Jalang’o says there are no stingy men: they simply invest where they see value

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Jalang’o is a wise man. He recently said something that I feel needs to be amplified and in my opinion, is something brilliant and every daughter, sister and woman needs to be told this about how men approach relationships.

There Are No Stingy Men, They Invest Where They See Value-Jalang’o Tells Women

He was recently explaining how men see women with regards to relationships and he said that there are no stingy men, men simply invest where they see value or in whom they see value.

Celebrated media personality, Jalang’o

This statement by Jalang’o speaks to a lot but chiefly to me, it spoke to the Madonna/ Whore complex. What do I mean? Well, men have a dichotomy when it comes to how they view women with whom to get into a relationship.

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To simplify everything, think of it like this, a man meets a woman and they decide to start dating. But for some reason unknown to the woman, her man doesn’t seem to want to spend anything on her or even “invest” in her.

Jalang’o looking dapper as he beats the morning cold

And so Jalang’o has merely said that every woman who is complaining about her man being stingy is not worth being invested in and while I know that notion is very off-putting to a lot of women who are only now realizing that this speaks to them and their situation.

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Men aren’t stupid troglodytes. We understand that while there are many times we are driven by our urge to procreate, we also know how to filter out the women who are great candidates for us to be cuckolded.

Kiss 100 co-hosts Jalang’o and Kamene Goro

Jalang’o is a man who has dealt with a lot of women because he is a high-value man. As a result of this, he has gleaned a lot of information about their nature. He knows which type of girls only qualify to be party-mates and which types of women qualify to be taken seriously.

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But if we are to end this piece on a positive note is would be to try and explain to any women actually reading this that indeed, there is a way to reverse your fortune. You shouldn’t have to only stick to being a prime candidate for pump and dump. You can overturn your portion in life.

Radio personality, Jalang’o

If you’re a woman who is tired of being in such a situation, then why not change some of your tabia? If you’re a manly, masculine lady thinking this is what makes her a “boss-lady” and whatever other self-help bullshit you can spew, why not change and be more feminine? more cooperative and submissive? Why not actually become that man’s support system? Then again, what do I know? Your strategy has been working so well thus far.

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