Sauti Sol were proven right for not taking sides

Image: Kenyan afro-pop boy band, Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol have been vindicated for refusing to side with any party or declare any political affiliation. This is actually a smart decision they made but were vilified by Kenyans who felt slighted either because their political affiliation was assumed due to their ethnicity or because they had refused to support the person they felt was the clear choice.

Sauti Sol Threaten To Sue Raila Odinga Over Copyright Of Their Music (Statement)

At the time, a lot of Kenyans took to Twitter to express how disgruntled they were by the fact the boy band was refusing to sing a tune for their party. This was made even worse by the fact that Azimio had indeed taken their song without their expressed permission and was using it in their campaigns.

Sauti Sol aren’t fools. They no doubt knew there was quick money to make from licensing their music out to either presidential aspirant. Think about it, they would have been paid to perform and “sway their fans to vote a specific way”.

ODM Respond To Sauti Sol Over Song Copyright Claim (Screenshot)

And that doesn’t count the royalties they would have been collecting from every cycle of play they received from the trucks that were driving around.

But no, they stick to the vision of the future and that wouldn’t be aided by them being partisan. Sauti Sol knows that there is life after politics and they have music and they knew they needed to walk the fine line between the divide because they have fans who supported either side of the political divide.

Sauti Sol Loses Thousands Of YouTube Subscribers As Copyright Tiff With Azimio Continues

It was clearly a big brain play. And now they are going to walk away without the stain of having endorsed anyone unlike a lot of Kenyan artists. You can imagine the supporters of the side that failed to clinch the presidency, Azimio, will hold a grudge against artists who supported Kenya Kwanza but that will not spill over to anyone who was neutral.

Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol will still get to perform regardless of who wins. Hell, they might even be invited to perform at the inauguration ceremony. And no one wi butt an eye lid. That is why theirs was a smart move. They aren’t held captive by any politician’s legacy.

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