“Stop confusing us!” Fans tell Wema Sepetu and Diamond Platnumz

Rumor has had it for weeks that Diamond Platnumz and Wema Sepetu have been seeing each other on the low; however the two continue to refute the claims.

Just recently Wema called out a Kenyan tabloid for referring to her as Diamond Platnumz ex. Well, according to Wema, she had enough names like former Miss Tanzania, beauty icon among other names that would describe her well; just not Diamond’s Ex!

With this we were confident that Miss Sepetu clearly didn’t want anything to do with Simba; but she continues to share mixed feelings hints that are now confusing both fans and bloggers.

Ex-lovers Diamond Platnumz and Wema Sepetu

Sepetu’s message to Diamond

Well, just a few day’s ago the lady poured out her heart praising Diamond Platnumz for offering help to the less fortunate.

As seen on the post, Sepetu was definitely impressed by Diamond’s latest move and for this reason she then decided to shower him with praises.

In a long detailed post Wema Sepetu wrote;

I have thought so much about putting up this post and it never gave me peace, holding it back. That’s why I decided to post it, regardless…!!!

She went on to praise him for his giving heart saying;

They say when you give, God will give you in return. During this holy month of Ramadhan, may he surely bless you manifold. Giving is not all about wealth. Because if that was the case, so many moneyed individuals in Tanzania would have done the same but why YOU…???

Diamond Platnumz response

Well as usual the Bongo singer just thanked Wema Sepetu in the comment section with a simple message where he wrote;

Tbt: Wema and Diamond Platnumz

Shukran sana sana madam…mwenyez mungu akuongezee roho ya upendo na uthamani ????????????????

Fans tired

However, looking at the comment section most of the fans could no longer keep up with the cat and mouse games.

Most went on to urge Wema and Diamond Platnumz to set the record straight since clearly – this two might just be clout chasing; while their fans can’t help but picture them together.

Anyway check out the comments in the post below.


Mama Dangote urges Diamond to marry Tanasha and finally settle. Will he deliver?

Diamond´s mother has urged him to forget about other women, marry Tanasha and settle down already.

In a recent post, praising their recent video hit ´Gere´, Mama Dangote told Naseeb:

@diammondplatnumz @mama_dangote Kasema Mwali Umepataaa Utulieee Simbaaaaa????????????@diamondplatnumz Zile Chenga Vidanga Dana Vicheche Uvichuniee Simbaaa Ooh Uvichuniee Simbaaaaaa????????????….

Kasema Mwali Umepataaa Utulieee Simbaaaaa – Mama Dangote to Diamond

Pretty alert, the Bongo kingpin replied:

Nimeviacha mama????????

A dear Tanasha could not agree more with her mother-in-law´s sentiments.

Mother has spoken.

According to the aging granny, Tanasha is Diamond´s perfect mate and he should stop buying time – looking left, right and center – and instead declare to the world that Tanasha is ´The One.´

Simultaneously, showering their ¨Gere¨ jam but insisting to his son that he should let go of his philandering ways and make up his mind to settle down in life.

Sandra Sanurah urges son, Diamond to settle in life already

Chibu promised Tanasha a wedding come 2020 which is already underway. The pressure now surmounts on him, to deliver on his promises.

After all, he revealed Tanasha is all he ever looked for in an ideal woman/wife.

Hamisa Mobetto claps back after Diamond Platnumz gay friend trolls her for the new car she bought herself

Singer Hamisa Mobetto has every reason to tell off haters claiming that her new Land Rover Discovery was borrowed to show off on social media.

This comes just a few hours after Hamisa Mobetto celebrated her 25th birthday with her friends and family at a certain hotel in Tanzania.

Hamisa Mobetto buys a brand new Land Rover Discovery

Just after the celebrations, Hamisa Mobetto went ahead to unveil her birthday gift – a Land Rover Discovery that is said to belong to a certain millionaire.

Juma Lokole hits back

According to Juma Lokole he already knows the owner of the said car Hamisa Mobetto has been showing off on social; and has even had the chance to drive it around town.

Juma Lokole

The known gossip blogger even went ahead to share a photo of himself posing beside the car as a way to confirm that he already knew the owner of the car.

Hamisa on the other hand went on to clap back telling Lokole to back off and behind like his fellow men. She went on to share the posts below saying;

Hamisa’s post
Hamisa’s post
Hamisa’s post
Hamisa’s post

“I wasted a whole year on you!” Noti Flow claims Mustafa’s broke state dragged her down

Rapper Noti Flow seems quite angry at her ex man, Colonel Mustafa who has allegedly been falsely reporting her music videos on YouTube.

Noti Flow embroiled in a war of words with ex, Colonel Mustafa

According to Noti Flow, Uncle Muss has been pulling this stunt after she came out to confirm that indeed Mustafa was gay and in-fact has a boyfriend he lives with in Utawala.

In a post shared by the lady on her social media pages, Noti Flow is seen accusing Mustafa of trying to sabotage her music videos. Noti says that Mustafa reporting the videos has affected the number of views and he needs to stop this.


Is Mustafa broke?

Well, once again Mustafa has been accused of being broke. A while back rumor had it that he was struggling to make ends meet since his music was not paying enough to carter for all his needs.

His ex girlfriend Noti Flow has also gone ahead to throw shade at Mustafa who she claims dragged her down with his broke state! Through her Instagram page Noti Flow wrote;

Noti Flow Mustafa

Kamene Goro finally reveals whether or not she is smashing radio presenter Andrew Kibe

Radio presenter Kamene Goro this past weekend gave her fans a chance to ask her any questions through a Q and A session on her Instagram page.

Being one talkative lady who also happens to be quite open, Kamene Goro’s fans did not waste this opportunity as they went all in with the burning questions they needed her to answer.

Well, going through the posts I managed to come across an interesting question where one  fan wanted to inquire whether Kamene Goro has ever been intimate with cohost Andrew Kibe.

Kamene Responds

This not being the first time fans are speculating about Kamene and Kobe’s relationship; the lady finally decided to address this matter once and for all.

In a post uploaded on her IG story, Kamene Goro went on to deny ever sleeping with Kibe or having any romantic relationship. She wrote saying;

Kamene’s post

In yet another post she went on to add saying;

Snap back! Tanasha Donna flaunts her figure 1 week after giving birth

Tanasha Donna is back like she never left and if you thought that she would struggle with baby fat, then you thought wrong!

The new mum in town has given many a reason to talk after uploading a new photo to flaunt her 1 week postpartum body on her Instagram story.

Judging from the photo it’s evident that Tanasha Donna is back to her old figure however she looks way much better thanks to the mummy glow in her.

Tanasha Donna


A while back the lass revealed that she was planning to make major changes with her body come next year.

This is after Tanasha Donna opened up about her insecurities with her booty. Anyway with a body like hers, what’s the need of surgery?

“Y’all been on your relationships but thinking about me!” Otile Brown shades Vera Sidika and his other exes!

It sure feels good to be Otile Brown who claims that his exes never get over him because he is a sweet and caring man.

In his recent posts shared on his Instagram stories…the singer says that his exes have been on his case for long despite breaking up with them.

The ‘bitter’ ladies have gone to an extent of ruining his relationship with Ethiopian beauty Nabbi who dumped him after an unknown lady on social media told her  that she was pregnant with Otile Brown’s baby.

Otile Brown targeting Vera Sidika?

Anyway, seems like Mr Brown has decided to call out his exes saying that they still think about him. He goes on to claim that these ladies often wait for their men to fall asleep so that they can stalk him in piece.

Otile Brown wrote;

Have you ever wondered why my exes never get over me coz I’m sweet, caring. loveling and very smart – they’ve been hiding behind fake accounts – and have been solving petty issues all the time coz my girl kinder cant stay away from this DMs and comment and I don’t blame her – too much pressure for a good quiet girl like her- And so my exes y’all haven’t moved on, y’all been on your relationships but thinking about me – hiding on your bathrooms tryn to geopardise my relationship when y’all men are in bed a sleep.

Otile Brown

Well could the post be directed to Vera Sidika since she is the only one we know of and is currently in a serious relationship with her Tanzanian bae?

Rapper Noti Flow and Mustafa now officially living as man and wife!

Rappers Noti Flow and Colonel Mustafa seem to have moved their relationship from girlfriend and boyfriend – to husband and wife real quick.

For the past few months the two have made it clear that they are involved with each other and from the look of things, these two might just be made for each other.

Well, while other relationships don’t make it to the ‘matchy matchy’ outfits; Colonel Mustafa and his wife are enjoying this new stage of marriage that has left many talking.

Colonel on dating Noti Flow

Mustafa uploaded a photo rocking a matching outfit with Noti flow and went on to caption saying;

Mustafa with wife, Noti Flow

Matchy with my wife my Queen ????????

It it is unclear as to how this relationship from Nairobi Diaries ended up getting so serious but one thing is for sure; these two make a perfect couple!

So far they live together and maybe soon the couple might just announce their official wedding date on social media.

“Hivi hujachoka kulala Peke yako!” Hamisa Mobetto pens down a special letter to her future husband

Hamisa Mobetto is tired of sleeping alone and is now looking for her future husband who seems to be playing hide and seek games with the model.

Hamisa And Deedaylan

Through her Instagram page, the lovely Mobetto shared a thirsty trap photo where she is seen rocking a white bathing robe but caught many people’s attention is her caption where she wrote;

Dear future husband….popote ulipo sijui wapi????????‍♀️Hivi bado hujachoka kulala peke yako jamani kweli…?

Hamisa Mobetto

Single lady

After breaking up with Diamond Platnumz who is currently dating Kenyan radio presenter Tanasha Donna; Hamisa Mobetto has been maintaining a low profiled private life.

Well now that she is single and ready to settle down…let’s wait and see who she will end up with in the near future.


“I used to shave the dead!” Comedian Mtumishi opens up about his hustle before the his breakthrough

Comedian Mtumishi did not start off at the top. Just like most comedians the fella worked his way to the top but after going through a few challenges here and there.

Speaking during an interview with the Nairobian, Mtumishi revealed that he was once a street-boy but life got hard and was forced to find a new job.

Mtumishi was then forced to look for a job at the mortuary where he became a barber for the dead. He opened up saying;

I worked as a barber in a mortuary. I used to shave the dead. It was a tough job, though it gave birth to my career. One day, I shaved a friend of mine and that experience really haunted me.

Higher calling

According to Mtumishi, shaving his late friend left him traumatized and decided to exploit his talent and this is how he ended up at the Churchill show.

I went back home and did a bit of soul searching. My dream was to be a comedian or actor and I knew, I was not going to die before achieving this. I decided that I will no longer seek employment but rather, exploit my talent.

How Jua Cali’s 40th birthday went down! (Photos)

Veteran rapper Jua Cali is now on the 4th floor as he celebrated his 40th birthday on 12th September.

His big bash went down at Blend Lounge along Mombasa road. From the photos making rounds on social media it appears that most of the guests who availed themselves are those who have also been in the music industry for years now.


Among those invited were Wyre, Terence and Stivo simple boy among other many celebrities.


Jua Cali’s wife’s message

To mark this major milestone the rapper’s wife went on to write him a special message thanking him for everything he has done for her.  Through her Instagram she wrote saying;

It’s because of you I smile more this days, wear better wigs ????, drive , I don’t pay rent, gained more weight ????, I’m literally glowing. You give me everything I want and need and it gets better everyday. They say life begins at 40! Happy birthday my King @juacaligenge . Couldn’t wait until tomorrow ????.

Elani’s Maureen Kunga weds the love of her life in a posh private wedding

Elani’s singer Maureen Kunga is officially off the market after walking down the aisle with the love of her life.

According to Plive, the singer apparently got married on the last weekend of August at a low key wedding that saw close friends attend.

Maureen Kunga’s wedding

The ceremony was held at the shores of Lake Naivasha where the couples friends and family witnessed their union.

Kangu’s Ruracio

The wedding comes a few months after Maureen and her husband held their ruracio completing their traditional union.

Well, going through the lady’s Instagram page, it’s clear that she did not post anything from her wedding; but thanks to a few guests who attended the wedding we have photos from the union.

Maureen Kunga‘s big day

Indeed Maureen stunned in her white gown and so did her guests. Check out the photos below!

Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz throw a glamorous & heartwarming baby shower

After Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha made their pregnancy news public, social media has since been flooded with photos of Tanasha’s baby bump and now their baby shower seems to have taken over.

On 22nd August Tanasha and her Bongo boyfriend threw a lavish all white themed party that was attended by her mom, grandmother and close friends who were invited.


Decorations included a gorgeous baby clothes, teddy bears, and among other baby stuff to celebrate the the upcoming birth of Tanasha and Diamond Platnumz baby boy – who will soon be arriving.

Diamond Platnumz finally in love

Having two baby mamas already, never had we ever seen Diamond Platnumz throw such a baby shower for either Zari Hassan or Hamisa Mobetto.

However, with his 3rd born son almost here…Diamond Platnumz went all out to give him the best baby shower witnessed in East Africa.


“I love my new body!” Wema Sepetu to reveal how she managed to shed off her body weight from 109 to 68kgs

Wema Sepetu is not having the negative comments from fans affect her in any way.

In a new post shared by the actress, Wema Sepetu claims that she will not be adding any more weight since most claim that her new body is too tiny and doesn’t match the size of her head.


However, Wema now feels that she will not adjust to anybody’s liking since it took sacrifice to get where she is at the moment. Sepetu wrote saying;

Nilivonenepa mlinisema usiku na mchana nimepungua tena sasa mnanisema kuwa nirudi kwenye ubonge… Aisee binadamu sio wa kuwasikiliza luckily nimepungua kwa kupenda kwangu sio by words of the people na ntawapa siri yangu soonest… I gotta say…I love me nrw Bodeee!

Wema Sepetu

Secret to weight loss

In yet another post Wema Sepetu has gone ahead to promise those struggling with weight loss, the secret of shedding weight.

The lass wrote saying;

Daaaaaaah kutokana na comments za watu wengi inaonekana wengi wanasema ninenepe tena jamani… ila si ni nyinyi nyinyi mliosema nimekuwa Booooooooonge na ilibidi nipungue…. Leo nimeamini Binaadam hamna jema…????????????????




Anyway. I will soon share the secret to my weight loss na msijali nitajitahidi kula kula kidogo ili niongezeke hata kidogo tu…just so you know nilikuwa nina 109kgs na sasa nina 68kgs Najua kuna watu wengi wanaosumbuliwa na unene na hawajui nini wafanye….I got you!


“I really desire to get a baby” Vanessa Mdee finally ready to start a family

Tanzanian song bird Vanessa Mdee recently admitted that she is ready to have a child of her own just a few months after breaking up with her boyfriend, Juma Juxx.

Speaking with Lil Ommy during her latest interview Vanessa Mdee admitted to have baby cravings but at the moment she has too much on her plate right now to have a baby.

Vanessa Mdee at Romy Jones birthday

“I really desire to get a baby but God’s time is the best. Right now though I have things that are first priority,”

Hurt by ex boyfriend’s

For the first she also went on to admit that she got hurt after her ex Juma Jux introduced his new Chinese lady on social media. Vanessa went on to add that although she tried ignoring his posts on social media, they still got to her.

Juma Juxx with new girlfriend?

There is a level you can ignore something but it gets to a point you cannot anymore. I remember recently when the guy introduced his ‘Chinese’ lover, I felt something painful in my heart, I felt hurt,

Despite everything that happened between her and her ex, Vanessa says that they continue remain good friends.

Juma and I parted ways a long time ago, nine months ago but we didn’t want to make it public because it would have affected a lot of people and besides that we still partners in several business ventures that we put together. We split yes, but we got nothing but respect for each other we still good friends. About his new girlfriend I also just found out via Instagram at the same time just like everybody else. Besides he is free to do his thing.


“You can’t compare Harmonize to Diamond Platnumz!” Babu Tale opens up

Word on the streets is that Harmonize might be planning to quit WCB. Judging from how he has drifted away from former best friend and boss….the rumors might just be true.

Anyway in a recent interview done by Babu Tale on Wasafi FM, the manager goes on to laugh off at those comparing Harmonize to Diamond Platnumz.

Harmonize on board for Lava Lava Saula

According to his point, there is no way the singer can compete with Diamond since all his projects have to go through him.

Harmonize atashindana vipi na Diamond Platnumz wakati Kazi zake zote ni lazima Zipitie kwa Diamond. Kabla hajaachia wimbo uongozi ni lazima upitishe kwanza na Mkataba wa WCB haumkatazi msanii kuondoka. Nikiskia @diamondplatnumz na @harmonize_tz wanashindanishwa huwa nafurahi, Lakini huwa najiuliza Harmonize na yeye ana mawazo kama yangu au na Yeye anajisahau kwenye kushindanishwa?”

Diamond Platnumz threatened by Harmonize?

From the look of things, it appears that Harmonize has been drifting away from Wasafi records.

Unlike before, the artist has not been attending any of Wasafi events and could be looking at a new records which he will be moving to.

Anyway so far he has made a name for himself and even the likes of Wema Sepetu tend to believe that he is way better than Diamond Platnumz. In an interview done a while back Wema Sepetu opened up saying;

Level ya Harmonize inamzidi ya Diamond, siwezi kusema ni kwa kiasi gani lakini inamzidi. Pia bidii zake naona akifika mbali sana.

Ni mapenzi tu! Comedian Eddie Butita steps out with his rumored girlfriend

Seems that comedian Eddie Butita and Mammito are now kicking things up a notch after sharing a new photo together.

The apparent couple who have been said to keep their relationship on the low are seen together in a new photo; something we rarely see on their social media pages.

Eddie Butita who is currently doing quite well with his Eddie Butita campus tour did not caption the photo leaving room for assumptions from fans and tabloids.

Unlike most couples who prefer taking ‘romantic’ photos; the two decided to do something different but looking at Mammito’s facial reaction we can agree that she liked what she was looking at.

Eddie Butita with rumored girlfriend, Mammito

Money Moves!

Away from his love life; Eddie Butita has been nominated in two categories as African comic of the year and Audience Choice awards in Africa’s top comedy awards.

Through his Instagram page Butita went to say that being nominated for the Savanna comic choice awards was already a win for him.

This is already a win for me am just a boy from Kariobangi making global moves! Vote link on bio.


Wema Sepetu issued with arrest warrant for explicit video

Despite having kept a low profile for months now and changed her lifestyle; seems that Wema Sepetu will really never run away from her past.

According to reports the lady is currently wanted by the government of Tanzania after Kisutu Resident Magistrate’s court issued out an arrest warrant for the former Miss Tanzania.

This comes after Wema Sepetu failed to appear in court as instructed by the judge. As of now she is wanted for sharing an intimate video on social media a few months ago.

Lawyers up

Sepetu’s lawyer Reuben Simwanza has however stepped in to help his client in the best way he can.

According to him, Ms Sepetu availed herself at the court for the hearing however did not make it to the inside as she fell ill and could not enter the court room.

Wema Sepetu responds

Just after word spread out that she was wanted, the former Miss Tanzania responded with the post below saying;


The twists and turns at Bahati´s EMB record label rebirth

Gospel singer, Bahati´s recently dumped EMB record label was to launch its rebirth come Wednesday, 10th of April but all sorts of twists and turns were witnessed.


First, the rebirth was to be all Red Carpet accompanied with Dinner.

Secondly, an undisclosed MC would be revealed to host the launch based on their popularity with Kenyans.

Third, the event was to see a new artist get signed into EMB record label, as Bahati promised to do, annually.

Finally, all sorts of celebrities and media personalities were set to grace the event.


The launch kicked off yesterday at 8:30 in the evening but a lot emerged during the event.

First, the decor was stunning, no doubt!

Second, Jalang´o accumulated the majority of votes, therefore would be the MC of the day.

Third, gospel artist, Danny Gift is the newly signed EMB record label artist, courtesy of its King, Bahati.


Finally, key personalities like Starehe MP, Jaguar, philanthropist, Akothee and Comedian, Eric Omondi were in attendance.

Definitely, Bahati´s Queen, Diana Marua was definitely present.

The Controversial artist, Akothee was actually a guest of honour at the EMB record label rebirth event.


During her speech, she could not seem to appreciate Bahati enough, further addressing him as her ´son´.

I am honored and happy to be here.

To cut the long story short, Bahati is like my son.

I address him as my son.

Additionally, Akothee seemed too close to Jaguar even teasing him and addressing him informally:

I am happy to see faces that I see on Instagram and happy to see my colleague, Mhesh Jaguar.

Starehe MP, Jaguar

This came as a surprise to many who couldn´t help but giggle about it.

Further on, the other of 5 stated that if she desired to engage herself with a man, then she´d look out for one her age , Jaguar probably.

It was all laughter at the relaunch after that remark by the controversial artist.

During an exclusive interview she reveals and clarifies that whenever she wants to do a collabo with an artist, that is no attempt for sexual affairs.

Controversial artist and mother of 5, Akothee

She even further went ahead to call herself ´Mama Mzee´.

Well, whether she was trying to drive a point home or just making a laugh about it all, only she can tell.

Dj Saadiq, Dj Mo, Frasha and Kenya´s Bonfire Adventures also graced the event.