend, YouTuber and journalist, 2mbili, who was left bloodied and bruised following an altercation instigated by the mother of his child.

Sherlyne Anyango feeling threatened by Obinna’s new catch, Pendo

The first question that comes to everyone’s mind is why there isn’t an outpouring of outrage regarding this episode of domestic violence. The hypocrisy that is on full display flies in the face of everything feminists and human rights activists pretend to stand for.

The videos and photos shared by obinna of the incident bear witness to just how cruel and Savage the Beatdown truly was. The battered and bruised young man is even captured on screen trying to explain to Kenyans the extent of his abuse suffered at the hands of the mother of his kids.

Oga Obinna needs to stop making music

And yet not a peep from feminists who claimed that their movement is meant to make life better for women and men. Even on social media the comments seem to place the blame for society doesn’t give a damn about the well-being of men.

And there’s no amount of sugar coating nor amount of dressup can change the fact that whenever we discuss domestic violence men are often seen as the aggressors even though this is a contradiction of the voluminous evidence from studies that show that in cases of domestic violence, both the male and female parties are often escalating things equally and in instances where only one party is the victim more often than not it is the female who escalates things.

For once Oga Obinna gives credible relationship advice

The reason even in Kenya Oga Obinna can point out instances such as 2mbili’s is because even in our country we have adopted something known as the Duluth model which is a guideline on how to deal with DV cases that is so obviously misandrist it automatically assumes that the man is the dresser pulls him out of the Home and Away from the children regardless of whether or not evidence is clear that the woman is violating him. This is clearly seen in this particular instance where the baby mother violet the father of her child causing grievous bodily harm and yet still gets custody of the young child.

Comedian Oga Obinna
Comedian Oga Obinna

Even though at the end of the day the day ends, even though at the end of the day you are another day older, we need to take the time to figure out how to fix this situation and not make it a case of gender Wars, instead seeing it as a situation in which criminals assault their partners and th8nk they can get away with it.


We can start with Obinna naming 2bili’s abuser and the young man reporting the matter to the police. We need to hold the criminal elements among us accountable. If neither of them is willing to do this than they are as much a part of the problem as the abuser is. they would be as culpable for creating and maintaining the situation.

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