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Mwalimu Rachel has exposed the hypocrisy of Kenyan feminists

March 30, 2021 at 11:46
Mwalimu Rachel has exposed the hypocrisy of Kenyan feminists

Mwalimu Rachel doubtless knew her situation with Sailors was going to be brought up even as debate raged about whether or not Shaffie Weru, DJ Joe Mfalme and Neville had done anything wrong when they discussed recent crimes that Kenyan feminists had turned into a gender war.

Bitter till the end: Mwalimu Rachel not doing herself any favours by ribbing Sailors

You see, criminals perform crimes. Bad people of both genders exist so for a group to dogmatically demonize their counterparts and call them dangerous or to argue rape-culture exists is to simply push gender wars and ignore the fact that bad things happen in the world as a result of deviants who want to do harm but civilisation, in general, is peaceful and lawful as the threat of force that backs up the law (police officers, prisons and soldiers) do a great job of keeping most of the deviants in line.

Mwalimu rachel, Sailors

Mwalimu Rachel with Sailors before she tried her hand at castrating one of their friends

And it was with this backdrop of unfortunate crimes and Kenyan feminists pushing divisive dogma that Mwalimu Rachel found herself get brought up as a counterweight to expose the hypocrisy of Kenya’s middle class.

The arrogance of Mwalimu Rachel in dispute with Sailors is off-putting

You see, there was a time when Mwalimu Rachel, an NRG Radio presenter, was also managing Sailors. However, she had a falling out with them when she assaulted one of Miracle Baby’s friends (he is the lead member of the group) and the assault culminated in her squeezing the young man’s testicles. His offence? He had gone to a funeral with Miracle Baby and they had arrived late for a commercial shoot. Allow me to break that down into small pieces for you to swallow. She attempted to castrate a man for the mistake of her artist who had gone for a funeral.

Mwalimu Rachel

Mwalimu Rachel was charged with robbery with violence

Kenyan feminists decided not to address that topic and instead kept silent leaving more balanced men and women to raise this as an example of misandrist bias they and their corporate members not only espouse but enforce.

Mwalimu Rachel speaks after Sailors Gang drag her into yet another money scandal

Mwalimu Rachel has not been accused of being a man basher. She has not been accused of being part of rape culture, and no corporates have turned their backs on her. Hell, she still has her job and is for all intents and purposes, thriving as she grows her brand from strength to strength. Meanwhile, they bayed for the blood of Shaffie Weru for merely speaking about a topic their dogma tells them is a cardinal sin.

Mwalimu Rachel

Mwalimu Rachel spent a night behind bars following assault on upcoming artiste

How then can we take the sycophants of this dogma seriously? In truth, we as intelligent, civilised people are being conned into accepting a fallacy, a very evil fallacy that serves one purpose: to fracture the fabric of society. If these feminists wanted balance, they would address Mwalimu Rachel. They would dispense with the lofty hypocrisy of saying “discussing crimes against women should not be countered by raising crimes committed by women”. And they employ this flimsy argument because their position does not withstand the eye-test.

Mwalimu Rachel: Sailors have no one to blame but themselves

Mwalimu Rachel should be held to the same lofty ideals of morality that Shaffie Weru has been. Why is Ezekiel Mutua, the low IQ man’s answer for a prayer to protect them from the task of having to think for themselves, deafeningly silent? Why did he say nothing about the conduct of this particular radio personality? Not a peep. Why the doublespeak?

Like misogyny, misandry has no place in a civilised society. To address one, address the other. When calling out one, call out the other. And what we need to focus on is criminal deviancy in our country. Bad men are voted into office so we grow up learning that evil and crime are rewarded. We need to start first at the very pinnacle of our failings as a society in order to deal with basic crime.

Sailors Gang Vs Mwalimu Rachel, a case of exploitation, malice and utter greed

And even as feminists demonize Shaffie Weru and issue blanket statements about men, they need to do so with equal fervour against women who perform criminal acts against men. Do you see how absurd that sounds? Here, we are dealing with criminals. Address crime and address all these failings in society.

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