Bahati and Diana Marua Set BillBoard To Celebrate Their Anniversary

Kenyan musician Bahati and his wife Diana Marua have set up a billboard to celebrate their seventh anniversary. The billboard, mounted along the highway, has lovely photos of Bahati and Diana and the words “Happy 7th anniversary.”

Bahati and Diana Marua’s 7th anniversary billboard

In June, Bahati proposed to Diana for the second time. Alongside the announcement, Bahati shared a touching message, declaring his unwavering love for his soon-to-be wife.

Overwhelmed with emotions, Diana, a mother of three, joyfully accepted Bahati’s heartfelt proposal, marking a significant milestone in their relationship.

The billboard is a testament to the couple’s strong love and commitment to each other. It is also a reminder of the importance of celebrating milestones in relationships, big or small.

“Will you afford to maintain her lifestyle?” Bahati hits back at critics pushing him to divorce Diana B

So word making rounds on social media is that Diana Marua had a thing with Willy Paul before she met Bahati. However according to Diana B, there was nothing between her and controversial love artist Pozee; but claims he once tried raping her back in Syokimau…..and, let’s just say fans feel played by the ongoing scandal.

The Bahati’s

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Of course they’re those who believe Diana B’s side of the story, considering the number of times Pozee has been exposed by different ladies for his fisi ways.

However Pozee also has his supporters who believe Diana B played the rape card to hide the fact that she had a one night stand with Pozee; but si mlisema Nairobi ni one big bedroom? Ona sasa.

Diana B with hubby, Bahati

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Bahati on divorcing Diana B

Anyway with this scandal escalating, Bahati has come out to speak about his relationship with his wife; following the many mean comments pushing him to divorce Diana B. Speaking in a video shared on social media, Bahati went on to tell off haters saying;

Also read:

I want to state that I am not sorry to every hater outside there who wants me to break up with my wife… You want us to break up, then? Get a life.

Having gotten used to the flashy lifestyle, Bahati further went on to ask the haters whether they would finance her if he left her as advised. He said;

If I give you this girl, will you maintain her? Do you know how expensive she is?


They are saying we did all that for trends. You should also break up with your wife we see if you will trend.

Alaar…aki pesa na mapenzi wewe….anyway there you have it.

Dubai On A Yacht- Hot Photos Of Bahati And Wife Diana Having A Great Time In Dubai

After one of the most successful album releases; it’s needless to say that Bahati would take a vacation to celebrate his success. Dubai wis the destination; and with his wife Diana Maura in tow, the two sweethearts are in cloud nine and having the best time of their life in the picturesque city.

We have to admit Mtoto wa Diana’s songs have done quite well, and he’s not yet done. He promised to be back with more bangers after his vacation as he wrote on his Instagram;

”Just Left Home ???????? as The No.1 Artist on Trending ???? IT’S Time for My Vacation as I Celebrate the Success of this Big Álbum #LoveLikeThis ????


Even though Bahati had been criticized for his explicit content which went against his promise of not quitting gospel; it’s evident that his new genre is receiving tremendous support from fans. Numbers don’t lie. His songs are still on top in the hit-list.

Below is a gallery of their vacation;





“You shaped the man I have become” Bahati to wife, Diana Marua

Bahati is grateful for having bagged a wife like Diana Marua. She is not only a perfect mum to all their kids but is a great wife, loving, bubbly, creative; and above all, has been the peace in Bahati’s life.

These are some of the qualities you will never find in most women out here looking for marriages. In fact many men claim that the wife material ones no longer exist; but all I know is that Bahati counts himself lucky for having found Diana Marua.

To prove this the young man went on to share a detailed post where he poured out his heart to his wife saying;

I met you When I was Just a Boy; You have walked with me through this Journey to being a Man. Thank You for being there for me and giving me an opportunity to Build a Family Together.

Appreciating wife

As much as she has been a wife to him, Bahati also went on to appreciate her for being a good mother to his kids.

Diana Marua’s birthday series

In the detailed post, he went on to add saying;

You have been the Best Mother my Kids could ever have. May God keep you,Protect and Make you Prosperous for us My Love… You are Forever My #WCW ❤❤❤ @diana_marua

Looking at how far he has come, it’s definitely fair for him to celebrate his wife for bringing out the best in him.

“There’s no me without you” Diana Marua pours out her heart to husband, Bahati

Diana Marua and husband Bahati may not be the most loved couple on social media at the moment. This is becasue they not only fooled fans with their fake break up posts; but left some celebrities’ like Maureen Waititu looking like busy bodies as she stepped in to help a sister going through a break up.

Call it a lesson learnt for those who like weighing in on other peoples businesses; but was it really necessary to play around like that? Well, their new song did quite well on the first week; but it appears fans were not as impressed as the Bahati’s thought.

Anyway at least for now we know that the two will not be breaking up anytime soon. To prove this, Diana Marua this past weekend went on to share a detailed post praising her husband with a special message.

The Bahati’s

Diana to Bahati

Through her Instagram page Diana Marua went on to pour out her heart to hubby saying;

Thank you God for this Man that you brought in my Life ???? Before I met you, my life was… Well, okay, ish ish. I was living life as it came. Party after Party was my lifestyle, bragging about how “we” turnt up, how “we” got wasted, planning for the next turn up while still on one… That was the life. No growth, no good memories to share.

She went on to talk about him changing her life in the most positive way saying;

After I met you, my life changed… For the Best. You made me see there’s a purpose to life, we are here for a reason, we live to leave a mark in the world. I don’t know where to begin, you have taught me a lot about being Strong, about perseverance, about giving and above all, living in God’s purpose.Allow me to express myself to you in my next couple of posts. For now, just know that there’s no me without you, I envision all the days of my life spent with you. My life has transformed, the staircase keeps going up and it’s all because of your Unconditional love, respect and the God you keep preaching to me.

Well, if you thought Diana Marua was in a relationship with Bahati for the material things; then the last bit of the message dedicated to Bahati might just change your thinking. She wrote;

Thank you for keeping me on toes, for pushing me harder than I thought I could and for being a responsible Head of our home. You have done soo much for us and for the world. Today; I just want to Celebrate you and let you know that THERE IS NO ME WITHOUT YOU! May God Keep us for each Other and May He give us the Grace to continue to inspire and leave a mark in this world. I HONOUR YOU MY KING @BAHATIKENYA ❤️

“Sasa unataka kulia” Fans react after Bahati changes name from ‘mtoto wa Diana’ to ‘mtoto wa mama’

All is not well with The Bahati’s but at the same time fans feel that they are clout chasing for some reason. We however cannot blame fans for feeling this way especially after seeing how scripted The Bahati reality was.

Well, could be that they have been having a misunderstanding; but convincing fans has turned out to be quite hard. Weezdom who is somehow involved in this drama was forced to keep his mouth shut; after fans told him for trying to weigh in on the breakup.

The likes of Mr Seed, Hope kid and a few on social media could not contain their joy after learning that Diana Marua had walked out on her baby. Well, we all saw what Seed and Hope kid wrote – meaning that the rumor could have some truth to it.

The Bahatis

Back to flying solo?

Part of the break up is both Diana Marua and Bahati adjusting their names. So far Mama Heaven has changed her name from Diana Bahati to Miss Dee while the guy now refers to himself as mtoto wa Mama from mtoto wa Diana.

But this is part of life hence the hilarious reactions from fans asking Bahati to cry out his heart if indeed Marua dumped him. Others went on to mock him for changing the same as other called this a petty move from the soft singer. They wrote;

Bahati dumped?


3rd_eyemigel; Sio wa Diana tena ????????????Salaam aleikum baha ????????waleikum Salaam

official_jay254; Kaka nliacha ukiwa mtoto wa diana

angel_unusual; Baada ya kuachwa sasa umekuwa mtoto wa mama si ulikuwa wa diana wewe????????????

Below are a few screenshots showing how fans reacted to Bahati changing name from Mtoto wa Bahati.

Shots fired? Mr Seed talks of ‘immature love’ right after Bahati falls apart with wife

Mr Seed, Hope kid among others have been on celebratory mood after Bahati was accused of cheating on Diana Marua.

Apparently the guy cheated on his wife with a lady linked to Weezdom; and since these two best friends made life quite hard for Mr Seed about a year ago – it appears that Karma finally caught up.

Diana Marua notices something odd after Bahati takes her to see his relatives ahead of their wedding

He who laughs last, laughs best

As seen on social media, Mr Seed has not only thrown shade once but twice; and judging from his latest message aimed at probably Bahati – Mr Seed did not come to play.

According to the post, Baba Gold talks of immature love where he paints Bahati as a man who settled for Diana Marua because he needed her; instead of needing her because he loves her.

Mr Seed with wife, Nimo

The papa God oh hitmaker wrote:

“Immature love says: ‘I love you because I need you.’ Mature love says ‘I need you because I love you.’” Volume ikoje?

I bet Bahati now understand the meaning of ‘what goes around must come back around’ as he is in the same position he allegedly put Mr Seed and his wife in back in 2019.

Karma indeed has come through for Seed who can’t help but enjoy this moment while it lasts.

Tabia mbaya? Diana Marua caught on camera grinding on husband, Bahati

Diana Marua and husband have been entertaining us for a while now; and for some reason many remain thankful that Bahati actually quit making gospel music. Probably this is because you cannot preach water and drink wine at the same!

Anyway the former gospel singer has now become a source of entertainment thanks to his YouTube show that allows fans to keep up with his family.

Apart from the fancy life they live; the Bahati’s have proven to be good at acting and this could be seen pretty well during their latest YouTube episode.

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Away from that, Bahati recently shared an interesting photo where his wife is seen grinding on him. From his facial reaction, it’s evident to see that he liked the game his wife was playing with him; but for a gospel artist, this attracted bashing comments from fans.

Bahati adjusting to Gengetone?

Although Bahati and his wife do this to keep their income coming; some of the comments left on this post prove that he may have also contributed to some of his followers backsliding.

This is because for a long time he ‘played’ the good boy card; only for the real him to come out later. But come to think of it, he is as human as his fans – so there is no fault in the guy living life to the fullest. Right?

Drama as Bahati throws up in the deep of Indian Ocean, vacation turns sour (Video)

Bahati and Diana Marua were off on a short vacation in Malindi, before tables turned in the deep of the Indian Ocean.

The couple who had made their trip to the Coastal hub for a Shamba project, spent several days and nights touring the place before a visit to the Indian Ocean.

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Accompanied by one of Diana’s close friends, Shicco the pair enjoyed their sunny afternoon even though Bahati had grown tired of his wife’s unreasonable demands.

The Bahatis down in Malindi

The weather started changing, a strong cold breeze blowing but he sacrificed just to see his wife happy.

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Then came the downpour amidst their boat ride to the other side of the ocean where they had scheduled to have their lunch. Either way, they held on, enjoyed some barbecue seafood before the trip back to their apartment.

The Bahatis down at Malindi

They left in their small boat only for the weather to drastically change amid deep sea, strong ocean tides that threatened the lives of those aboard and Bahati immediately reacted.

Bahati develops sea sickness in the middle of Indian Ocean deep waters

Diana manned up and consoled her sickly husband but sea sickness saw him throwing up several times and the situation became overwhelming for Marua.

Have a look:

Willy Paul does it again! Asks Bahati to get a wife of his standards (Video)

Kenyan gospel rivals, Bahati and Willy Paul do not seem to be putting off their fire any time soon.

The controversial gospel kid, Pozze has again come out to blast Bahati for his lady-like voice and marrying a woman way above his league.

Bahati who is younger that Diana Marua has on several occasions been called mtoto wa Diana with many holding to the belief that Diana is old enough to be the singer’s mother and not wife.

However, Bahati has always clinched on the mother to his kids regardless of the worldly noises.

Bahati and Diana Marua
Lovebirds, Bahati and Diana Marua

The Beef

Speaking of their beef during his interview with Jalang’o, Pozze clarified that they are good buddies before attacking Bahati for his soft voice.

Archenemies, Bahati and Willy Paul

According to Mr Radido, high chances are that; Diana rules in the house and orders Bahati around which is not typical of the African family setup.

Reason being:

There is nothing I want from him. I respect him as someone who has curved his own path to the top. But I’ll tell him to find something that can break his voice. When he’s with Diana in the same house, who do you think becomes submissive? Just that voice, is a no!

Singer Kevin Bahati

Unmatched genes

Before bragging about how many pretty ladies fall for him, attesting it to his seed that he termed “a blessing”.

Mi hukuwa tu na chemistry poa na wasichana warembo. Wengine wanakuja, I have lots of surprises ahead. If I chat with you in your DM and you go expose it out there, you must be stupid. Settle and let’s talk. My seed is a blessing!


It’s just that girls don’t know. A seed that comes from me to you, can completely change your life. Even if you get pregnant, you will give birth to a very intelligent and tough baby.

Willy Paul

Speaking of his family that is never in the limelight, the singer explained:

I am protecting them, I don’t want my family to be in the public talk. But my wife is the kind that is hard to find.

Bahati finally reveals why he replaced Diana Marua with her best friend in his ‘Wanani’ jam (Video)

Kenya witnessed wild online uproar following Bahati´s new love song Wanani that to the surprise of many, featured a video vixen instead of his wife, Diana Marua.

Wanani is no lie a romantic ballad dedicated to your significant other and for most artistes, their partners are the ones who take up the role of being vixens in such tracks.

However, gospel artiste, Kevin Bahati expressed a different opinion, after picking his wife´s sassy best friend, Phoina to step in the shoes of being his lover in the anthem.

Singer Bahati with vixen and business lady, Phoina

A move that sparked online uproar on social media with fans bashing him for looking for love in a different woman, therefore leaving his wife envious.

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Phoina got serenaded with romantic words, words that swept her off her feet and words that were a true depiction of what true love is meant to be.

Bahati with Diana Marua´s best friend, Phoina

Why not Diana?

The Kenyan singer has now responded to the same, explaining first, that Diana Marua is his wife and that she is set to feature in an upcoming special video of his.

Bahati´s wife, Diana Marua

According to him, fans are free to speak and he is not in the industry to respond to his fans´ emotions, rather spark a different feel in his approach to music videos.

Sikumtumia Diana sababu yupo kwa nyimbo zangu nyingi, nimefanya naye mapenzi na kuna video yangu special inatoka 2021 bado ni yeye yupo. Isitoshe, ndio maana naitwa gospel artiste, nafaa kuwa artistic nisifanye vitu ambavyo watu wanategemea.

Further articulating that God is the one to judge him and his decision to pick Phoina was so that he could feel free and comfortable to express his best self during the shoot, a role in which the businesswoman fitted perfectly.

I don´t depend on people´s opinions but God´s. But why Phoina? Niliona in terms of confidence na chemistry ambayo nilikuwa nahitaji kwa video, niliona ni mtu ambaye angefaa zaidi na aliweza.

Gospel artiste, Kevin Bahati

Bahati however clarified Wanani by no means hints that he has shifted into secular music, rather citing that his gospel fans also express emotions and feel love – an emotion he was targeting to respond to.

Check out the enchanting love song below:

Bahati´s new demonic hairstyle paints Diana Marua as a failed wife (Photos)

Kenyan gospel celebrity, Bahati´s choices in life have more often than not stood as controversial especially in respect to his choice of career in the gospel industry.

His actions have been deemed betrayal to his family and young children with many holding to the believe that he might be a boy in a man´s body.

Not my words.

From doing stuff like dressing in his wife, Diana Marua´s dresses and heels, to getting funny hairstyles whose inspiration many have questioned.

Kenyan celebrity bahati
Gospel artiste, Kevin Bahati

After going under for a while, Bahati has re-emerged with a fiery-red dyed hairstyle that one would mistake for Size 8 back when she was still a secular artist.

Like, c´mon, these are hairstyles even ladies need courage to have on, let alone a grown man.

Father of 3, Bahati

Trying to sample how much hate or love his new controversial hairstyle would attract, the family man posed:

All Girls Like My New Hairstyle ???????? NIMEWEZA ama NIMECHOMA??? #NewLook a YES or NO ???

Gospel firebrand, Bahati

True to his guess, this attracted a fair share of love and hate.

Blame game

The blame has instead shifted to his older wife, Diana Marua who has been brutally condemned for tolerating her husband to put on such kind of hairstyles.

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Bahati with his wife

Willy Paul coming first, blasting:

Sasa wewe, Diana hakukuambia ukweli bro?? I’m so disappointed ☹️ ume over do. Unaka pink panther ???? … pink panther wa masaku hahahaha @bahatikenya

To which Bahati responded:

Wacha Nikufikirie Pole Pole Nitakujibu

Kenyan celebrity, Bahati

Mixed reactions

For some, Diana Marua was indeed a let down.

diana_wairi???????????????????????????? eti pinkpanther wa wapi enyewe diana pia unatuangusha chesos


arby_gal254 Diana ako wapi akate hizi nywele ????????


agwata1 kichwa inakaa that ball ya covid hard feelings ….it’s the wife’s responsibility to dress her man before atoke bedroom…Diana hapa umemuangusha honestly


shamirshamim @willy.paul.msafi…. Wewe ukienda salon bibi yako hukuwa hapo… Kwanini unaingisha Diana hapo

For others, his ethnic background might be disturbing him.

am_bani.i pozee elewa wakamba na macolours????????


kambuamuziki Iya????????‍♀️


kinyanjui.elizabeth Aiii baha hiyo colour zii


jos.2381 baha wacha mchezo,,,toa hiyo ktu


harwallaUshakua oddi wa muranga nn

As others felt that he was probably trying to get traction by putting on the Coronavirus cell on his head.

shizohramcy inakaa virusi vya corona????????????????


itsruthkinyanjui Anakaa cell ya Corona virus


jtez_muzik Unakaa balloon ????????????????

Bahati and Diana Marua share new details about their upcoming royal wedding

Diana Marua and Bahati are set to have a white wedding despite having already exchanged vows during their traditional union. The two however revealed they would be holding a white wedding in the near future; and since they already have two children together then i guess this is a sure bet.

Speaking to their fans through their latest video shared on Diana Marua’s page; we understand that this couple is not just hustling together but securing a better future for their blended family.

Anyway one of their loyal fans posed a question requesting to be invited to their white wedding; that is if the two have any plans of holding one.

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The Bahati’s respond!

Of course being among the richest families in the Kenyan entertainment industry; Bahati went on to shared details about their royal wedding like his life depended on it.

Bahati with wife, Diana Marua

According to the singer, the wedding will be going down very soon; but unlike most weddings, this one will not only be discussed in Kenya but around the African continent. He went on to open up saying;

This wedding will be of course the biggest east, central, kuna north Africa. Yaani this beautiful girl here i need to give her the best. She is my 001.

Women envying Diana Marua

There are those who will obviously be quick to laugh off at the couple; but the truth is that very many ladies out here are secretly admiring Marua’s life.

It is no secret that her husband Bahati spoils her silly – which leaves many women admiring and wishing they could bag themselves a man like Bahati.

Anyway, since the wedding is set to happen as soon as a solution for the pandemic is found; all we can do is watch the space as I am sure the haters will be on standby.

Khaligraph Jones responds to rumors claiming he dissed Bahati and his wife

Khaligraph Jones remains unapologetic about his latest song dubbed Hao.

The song has been receiving massive attention for days now; as fans look forward to listening to the part where the ‘OG’ dissed Bahati and his wife!

Most social media users were left shocked by how Khaligraph called out a fellow artist; who is not just a husband but a father of 3. Khaligraph shamed him for allegedly letting his wife control and baby him. In the song Khaligraph Jones goes ahead to spit saying;

Khaligraph Jones ft Masauti

Kuwa celebrity ni garama juu wakishakujua ni lawama, Bahati akianza alikuwa mtoto wa mama sahii twitter amegeuziwa yeye ni mtoto wa Diana hakuna huruma siri ni kulenga tu

Khaligraph Jones speaks

However speaking during his Instagram live session, Khaligraph Jones denied dissing Bahati or his wife in the new song.

According to Khaligraph, he was just echoing what many have been saying on Twitter and Instagram!

Rapper, Khaligraph Jones

For him, this was just another creative way to create awareness on the different types of bullying Kenyans on social media have recently been accommodating. He explained himself saying;

“I said Bahati akianza alikuwa mtoto wa mama sahii twitter amegeuziwa ni mtoto wa Diana. First of all, that is not a diss and I’m seeing people who are trying to make it sound or look like Khaligraph Jones is dissing Bahati. I’m just echoing the sentiments of these people on twitter so Bahati manze usijali Khaligraph Jones hakuwa anakudiss,”

Mulamwah exposed as a bully

Khali’s new song drops just a few day’s after Mulamwah announced that he was quitting comedy and the online life as he could no longer handle the bullies!

Comedian Mulamwah

But even before this could settle, fans on social media went all out to expose him as one of the notorious bullies known on social media.

Many felt this was a move to gain sympathy from online fans who already knew the type of person Mulamwah is!

But as far as bullying is concerned in the entertainment; it’s a shame that celebrities are on the forefront encouraging such petty acts just to get noticed.


“Huyu hawezi toshea kwa bedsitter!” Bahati warns young men lusting after his wife

Gospel singer Bahati has expressed his disappointment after coming across a few DM’s on his wife’s social media pages.

Well he is not really mad at the fact that other men find his wife attractive; but by the fact that these men have nothing to offer Diana Marua – who he has been investing in for years.

Gospel star, Bahati

Being the good husband that he is, Bahati ensures to provide everything his wife needs; and even sometime back Ms Marua revealed that she is a stay home mum since Bahati can afford to take care of her and the kids!

Bahati’s advice to young men

However earlier today the gospel singer set the record straight by sharing a piece of advice to these men targeting his expensive lovely wife.

In a post shared on his page, the fella wrote;

#Juswokeup Alafu Pia ambieni hawa vijana wadogo hapa social media to put some respect on this gem????. Maze huyu hawezi toshea kwa Bedsitter. ???? is the volume okey?

Diana Marua

Bahati and Khaligraph Jones

This post comes just a few hours after the gospel singer hit back at Khaligraph Jones for dissing him in his latest song!

According to Khaligraph Jones, gospel singer Bahati started off as an independent person only to end up being controlled by Diana Marua. In his song Khali throws shade saying;

Khaligraph Jones with his wife and their daughter

Kuwa celebrity ni garama juu wakishakujua ni lawama, Bahati akianza alikuwa mtoto wa mama sahii twitter amegeuziwa yeye ni mtoto wa Diana hakuna huruma siri ni kulenga tu

With song already out, fans have been focusing on the line shared above; and unfortunately there are memes already making rounds on social media trolling the Bahati’s.

Yes, the smartest in the industry gets to survive and make more money; however in this case Khali overstepped his boundaries by insulting a fellow dad; who is raising a daughter just like his baby girl, Amali.

Gangsta points are in check for Khali, but what about the day the tables will turn?

Bahati responds to Khaligraph Jones’ diss!

Bahati has been receiving a lot of back lash from fellow artists and fans on social media.

After being exposed for dragging Peter Blessing to court for allegedly quitting EMB records; fans on social medians she  stopped viewing him as a gospel artist.

So far he has been dissed by Willy Paul several times but never has he ever thought of responding!

However after Khaligraph Jones released a new song where he threw some excess shade about Bahati being Diana’s son, the singer has decided to respond and unfortunately or rather fortunately he enjoys being Diana’s baby!

Bahati responds to Khaligraph’s diss

Through his Instagram page, Bahati has gone ahead to reveal that being Diana’s baby is the best thing that ever happened to him.

Those who assumed he would take this as an insult; have been left looking for places to hide their faces as Bahati seems to careless about the diss track.

He went on to write saying;

Bahati with his wife

Bahati Akianza Alikua Mtoto Wa Mama • Sahiiii Ni Mtoto Wa Diana and I’m Loving it ❤️ @DIANA_MARUA

From the way Bahati has been reacting on his social media pages; it seems that he has now grown thick skin and is not worried what fans say about him.

Diana Marua’s response

Looking at Diana’s page, she also seems to be in support of her husband’s actions and sadly for haters; Mama Heaven still loves her husband even when fans and celebrities troll him on social media.

She went on to show how much she adores her husband by saying;

“I promise you the biggest wedding Kenya has ever seen!” Bahati tells Diana Marua

With Coronavirus sweeping people off the face of the earth left, right and center; there are so many things that have changed but not Bahati love for his wife Diana Marua.

Diana Marua

The two love birds have been entertaining their online fans for a while now and even with the petty and major scandals; fans can’t seem to stay away from this lovely couple.

Anyway, just recently Diana Marua went on to shower her hubby with a special message shared on her Instagram page. She thanked her man for all the happiness he brings to her life. Diana Marua went on to write saying;

Diana Marua with hubby and their son

I’ll never trade this happiness for anything. I am Blessed ???? After hii Rona @bahatikenya let’s explore this life with a big spoon. Thank you for creating beautiful memories in my heart. Always and Forever my reasons ❤❤❤”

Wedding bells!

With such a lovely and special message from his wife; Bahati also decided to up his game during his response!

Unlike other men who would shy off from publicly ‘romancing’ their wives on social media; Bahati used this opportunity to make couples out here jealous of his love with Diana Maria.

The Bahati’s

Well, as seen on his response to his baby mama cum wifey, Bahati promised Marua the biggest wedding ever witnessed in Kenya. He wrote;

 After this Corona I Promise you the Best| Biggest Wedding that +254 has ever Seen❤️…… Let’s Pray God all Comes Back to Normalcy ????❤️????

‘Don’t invite her into your home!’ Diana Marua warned against settling ‘beef’ with Bahati’s baby mama

Diana Marua recently opened up revealing why she no longer or rather rarely shares photos hanging out with Mueni Bahati.

According to her, Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura is the main reason she stopped warming up to Mueni on social media.

Diana Marua

Diana Marua says that the first time she did this, Yvette and her friends/sisters decided to attack her; making things weird between them.

For years now Diana Marua has been maintaining a low profile when it comes to baby Mueni; and so far her reasons seem legit and understandable!

Bahati insists wife to make up with baby mama?

Yvette Obura insults Diana Marua for posting photos with her daughter, Mueni Bahati

Thanks to part 2 of Diana Marua’s vblog we now understand that Bahati is hoping for his wife and baby mama to settle their beef.

Speaking during the vblog, Diana Marua did not fully agree to settle the beef between her and Yvette; however fans in the comment could not help but warn her against warming up to her husband’s baby mama.

Others went on to congratulate her for being mature about the whole issue; not forgetting the fact that her husband was talking too much about his ex – which is quite weird for people in serious relationships!

Anyway below are just a few screenshots of comments left by fans on Diana’s YouTube page.

I have always wanted to be someone’s wife- Diana Marua screams after hitting 30 years

Diana Marua is happy that she has two kids and a husband now that she’s has clocked 30 years old.

The former model took to Instagram to confess that she has been praying for a good man all her life and now that she’s in that position, she has only God to thank.

“Today, I’ve stepped into the 3RD DECADE OF MY LIFE! I’ve never felt so certain and sure about the purpose that God has called me to live for.

“My prayer was to have a settled life and a family before this day and for sure, everything I ever wished for unfolded in God’s perfect timing,” she said. 

She further added that the journey hasn’t been easy for her but she has picked many lessons on the way.

“As I take time to relax, enjoy and meditate about my life, I have soo much to thank Him for, the things that worked and didn’t work out in my life, they’ve sharpened me to be who I am today. I’ve made many mistakes, I’ve learnt alot of lessons, no regrets; however, what matters most is the chance I have to breathe again and make everyday count,” she said.


Finalizing her birthday message, Marua added that her 30s look very promising and she hopes she’ll continuing collecting important lessons.

“30 has never looked soo promising and to have my ride or die by my side, one thing I’m sure of is that we will move mountains together, God is taking us to levels full of abundance just to reveal His glory through us. Babe, Thank you for making my life beautiful for assuring me every day that nothing is impossible if I put my mind on it. This day will always be in my memory and I thank God He picked the best for me. The father to my amazing kids, I love and appreciate you everyday day of my life! To many more Birthdays by your side is my prayer to God. Let’s continue doing life together @bahatikenya ❤???? I’m Having an experience of a lifetime thanks to our no. 1 travel and booking company @bonfireadventures peweni ya macho please and to @sarova_hotel , thank you for the exceptional services, #SarovaLionHill is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL, I’m definitely planning to bring my kids here ????????” she said. 

Bahati’s special message to his Wifey as she celebrates 30th birthday

Bahati is one proud man to have bagged a woman like Diana Marua.

The couple has become one of the most admired celebrities in the country and from the look of things the youths now look up to them.

Anyway, on 5th November Diana Marua celebrated another new year in her life and to mark this special milestone Bahati went on to write a special message dedicated to his wife.

#HAPPY_BIRTHDAY My Boo Just Turned 30 Today❗I am so glad and thankful to God that you’re in my Life. You’ve been here to House my dreams that seem impossible at times, You’ve been my spiritual friend and prayer partner – a major back bone behind my achievements and Success. You’ve Given me another chance to be Called a Father again.My Queen I Still don’t know what to gift you on this Great Day but just asking God to bless you with Long life and Show you his Salvation (PSALM 91:16)… Smart, Brilliant and God- Sent is what You’re in my Life. I absolutely, implicitly, unfalteringly, wholeheartedly and Irrevocably Love You ❤️❤️❤️ HAPPY BIRTHDAY THE MOTHER TO MY KIDS @DIANA_MARUA ????????????????????????????

Yummy Mummy

Although some of her fans think that Diana Marua is faking her age one thing is for sure…she is one awesome mum and wife to her husband.

So far Diana and Bahati have been blessed with two beautiful children; and despite being young parents these two seem to have everything figured out!

“I suffer from Symphysis pubis dysfunction!” Diana Marua reveals why she couldn’t give birth naturally

Diana Marua who is a mother of two now has finally come out to give her reasons for choosing to under go C section while delivering her kids.

The lady revealed this through her latest video where she opened up about a few unknown things about her family.

Well, for those assuming Diana Marua has been choosing C section to avoid labor pains; then you’re in for a surprise!

Diana Marua’s bro

Diana Marua explains her condition

Turns out that Diana Marua actually has a condition called symphysis Pubis that affects her pelvic bones every time she gets pregnant. Diana Marua went on to explain saying;

“I did not prefer to go for C-section. What happened with my first born baby Heaven, I got a complication where my pelvic bones zilikuwa zinashikana and it got to a point where walking a small distance was very hard for me. I couldn’t even move from the bed to the bathroom. That condition is called Symphysis pubis. So with that, doctor had to advise me not to go the natural way. Natural birth was not an option for me and on my second baby, the same happened and that’s why I opted for C-section,”

Bahati looking for 3 artists to sign after his first attempt flopped

Singer Bahati has resumed looking for talented just months after his label EMB Records was surrounded by a lot of controversies.

On social media, EMB posted that they are looking for 3 new talent to sign who will propel the label further.

The move comes just a few weeks after the label introduced its newest signee Peter Blessing who used to be a watchman.


Weezdom was the first signee Bahati had who left after they had a falling out because Weezdom was spotted hanging out with Willy Paul back when the Willy Paul/ Bahati beef was heated.

Mr Seed also had to leave after his ugly fight with Bahati and Marua.


“Linda boma yako kwangu tuko sawa” Diana Marua blasts fan

Diana Marua is not one to throw shade at especially when you’re not ready for her come back!

The lady who is married to singer Bahati recently told off one of her social media followers after criticizing her husband’s dressing code.

Bahati and Diana Marua
Bahati and Diana Marua

According to one Nash Ndebele, Diana Marua needs to teach her husband how to dress up like a grown man now that he is a father of 5. The fan wrote;

Funza mume wako kuvaa kama baba MTU ako na watoto watano…he dresses as if he is still a bachelor…..

Diana Marua’s response

Mama Heaven on the other hand could not hold back and let someone abuse her husband on her own page.

Marua responded to the comment saying;

Nash Ndege ni mume wangu, Linda Boma yako, kwangu tuko sawa????



Diana Marua treats her house girl like a queen, gifts her with a lot of goodies

Diana Marua is asking Kenyan women to always treat their nanny well if they want their kid to be safe and happy.

Marua, who welcomed her second born recently, advocated for house girls saying that they are always left with the babies and if they are not happy therefore they end up mistreating the adorable gifts.


Bahati’s wife shared in her vlog how she surprised her nanny with gifts and packages because she has always been loyal to her and good to the kids.

‘You leave your children behind and your nanny takes care of them. Human nature, you do not expect to treat her rudely and expect her to treat your child right. Very few can show love to your child even when you are rude. Treat them as your own and you will never worry about your child,” she said in her Vlog.

We sema tu hakuna kazi! Bahati’s months old daughter lands a new job

Gospel singer Bahati and wife Diana Marua have yet again landed another endorsement thanks to their children.

Just days after Bahati was named RHF Healthcare ambassador thanks to his newborn Majesty, their firstborn daughter has landed a deal with House of Tots Ke to appear on their billboards.

House of Tots deals with the latest and funkiest outfits and accessories for the modern baby.

Heaven, who is barely two years old has an Instagram account already and she posted:

“In my mama’s footsteps… the next miss billboards! Can’t wait for you to see me on my first billboard ???????????? #blessed ????”. 

Marua, who is also a model, went on to add:

“Who will I be seeing on billboards? ???? congratulations my baby for the big win ???????????? you’ve made mummy and daddy soooo proud ❤ keep winning my love, may your cup always overflow… it’s just the beginning, oh thank you god ???????? @heavenbahati ???? dressed by @houseoftotske”


Revealed! ¨Diana Marua was born to a Luo father and Kikuyu mother 30 years ago¨ Diana seniors Bahati with 5 years now

If one were to pick just one thing that has had Bahati´s wife, Diana Marua hit back and forth with, it must be her age as she actually confirms she is 30 and not 27.

Previously, the gospel star had revealed that the two had a 2-year age gap which Diana confirms is false.

Diana´s seniority to her young hubby has seen her tagged all sorts of mean names including ´shosh wa Baha´ and even ´mother and son´ when the two are together.

However, Diana Marua had earlier on expressed that Bahati´s age to her, doesn´t matter because after all, her hubby exhibits more maturity than his older counterparts.

People have pointed out that he is younger than me.

When we started out, it did not bother me because Bahati is more mature than most men older than me in his thinking.

Further on, speaking to True Love magazine, the mother of 2 revealed [if I may quote the article]:

Diana Marua was born to a Luo father and Kikuyu mother 30 years ago.

Her father worked in a private hospital in the city while her mother was a housewife.

Up and Close on NTV´s #TheTrend, the model shared that Bahati will be turning 25 in 2019.

This is to confirm the 5-years age gap between the couple.

However, Bahati´s defense in response to Diana´s seniority to him was:

I´m proud of my wife´s age.

I always wanted an older woman,

I matured up at the age of 12, growing up in the ghetto and I knew I´d want a woman who wouldn´t stress me out.

And to wrap it all up the EMB records´ founder lovingly expressed:

Shosh wa Bahati ameivaa.