Lilian Muli and the bitter feminist spinster debate

Image: Lilian Muli

Lilian Muli is once again in the headlines as she has to defend herself as netizens call her out for her inability to sustain her relationship status at anything other than single. And trust that the rather rough streets of Twitter was where all this drama kicked off as one of her fans (or is it more accurate to call him a hater?) called her out and asked for clarification.

Arrogance or feminism? Lilian Muli forced to explain her single status

It also doesn’t help that she fits the bill for what most Kenyans would consider a feminist who has failed at marriage -this perception is borne out of a lack of understanding of who or what a feminist is and any woman who can arguably be termed as difficult often automatically gets cast into the mold.

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To make matters worse, the man who called her out is not only younger than her but also came out to reveal that he has had a crush on her for the longest of times and has been bewildered as to why she is unable to get and keep a man:

So what’s the deal wit Lilian Muli? Who by the way was married at one point to Jared Nevaton and things got hectic when he was accused of bigamy. And to make matters worse, she was married even before that to Moses Kanene but that marriage imploded with her accusing him of being violent and she in turn being accused of infidelity.

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Somethings got to give. Perhaps the main issue here is the fact that she has not sought therapy and counselling for her past relationship traumas. Or perhaps its down to the fact that she has never truly taken account of the previous relationships and taken responsibility for how things turned out. As a result, perhaps she walks around thinking her feces don’t stink?

Or perhaps its down to the fact that she has dealt with so many men she has damaged her ability to pair bond? Lilain Muli has made no excuses for herself in as far as her search for love goes and its no secret that she has kissed her own fair share of frogs. But this often has a deleterious effect on any woman’s capacity to get with one man and then stay with him because she’s always comparing him to her past flings and lovers.

Lilian Muli

Or perhaps its the fact that she is a single mother that has put off any serious, self respecting man? Lord knows there are zero benefits that accrued by any man foolish enough to try and get wit a single mother like Lilian Muli. But I would be remiss not to let you know that she has revealed she’s not single. And while she has not mentioned the man she is with, she had formerly referred to her most recent baby daddy, Jared Nevaton her community husband so maybe, just maybe, they are still a thing? Or perhaps she’s referring to her sugar baby? The young man that she has been spotted with on occasion.
Newsflash though Lilian Muli, along as he hasn’t asked you to marry him and followed through, you’re single.

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