Amber Lulu confesses unquenched thirst to be Diamond Platnumz´ 4th baby mama (Details)

It´s an interesting world we live in, to see just how far women are willing to go to carry a celebrity´s pregnancy and sort themselves out soon after giving birth.

Gone are the days when true love would best define a bond between a man and a woman. Today, it doesn´t matter how many children a couple sires together, or how many sexual partners one has – as long as you are able to survive and get what you want, it seems like that is all that matters.

Time and again, it has been said that Diamond Platnumz is not a man known to stick to one woman or even pledge his loyalty to a specific lady. Not at all!

WCB Founder and CEO

But every other day, there will always be a woman running after the East African superstar – for reasons best known to these women.

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Amber Lulu

So now, having already borne a string of children from his 3 known baby mamas across East Africa, Tanzanian socialite Amber Lulu has confessed she is head over heels for the Bongo Flava artist.

While divulging intimate details during the launch of Producer Mocco Genius studio in Dar es Salaam, Lulu admitted she loves Naseeb. One because he never gives up and second because of his untamed body physique.

Bongo flava socialite, Amber Lulu

She went ahead to admit that every time she looks at Diamond´s body, she grows cold feet, her legs become frail and her body gives in.

Nampenda Mondi (Diamond) kwa sababu ni fighter, hustler lakini pia mwangalie amekata body (rippled). Ukimwangalia, unachanganyikiwa.

Going further to indicate that she is spending more time in the gym, to re-work on her body with the aim of luring Diamond her way.

Tanzanian video vixen, Amber Lulu


Confessing that she admires his baby mamas, Zari Hassan and Tanasha Donna and her quenched desire to be like them and have her own brand like they do.

Akisema ananiona nakubali na natulia kabisa. Sasa hivi najibrand nataka niwe kama Zari na Tanasha. Naenda gym nikae vizuri.

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Surprisingly though, Lulu´s main target is to get pregnant for Chibu and does not mind if any of his other baby mamas get back together with him, because she is always ready to be a co-wife.

Wajua sina mtoto kwa hiyo mimi nataka nizae na Mondi. Naskia Zari anataka kurudi, akirudi tutapambana, tutakuwa wake wenza, tutalea watoto wote.

Co-parents, Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz

Amber Lulu was previously in an on-and-off relationship with Kenya´s Prezzo since way back in 2017, one that only stood strong until early 2019, when the duo bid each other goodbye.

Let´s wait and see whether Diamond heeds to the call.

¨Diamond is supposed to sire as many children as he wants¨ Zari cautions Tanasha

Diamond´s ex, Zari Hassan educates Tanasha on the consequences of being a victim of Diamond´s line of baby mamas.

The mother of 5 offers Tanasha free advice by cautioning her prior to, to be prepared to single-handedly raise her son whom she has sired with Diamond.

The ´Naheasy´ singer is not the first [and whether last, we are not sure yet] to grace the Tanzanian heavy hitter with a replicate.

Zari has been there, and gone through what she had to, we can say her phase is over and done with but it has come with lessons.

And for his current girlfriend, Tanasha Donna, this is her word of advice:

Diamond was supposed to move on and he is supposed to sire children as many times as he wants…

Tanasha being pregnant is a beautiful thing, but she must be ready to take care of her child because all that is happening is the same thing,

If you look at the cycle, with me and other women involved with Diamond, it’s the same thing, there’s nothing new.

However, Zari thinks that this time round he might be a changed man, at least so he claims, and we just need to wait and see.

But we should give him the benefit of doubt because he might change since he might realize he lost someone good,

so let’s not rule out the fact that he will be a good person some day.

Zari additionally refuted claims that Chibu is a father who is present in his children´s life, let alone even provide for needed monthly support for his growing kids.

4 women who have been impregnated by Diamond Platnumz in the last 2 years,

Diamond Platnumz biggest problem is to keep it in his pants. It is not just him but very many other men out here. However, since Diamond Platnumz is famous we cannot help but highlight his sneaky ways.

All we know is that he has only publicly recognized Zari as his girfriend and the mother of his child but this does not stop him from sleeping around. Below is a short list of the women he has been intimate with and gotten pregnant.

4. Zari Hassan

For Zari Hassan I bet it’s allowed since she is in a relationship with the guy. So far they both have two kids together and might just add another one when they reconcile.

3. Hamisa Mobetto

Popular Salome video vixen about 3 months ago welcomed a son with Diamond Platnumz. This is after the singer cheated on his lady with her in their matrimonial home in Tanzania. Since she got pregnant it is also right to say that no ‘protection’ was involved during their session together.

Misa and Diamond Platnumz son

2. Official Lynn

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19 year old Lynn is not only known for her gorgeous skin tone but also for her role in one of Wasafi records music video. She was featured on Kwetu as the main video vixen and a few months later was rumored to be pregnant. In a recent interview she confirmed that the pregnancy was Diamond Platnumz but unfortunately she lost/aborted it.

Official Lynn pregnant

1. Tunda

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Tunda is not a new name in the Entertainment industry. This is because she has been around the block. A while back she shared photos rocking a baby bump and word had it that Diamond Platnumz was again responsible. Just like Lynn she also lost/aborted the baby and is now enjoying trips to various countries courtesy of baby daddy.