What next for Chipukeezy after his stint as NACADA board member?

Chipukeezy’s brand has gone so stale, the only time he features in any conversation, it is because of his membership on the NACADA board or his simping with his former girlfriend Kibanja.

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The lad who is first and foremost a comedian has let go of his craft to the point the last time he was featured in a conversation about comedy, let alone an actual comedic show was back when he had a show that was published on YouTube with another one of his former girlfriends who called herself Empwess *insert forgettable name here*.

chipukeezy and his ex

And this in and of itself is a huge problem for Chipukeezy who might not have thought things through because you see, the members of the NACADA board sit at the sitting president’s discretion. That means, his stint will be up in 2022 when Kenyans next have a say in the general elections.

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What next for Chipukeezy?

Well, he has three options that would give him varying degrees of success should they work but they also come with different degrees of risks.


Let us start with the most obvious, Chipukeezy couple always go back to radio.
It can be argued that he got his best success that allowed him to reach a much wider audience when he was a radio personality and comedian. He acted as a foil to Jeff Mote and Lynda Nyangweso’s serious approach to life on their Kiss100 drive show. And perhaps after he is don serving the people of Kenya on the NACADA board, he could go back to that and who knows, he just might be able to get back on Kiss100.

Chipukeezy Ex girlfriend unveils her new handsome man

The problem with this play is that it would, in essence, be hustling backwards. He would in effect be moving back to familiar tried and tested grounds for him so there will really be no challenges that would stimulate his mind.


A second option could be for Chipukeezy to turn to politics.
Chipukeezy could follow his friend and mentor Jaguar’s footsteps and take a stab at seeking a parliamentary or even MCA seat. All he really would need is some political acumen that would be enough for him to read which political party is the popular option in his constituency of choice.

“I have purposed in my heart to celebrate God’s wonderful deeds” Chipukeezy’s girlfriend makes new changes with her life

The problem here is that to get into politics, some big shot with deep pockets has to take an interest in not only you as a person but the constituency of your choosing. Political party elections are the most treacherous part of elections and for you to win the ticket of your choosing, the powers that be have to vouch for you (yes, Kenya is that corrupt). Then Chipukeezy would have to have some deep pockets to finance his campaigns.

Chipukeezy with empwess kewwy

The third option is for Chipukeezy to set up a platform for discovering new comedic talent.
This is the least glamorous, most taxing approach to success that Chipukeezy could undertake. It would involve him looking for some funding and then mentoring young talent and getting a show on one of the national TV networks. All that would need a team built around Chipukeezy but this would give him the most satisfaction and some serious longevity. To get a scope of what it would entail, look at Churchill and his Churchill Live show and his Laugh Industry company.

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Chipukeezy Forced to Cancel New Show Before it Even Starts After Ditching Ebru TV 

Comedian Chupukeezy recently parted ways with Ebru TV after a huge disagreement following their show. The comedian moved his show to Youtube and promised fans he’ll be starting soon.

It seems the show has already met its first hurdle as Chipukeezy was forced to cancel its first shooting because of the lack of a producer.


Taking to social media, the comedian asked people to share their CV for him to pick a new producer who can be doing the show.

In a long statement on Instagram, the comedian explained why he needed a new producer and said the show will start airing again in October.

Here’s the full statement.

“Following the absence of Director 001 in the country, Chipukeezy show will not go on air tomorrow Director 001 is in Tanzania for some official duty but Just as he promised to take care and create more opportunities for the Youth, The Director has decided to GO BIG!  Chipukeezy Productions is therefore looking for any YOUNG skilled personnel; from Content Creators/Developers, Artists, Poets, Musicians, Managers, Directors, Producers, Script writers, Camera Operators, Sound and Lighting technicians.

The Show will resume as from 7th October. Send in your CV applications to the email [email protected] to get shortlisted for an interview that will be held on 25th September Pamoja, Vijana Tusonge Mbele. A Show For The Youth, By The Youth!”


Chipukeezy confesses: “I used to be a thief”

Comedian Chipukeezy nowadays lives in Lavington but he has come a long way to be there.

The comedian recently confessed that back in his Mlolongo days, he used to be a thief. He was hosting singers Sailors on his show on Ebru TV when he made the small confession after one of their lines in their new song Pekejeng.

“Masliver mimi hutake wamlambez, ukianika na anua wamlambez. Meaning they steal silvers and they take clothes when they are hanged on the lines.” Sang Sailors. 


Chipukeezy after hearing the line, he remembered his hard days before he became a Nakada Boss.

“I have ever said it before but I will say it. Actually no I will not say it. But I have ever been a thief. I used to steal silver chains.” he told the kids. 



Watch: Bhangi song “Zimenishika” by Zero that might annoy Chipukeezy finally gets official video 

Viral video “zimenishika” that made headlines a while ago now has an official video.

The song first made its way to social media after a snippet was uploaded and immediately went viral. The song, which is about getting high on weed was done by Zerro and is proving to be one hit song. It was released just days after 4:20 when all weed smokers unite to smoke their lungs out.


The song was produced by Drisa, directed, and shot by Mike Lolly P and we hope might not annoy the authorities they way Taka Taka by Alvindo did. The song was banned by Ezekiel Mutua for degrading women.

Watch the song below:

Chipukeezy reveals why Ringtone hasn’t gone to rehab yet 

Comedian Chipukeezy and Ringtone recently left the internet following their moves closely after revealing that singer Ringtone will check into a rehab.

Though they didn’t share exactly why, Chipukeezy hinted that Ringtone, who has been loud and controversial on social media of late, is suffering from depression.

Ringtone has been posting a lot of things online especially of him calling out Willy Paul and guys have been wondering whether he’s okay.


Almost two weeks later, the singer has not been in a rehab and according to the NACADA’s boss, it seems the singer was just joking when he suggested it.

“Ringtone is Ringtone. I think he is just joking. Art is diverse. HE HAS that one element of being stubborn. He might have a message he is trying to pass but he is doing it wrongly. let him be. maybe we need to sit down and ask what is he trying to tell us in gospel? he has a point regardless of being ratchet so let’s not just attack him. when you to go to the rehab I am the NACADA.” said the comedian. 

Chipukeezy’s ex-girlfriend finally speaks after parting ways with the comedian who now has another hottie 

Comedian Chipukeezy recently unleashed his new bae just days after word emerged that he’s no longer with Vivian Mandera popularly known as Empress Kerry.

Mandera set tongues wagging after she deleted all pictures of her engagement on her Instagram page. Chipukeezy later confirmed the two are not an item saying that they agreed to part ways after misunderstanding. He then unleashed his new bae who goes by the name Kibanja setting social media on fire.


“To be honest, we agreed that whatever we wanted to do together would not work out, and it was a peaceful agreement. Tulikua tunaenda Canaan tukapata mamba. We moved on because there is more to life than just love and relationships. People should stop speculating things, but instead let her move on with her life. She is free to be out there and get other people,” said Chipukeezy.

Just life

Empress Kerry has also addressed the issue confirming that they parted ways. Without saying much, Empress said that the two broke up because “life happened”.

Chipukeezy seems to have moved on to this sizzling hot ligthskin after parting ways with fiance(photos) 

It has been just weeks since news broke out that comedian Chipukeezy has parted ways with his fiance Vivian Mandera popularly known as Empress Kerry.

It seems the two have already moved on and are now taking to social media to flaunt their new lovers but have not yet officially revealed their faces. Vivian last week posted a video while in a car with an unknown man hinting that she has found love again.

Chipukeezy has also now mirrored her move and posted a cozy video with a woman who many suspect is instagram hottie Agnes J Kibanja.

Hawk-eyed fans managed to conclude the lady was Kibanja after identifying her shoes.. and maybe legs after tying it to another insta-story clip she posted a while back just minutes part for Chipukeezy’s. The two, many concluded, spent the night together before starting their day.

Kibanja has been enjoying life in Mombasa for the past three or four days and guess who else was also there? Chipukeezy. The comedian was in Mombasa for several jobs including Nakada’s and GoTv. Ghafla thinks he must have gone with her.

Private life

Chipukeezy promised that he’ll never flaunt his bae on social media after breaking up with Empress but it seems he wasn’t serious…or, was he lying?

“Moving forward, you will hear very little about me and my personal life. And again, on my failed relationship, it is a non-issue,” he said. 

Well, here are photos of Kibanja that will sure leave you wishing you were Chipukeezy.




People fall in and out of love. I don’t think I want to publicize my social life anymore- Chipukeezy speaks

Just like what happened to Khaligraph Jones, comedian Chipukeezy has promised to keep his life private after breaking up with lover Viviane Mandera whom he had even proposed  to.

The comedian has now opened up about the break up saying that it was a mutual understanding after they released they had different goals in life.

 “People fall in and out of love, and maybe the plans I had for her did not work out,” Chikupeezy told Word Is.

He had proposed to Empress Kerry during her birthday, which was attended by close family members. Two years passed since the two lovebirds got engaged but they still didn’t exchanged vows.

Viviane, who goes by the name Empress Kerry on Instagram, has decided to delete all photos of of her engagement from her Instagram account.

“We moved on because there is more to life than just love and relationships. People should stop speculating things, but instead let her move on with her life. She is free to be out there and get other people. To be honest, we agreed that whatever we wanted to do together would not work out, and it was a peaceful agreement. Tulikua tunaenda Canaan tukapata mamba.” he said.

No hard feelings

Chipukeezy went on say he has no hard feelings after the break up and is wishing her all the best. He also promised to always keep his private life away from social media.

“I wish her well and all the happiness that she deserves and may she find love. I don’t regret anything in that love because it is part of growing. “I prefer my life to be now private because I don’t think I want to publicise my social life anymore.”

Chipukzeezy after Kenyans complained he’s mocking guests on his show: I’m glad about the feedback. It means they are watching

Kenyans have been complaining about Chipukeezy and his show on Ebru TV with many saying he’s always arrogant and puts down his guests.

Several celebrities have also complained that Chipukeezy mocked them on the show. Artists like Otile Brown, Trap King Chrome and even Vera Sidika have blasted him stating that he’s always after making them look bad.


Chipukeezy recently spoke to Pulse Magazine and shared that he’s not after making his guests look bad. Actually, he said people miss understand him since the show is technically aimed at giving guys a platform.

“I think people sometimes misunderstand me, and generally what this show is all about. It is supposed to be both funny but full of content. I talk to people on the trend, popular or unpopular,” he said. 

He went on to add that people will adjust to the show and maybe understand later on that it’s all about giving upcoming faces a platform and not stars. He was glad, however, for the feedback Kenyans gave him.

“I give people a platform to explain and express themselves to the society over things they could be misunderstood about. It is not just about talking to stars who have made it. I think with time, people will understand what this is all about. I’m glad about the feedback. It means they are watching,” he said.

Chipukeezy lands government job days after being fired by top radio before even being hired

Whether comedian Chipukeezy is funny or not while on stage is still something we can all debate. One thing, however, we can’t argue is that he’s one lucky son of God.

Just weeks after the comedian was allegedly fired by Radio Maisha and getting another job at Ebru TV immediately, the comedian has landed yet another lucrative job with the government.

More Jobs

Chipukeezy has been appointed as a member to the Board of Directors at the National Authority for the Campaign Against Drug Abuse (NACADA). May be we can thank his close friend Jaguar for that.

Cabinet Secretary, Interior and Co-ordination of National Government  Dr. Fred Matiang’i appointed Vincent Mwasia and George Ogalo to serve as members of the Board according to a Gazetted notice.

Chipukeezy and George Ogalo have been appointed to serve at NACADA for a period of three years with effect from 6th June 2018.

The notice reads:

“GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 5593 THE NATIONAL AUTHORITY FOR THE CAMPAIGN AGAINST ALCOHOL AND DRUG ABUSE ACT (No. 14 of 2012) APPOINTMENT IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred by section 6 (1) of the National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse Act, the Cabinet Secretary, Interior and Co-ordination of National Government appoints— 

Under Paragraph (h)

Vincent Mwasia Mutua

Under Paragraph

George Ogalo

to be members of the National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse Board, for a period of three (3) years, with effect from the 6th June, 2018. Dated the 5th June, 2018”.