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Jalang’o and Betty Kyallo were both victims of the recent axe that fell at Mediamax owned stations, Milele Fm and K24 respectively. And interestingly, they both took the same approach to the news, “You can’t fire me because I quit”.

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Jalang’o has been working on his own brand and platform through his YouTube videos and Betty Kyallo announced that she would be focusing more on her business, Flair by Betty.

betty kyallo

However, what is interesting is the fact that when Jalang’o hosted her on his YouTube segment, they lit up the interview with their chemistry.

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And then, with Betty Kyallo relaunching her business, she has tapped into Jalang’o to host the entire event. And perhaps, this is a spark that perhaps they can work on building and form the next powerful media partnership.

betty kyallo

You see, a situation could emerge where after Corona, the media begins to re-adjust in the next few months and business begins to return, they will search for new brands and Jalang’o and Betty Kyallo can be just that.

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It would understandably be a difficult task at the offset. You see, Betty Kyallo and Jalang’o speak to two different and very diverse audiences. But it is their shared sense of humour that can bring the two worlds together. It wouldn’t be so far removed in concept from the days when Jalang’o was the sidekick on Kiss FM’s breakfast show with Caroline Mutoko.

And it would be quite the pairing. With Jalang’o providing the homely, down to earth humour and Betty Kyallo regaling the world with her ditzy, worldly experiences and knowledge.

betty kyallo

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