“Me naangalia mtu sahi” Tanasha explains why Diamond Platnumz’s ugly past never worries her 

Tanasha Donna is not worried about what Zari Hassan or any other woman linked to Diamond Platunmz is saying because she doesn’t look in the past.

The radio presenter shared why Diamond’s past isn’t a bother to her insisting that she also has execs.

Everyone has an ex, everyone has a past kabla nimjue Diamond mimi mwenyewe nilikuwa na exes. I had three different exes before I was with him so siwezi judge mtu based on their past and it doesn’t mean I’m going to completely ignore it,” she said.


She further confessed that focusing on the presenter moment is her thing and she will treat Diamond the way he treats her.

Mimi naangalia mtu vile uko sasa hivi, if you treat me good saa hii then we’re good. Lakini siwezi kuangalia sikuamini kwa sababu umefanya hivi, that’s your past. The reason I can’t judge him on his past is because it’s his past point blank period,” Tanasha said.

I just wanted a long-lasting marriage with Diamond – Zari screams after saying she has finally forgiven him 

Zari Hassan only wanted a stable marriage from Diamond Platnumz but Diamond apparently broke her heart.

In part six of her confession, the socialite swore she never cheated on him with P square singer Peter Okoye has Diamond claimed.

Zari told Millard Ayo that Diamond was just trying to divert attention because he knew he had already messed up his relationship with Zari and now wanted to make it look like Zari has been cheating.

“I wanted to make a long-lasting marriage with Diamond and he even knows that I did not cheat on him with any man,” Zari said. 

She said that new Peter way back before she even settled for Diamond Platnumz.

“I met Peter before meeting Diamond and that is when I took pictures with him which was in 2011 when I was still with Ivan [late husband] and so those pictures he posted acusing me cheating are from back then,” she added. 


Zari also added that she had forgiven Diamond because she doesn’t want to carry the pain.

“There is something about forgiveness and I have learned to forgive him and his mistakes because now I’m in a better place. The children are too young now, but in future, I don’t want Tiffah to hold a grudge against her dad.” she said. 



Full interview: Here is everything Zari said about Diamond Platnumz that has left many shocked 

Socialite Zari Hassan recently had an exclusive one-on-one interview with Milard Ayo where she revealed a lot of shocking things about her relationship with Diamond Platnumz.

The interviews, which have been divided into four parts have been causing shocking waves online as Zari exposed how Diamond broke her trust and heart.


Zari opened up to many things saying that she had to dump the singer because he had gotten to a level where he didn’t care about her at all.

Zari also revealed that Diamond Platnumz is actually the one who was insisting on the two to get married but she said no. According to Zari, Diamond was only interested in doing this for damage control and to prove to haters that he was capable of settling down.

Here are the full interviews:





Savage! Zari claps back after fan accuses her of wearing a diaper to enhance her booty

Zari recently shared a new post showing off her big booty only to be told that she looked like she had worn diapers underneath her trousers.

This comes at a time where her Tanzanian fans seem to have moved on to have shifted their attention from the boss madam to Diamond Platnumz current lover, Tanasha Dona.

Judging from the savage comment left under the lady’s photo we understand that the fan apparently felt that Zari’s was faking her big booty with a pair of softcare diapers as she wrote saying;

Kuna mtu twabishana. Asema unevaa #softcare.

In response to this Zari also went on to prove that she no longer cared about people’s opinions and replied saying;

@Salmaabuu16 tens premium #softcare premium


New beginnings

After her bitter break up with Diamond Platnumz we understand that Zari will be walking down the aisle with her new found hound love.


Although Zari is refuses to unveil the guys face, I am sure we will come across it in social media.

Diamond hints wedding to Tanasha is next month and will have an entrance fee of Ksh 200k 

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has finally dropped a solid hint that he’s planning to hold a wedding next month.

The popular singer, while speaking to the press during the launch of Wasafi Festival at Hyaat Regency hotel in Dar Es Salaam, hinted that he might walk down the aisle with Tanasha Donna on July 7.

A journalist wanted to know when Diamond is planning to marry Tanasha after they postponed their wedding early this year.

Diamond did not really say his wedding will be on July 7, but left strong hints that it might on that date.

“There will be only ten tables for reservation. Five will go for KSh 200,000 each and the remaining five will go for KSh 80,000 each. Guys should reserve those table because you all will remember on July 7,” he said. 


Now that Tanasha is heavy with a baby, Diamond it seems is willing to keep his promise of marrying her before the baby comes.

Zari goes after Hamisa Mobetto’s neck after word emerged she can’t pay her rent and has been kicked out 

All Diamond Platnumz’s exes are fighting each other. Zari, who has two kids from the popular singer, has been attacking all other women who dated the star in all kind of ways.

It seems the mother of five is now done with Tanasha Donna and has now moved to Hamisa Mobetto.

After word emerged that Hamisa can’t pay her rent and has been kicked out of the house, Zari took to social media to mock the socialite saying that sex can’t pay her bills anymore.

“Pussy ain’t good after all huh,” Zari comment on a post from a popular site reporting Hamisa has been chased out.


Diamond had rented a beautiful mansion for the model to live with her mum and kids on top of dishing out thousands of cash for child support. It seems the singer has stopped paying for the house and now Hamisa is desperately looking for other options.

Diamond’s dad cooking something in the studio with his son

Diamond Platnumz’s dad is working on new music that will feature his once estranged son.

Mzee Juma revealed, who recently said he’s done with media interviews after he reconciled with his son live on camera, told Global Radio on Thursday, April 2 that getting a collabo with his celebrity son is not something hard and it’s going to happen soon.

During their meeting, Diamond promised that he’ll help his dad further his singing career and even signed him under his label Wasafi Records.

20 years

The two were speaking on Wasafi radio where they reconciled after 20 years of avoiding each other.

”Many people have been asking me if I can drop a collabo with my son. Of course I will talk to my son and we can drop something for sure. Getting him to studio or record music with me is very easy, in fact that is a done story already. He is my son,” he said. 

Mzee Abdul in the interview with Global Radio also introduced a young musician who he claimed he is managing.

Lavalava of Wasafi stands for love,as he releases new audio jam “Hatuachani”

Wasafi records artists seem to understand the language of love better.The way  they maneuver around with words  brings out the love with an all new approach.

Lavalava is among several artists signed under Wasafi records that so far is doing far much better in East Africa if not the whole of Africa.

Lavalava  is back in the scene with his latest audio jam ‘Hatuachani”-which loosely translates to we ain’t breaking up.


He starts of with;”Achana nao manyambafu wisikupande Kichwani,midomo yao michafu isikunyime amani.We nipende kama sarafu unifiche kwapani na  unigande siafu ata tukiwa njiani” 

Well, in this song  ‘Dede” hit maker is clearly marking his territory to the love of his life.

At the same time he is telling off those that are keen to scatter the relationship.‘…hawapendi kuona penzi linafika mbali, hudi wanachama, Usiku wala hawalali.”

The Swahili in his lyrics is quite distinct and also very poetic. I mean this guy gets  what a woman wants to feel like. Though here its more about what he wants.

In his other line he says,‘Wanakesha kwa sangoma penzi walitie misumari wasikupe hooma mambo yatakuwa ng’ari ng’ari”  This describing how some people are just bent on killing their relationship to the extent of even going to witchdoctors ‘Sangoma’ .


Yes, men too deserve to be spoiled once in while for sanity purposes.Not just being the ones that give always. They also need to receive that affection and attention.

As he continues you notice from the beats that he  has adopted a little bit of the Chakacha or mduara sound. In the video we expect a bit of ‘Kusasambua“-twerking in Deras by the swahili women.

As sensual as the sound and lyrics are, he managed to bring in the bridge some bits of the trending Diamond and Zari drama.

“..eeeh naomba zifikisheni habari kwa Ricardo Momo,purukushani za Mondi na Zari zimenipa somo,”  I mean who misses  to read about such drama? Tuko rada!

As we wait for the video we must appreciate the poetic eloquence portrayed by Lavalava. For those in love remind ‘the haters’ lavalava says ‘Hatuachani.”

I give it a 7/10 rating.Listen to it and let us know what you think.