Bahati looking for 3 artists to sign after his first attempt flopped

Singer Bahati has resumed looking for talented just months after his label EMB Records was surrounded by a lot of controversies.

On social media, EMB posted that they are looking for 3 new talent to sign who will propel the label further.

The move comes just a few weeks after the label introduced its newest signee Peter Blessing who used to be a watchman.


Weezdom was the first signee Bahati had who left after they had a falling out because Weezdom was spotted hanging out with Willy Paul back when the Willy Paul/ Bahati beef was heated.

Mr Seed also had to leave after his ugly fight with Bahati and Marua.


Video: Bahati cries on live TV while speaking about his late mother 

Gospel singer Bahati was on Friday reduced to tears while speaking about his late mother.

The singer was speaking to Anto Neosoul on NTV‘s The Trend show where he revealed that he wishes his mum can see what he has become now.

“When your mum looks down at you from heaven, what do you think she thinks about Bahati?” the presenter asked.

“At times miss her…” said the singer. “At times I’m misunderstood but I’m only trying my best, you know, to make her proud. As much as they (ABC children’s home) took care of me, you still miss the love of a mother.”



Bahati went on to share that a reason why he gives back so much to the society is that he was helped when his mother passed on.

“Record labels in Kenya are dead because new artists are not making money. I have never made any money from the artists I have supported ever since I started. It is just in me. Someone supported me so I have to keep supporting them, even when I am insulted for doing it,” Bahati said. 



“Wacheni Ujinga sasa. Too much acting” Bahati and Marua told by fans after Bahati’s cheating episode 

Kenyans believe Bahati and Diana Marua’s reality show has nothing to do with reality and is all scripted.

This is after an episode in which the popular gospel singer was accused of cheating by his PA. In the show, the PA approached Marua and told her that Bahati has been flirting with a certain woman who she has been attending all her shows.


“We’ve been going for events and he flirts with women. There’s this particular chic who never misses any of his events. I don’t know how she usually knows where we are but I always see her. So Bahati has been going for shows with this chic. Who does bahati think he is? Because he’s a celebrity he thinks he can get away with anything? This is the last thing I expected to hear,” Emma, his PA, told Marua.

Fans in the comment section blasted the two saying they have turned their show into an acted drama seeking for views.

its_shannis Is this real ama scripted????????????

.e.e.o.o.n Na si mumeiva ku act????????????????????????????

janesjacindy ???????????????????????????? emmah kazi kwisha ???????????? khai Aih you guys leo nafeel kama nimewatch comedy . Been laughing all along ????????????. Good job.???? #bahatirealitywacha sasa tungoje Jaguar akuwe mediator ????????. Can’t wait for the next episode of #bahatireality. dope staff ????????

abed_stewarts What a stupid show… Stage managed..reality show.. Leo nilipata bibi anawatch hii upuzi nikapasua TV.. Pesa otas kesho ntanunua LG 64 inch TV..lubbish

Watch it below:


Bahati finally addresses rumors that his record label is crushing down: it’s more of a ministry because it doesn’t make money from the artistes 

Bahati has given a rather unexpected explanation regarding recent flying rumours that his record label is crashing after several artists left.

Last week, fellow gospel singers Mr Seed and Weezdom left his record label EMB after internal wrangles. A promoter also accused Bahati of conning him several thousands while starting the record label. Speaking to Mzazi Willy M Tuva, Bahati said that his record label operates more like a charity and doesn’t focus on making profits from artists.

“EMB entertainment is a business which wants to raise people, actually, it’s more of a ministry because it doesn’t make money from the artistes. So if money is not involved you cannot fall out with anyone. We are still building and its time for another artiste (to be signed),” Bahati said. 

Fatherly spirit

He added that despite the ugly controversy that has surrounded him and his label, he’s happy that he’s still able to change lives through it.

“I can say this confidently, God has given me the grace to uplift others. To support a new artiste, you need to pump in money, to make a good video you need money. At that time when an artiste is starting out you cannot make it a business, you need a good heart for your artist to prosper,” he said. 

Regarding Weezdom leaving EMB, Bahati shockingly revealed that he wasn’t even signed by him in the first place.

“Weezdom wasn’t signed officially, Weezdom is a friend, I have a fatherly spirit,” he said. 

Bahati speaks after losing second artist 

Gospel singer Bahati has wished his former signee Mr Seed all the best after left his record label Eastland’s Most Beloved (EMB) Records. On social media yesterday, Mr Seed broke the news that he’s leaving EMB but not in an bad way but just to further his career.

“After 2 SUCCESSFUL YEARS being signed under EMB records i have FINALLY DECIDED to go INDEPENDENT and be MY OWN ARTIST for the sole purpose of paving way for other YOUNG AND COMING ARTISTS that BAHATI has been taking in that needs more the platform and support that EMB have offered to me and can offer. I also in return would like to NURTURE OTHER UPCOMING ARTISTS for it has been a DREAM FOR TOO LONG NOW to do something about the TALENTED YOUNG ARTISTS that need that just one push to realize their dream,” he posted. 

Bahati, commenting on the post, wished him all the best in his next moves.

“All the best brother ….God bless you. I wish my brother Mr. Seed all the best as he leaves EMB Records and Moves on independently” said Bahati.

Good friends

In his post, Mr Seed also assured fans that there’s no bad blood between him and Bahati and in case any conflicting stories arise, he will address them directly.

“ME and BAHATI still remain BROTHERS and ill always wish him the VERY BEST IN EVERYTHING HE DOES. If there will be other STORIES that will RISE UP I will address them to everyone coz am already getting words on the streets that are not pleasing to my ears☺ ..anyways WE START YEAR 2019 ON A HIGH NOTE,this year we make more MOVES and WIN MORE SOULS…continue watching the space and continue supporting me as I push this GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST .. 2019 IS MY TIME!! #STARBORNEMPIRE.”

Bahati lists 5 people who have helped him big in his career

Gospel singer for the first time in his career, has come out to list people who really helped him become the successful artist he is today.

In a series of posts on Instagram, Bahati listed the five people who believed in him when he was nobody.

Bahati also said that there are many people who helped him grow in the industry and he can’t list them all, but the five guys listed are the ones who have been really instrumental in his career.


His posts comes at a time when artists and presenters are fighting over who should support the industry.

HAPPY NEW YEAR MY PEOPLE ‼ And Being the First Monday of 2019 I felt I should be Grateful to the people God has put in my Life to Make the #BAHATI You See Today… #BahatiTOP5 Starts with this Men & Women in the Media that God has Used to make Kenyans & the World Know my Voice till Today. They first Believed in me before the Public Knew I existed – then God used their gifts to Make my fans Know there’s a Boy from Mathare by the Name #BAHATI – I Can’t Mention all of Your Names but Just Know One thing; I RESPECT & I NEVER TAKE YOUR SUPPORT/LOVE FOR GRANTED,” wrote Bahati.

Here is Bahati’s Top 5;

1.    Media and DJs

2.    Charles Njaguar a.k.a Jaguar – Starehe MP and singer

3.    Kevin Mulei – Founder Groove Awards and CEO MoSound Events

4.    Simon Kabu – Bonfire Adventures CEO

5.    Silvia Mulinge – Safaricom Kenya Chief Customer Officer

Bahati’s ruthless reply after fans asked him to treat his baby mama with holiday trip

Gospel singer Bahati has a baby mama, Kisha Yvette Obura and together they have a daughter.

Bahati, who also has a baby with wife Diana Marua, has being doing all things possible to ensure he spends time with her daughter. Yvette is currently engaged but has a co-parenting arrangement with Bahati.

“Funny enough, my baby calls my fiancé uncle. She doesn’t call anyone else ‘Baba’. She loves him too much that I get scared at times… She’s always like ‘Mama wapi baba? Mimi taka baba!'” said Obura in an interview after revealing she moved on to another man. 


The singer usually picks his daughter up weekly and enjoys some daddy time with her. A curious fan on social media, however, wondered why Bahati has never treated his baby mama with trips and outings like he does to their child.

Bahati had a every interesting answer to that question saying that he treats her daughter because he gave birth to her and not the baby mama.


Awww! This sweet message from Diana Marua to husband Bahati is relationship goals 

Singer Bahati and Diana Marua continue to make their love public. The two, who have now been blessed with their first kid, have a show on NTV called “Being Bahati” which shows their life.

Marua was recently on social media to celebrate her lover, calling him a dream come true. Bahati also took time to appreciate her on the Instagram.


“I appreciate you for going above and beyond for us, I respect you for who you are and what you do. Thank you for protecting, providing and progressing our family and legacy. Always know that you have a true partner in me. You are Enough @bahatikenya wrote Diana.

Bahati returned the favour by also posting on his account.

“Bae You’re Cooler than Dem, My Girl You’re Badder than Dem,” she said. 

Bahati buys yet another brand new Mercedes Benz worth millions after launching new TV show 

Blessings for singer Bahati have been pouring in like never before. The singer has had a successful year so far and it seems he’s not stopping anytime soon.

Just days after launching his new show on NTV called being Bahati, the singer took to social media to floss his brand new Mercedes Benz E-class 2011. The car costs about 3.5 million shillings.

Bahati’s first Benz.

On social media, he said: “Thank You Jesus For Another Blessing. Hawawezi Bishana Na Me Hata Kama Shuleni Nilipata D!!! #BEINGBAHATI,” wrote Bahati.

Prior to this new ride, Bahati had a Mercedes Benz C200 2006 model that costs about 1 million shillings.

Bahati to Groove Awards: Keep your nominations, not interested 

Singer Bahati was rejected by Groove Awards and now it’s time to return the favor.

The singer has rejected the nominations he goot from the Awards saying he’s not interested. Bahati has been nominated in the song of the year and Collabo of the year categories.

“I BEG TO STEP DOWN IN THIS YEARS GROOVE AWARDS. Thank you for honouring Me as Bahati & EMB with Various Award Nominations but I humbly request the Public to Support the rest of the nominees as We all Know my desire to Support New Artists since Day 1.”  part of the statement read.


Not this time

Unlike Bahati, Willy Paul was glad he was nominated and asked fans to vote for him. Bahati doesn’t want much association with Groove awards.

“ My last participation in Groove was in 2015 and I thank God for Favouring me with 4 major Awards including the Male Artist of the Year and I believe it’s Time for another New Talent to be Awarded as I work, Push & Pray to God that we will bring a Continental Award in Kenya Soon; A BET, a Grammy Maybe. Again Congratulations to all Nominees- But Kwa Sasa We Looking Forward to Fill 4 More Stadiums for God’s Glory #EMBTOUR he said.


Still looking for a job? Bahati’s less than 3 months old daughter lands lucrative deal

Barely three months after being born, Heaven Bahati has already gotten a job. Bahati and Marua took to social media to share their joy after their daughter was made the official ambassador of Pace Headphones.

Young face

On IG while revealing the face of the toddler, the gospel singer and his wife surprised fans that their daughter has been picked by Jblessing and Larry Liu, the owners of the headphones, as the official face.

“Congratulations to my Princess @HEAVENBAHATI for being the new face of @pace_africa ? Sooo, Finally Tomorrow @PACE_AFRICA will Unveil your Beautiful, Gorgeous, Chubby Pretty face???LET’S ALL.”

Bahati expected to appear at Kiambu Law court following the Ksh 200,000 he owes ex business partner

Bahati’s former business partner Benson Thuranira has said that the singer is expected to appear in court tomorrow. This comes a few week after Benson came forth to accuse the gospel singer of conning him around Ksh 200,000.

The singer however denied this saying that Benson Thuranira was just a confused fan. His manager who also spoke to popular news outlet wen on to add that the rumors spreading about Bahati’s arrest were lies.

Bahati with the man he is said to have conned

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Benson Thuranira’s evidence against Bahati

Even after saying Benson Thuranira was just a fan, the businessman produced new evidence proving he was telling the truth. From the several produced by the businessman it was clear to see that he had indeed given Bahati the money to help out with the EMB rent.

Bahati to be summoned in court

Speaking to Mpasho, Benson Thuranira has confirmed that Bahati will be at Kiambu Law court sas requested by the judge. Benson said

“Bahati has been summoned to court over this matter and i will be there with my lawyers. If he is willing to pay me back my money plus all the expenses i have incur to date to get my money back that will be fine. If not then the matter will proceed further.”