It is Oga Obinna baby mamas fault for their drama

Image: Oga Obinna

Oga Obinna is back in the headlines after his baby mama came out and accused him of more messiness and involving their children in the mix of his shenanigans.

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I am ofcourse referencing their public feud that has seen him get accused of being a kept man. But while we all know the radio personality who apparently is also supposed to pass off for a comedian is an ain’t shite brother but I am here to argue that his baby mama is at fault for this mess.

You see, anyone with more than a room temperature iQ could see from a mile away that he is not a man to actually set up a family and lead it like a responsible man would. He is a damaged brother with multiple baby mamas. he is like a budget Future yet some woman still decided to lay down with him and start a family before he’d married her? Make it make sense.

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If Oga Obinna’s baby mama had any self-respect, she would have run a background check. She would have noticed that he is a male in desperate need of therapy. She wouldn’t have agreed to tie herself to him and the mess of a ship he runs. But she was desperate to be needed so she saw herself saving him from himself.

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She is to blame because she didn’t really think about the future lives of her children and we know this because she chose to start a family with a rolling stone. A man who already had children from a previous relationship and still refused to marry her before she carried his scion.

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Why do women still, in this day and age, choose to settle down with men who have multiple baby mamas? Oga Obinna is one man with 3 baby mamas. The first woman can get a pass because she still hadn’t learnt his true nature but the other two knew who he was given his relationship with the first and yet they still chose to have children by him.

What did this particular one in question think he was going to teach their children? How to be wholesome human beings? How to be in control of their sexual desires? How? He has never exhibited that level of self control.

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When you think about it critically, this lady wouldn’t be here wailing like a banshee if she hadn’t agreed to bear Oga Obinna’s offspring. And now any man that deals with her who is foolish enough not to realise she is nothing but a funtime girl is going to have to deal with the mess she has made her life into and those of her children.

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