Greace Msalame reveals her new man

Grace Msalame, a mom of 3, recently posted a photo of her hand being lovingly clasped by her unknown bae. She turned off comments on the post, most likely knowing how Kenyans would speculate and guess at the identity of her man.

This comes just a week after she spoke about the mystery man at an Engage Talk in Kenya National Theatre. She said that he had made her learn to love again and that he was exactly what she wanted him to be.

Grace said that she had always been attracted to hard-working, passionate, and creative men. However, she had learned that relationships are not always black and white. She had also carried her father’s expectations of perfection into her relationships, which had led to them failing.

Despite this, Grace said that she had never given up on love. She had held onto hope, even after becoming a mother, and had eventually found the love of her life.

Grace said that her new man had won her heart slowly but surely. He had made her feel safe, seen, and heard for the first time in her life.

Grace has two daughters with prominent entrepreneur Steven Ndichu. She also has a third son, whose father is unknown.

Grace Msalame gushes over her secret lover

Media personality Grace Msalame has opened up about her journey of love, heartbreak, and healing. She shared her experiences of being in multiple relationships where she felt like she had to be perfect to be loved. However, she eventually came to understand the importance of self-acceptance and seeing her own value.

Grace found the love of her life, but their relationship was put to the test when her partner received a life-threatening diagnosis. This brought back memories of a painful breakup 13 years prior when she had longed for the safety of her parents’ home.

In this moment of turmoil, Grace shared her heartbreaking regret of not being able to say goodbye to her father when he passed away 13 years ago. She carried the weight of the missed opportunity to connect with him before his passing.

Now, facing a similar situation with her partner, those old wounds resurfaced, reminding her of the fragility of life and the importance of cherishing every moment with loved ones.

Grace’s story is a reminder that love is not always easy, but it is always worth fighting for. She is an inspiration to many people who have experienced heartbreak, and her story shows that it is possible to find healing and love again.

Yummy mummy! Unbelievably hot photos of Grace Msalame’s mum as she celebrates 60th birthday

Grace Msalame’s mum – Pauline Msalame just turned 60 years but boy is she still hot thanks to her youthful looks.

As seen on Sowairina’s page, the mother of 3 unveiled never seen before photos of her yummy mummy; which she accompanied with a special caption aimed at celebrating her mum.

Grace Msalame with son

According to Grace Sowairina Msalame her mum, Pauline Msalame is not just a friend but her rock. Judging from their close relationship, I can tell that these two have indeed built a good mother and daughter bond that most people can’t say they have with their mums.

Pauline Msalame at 60 years

Although Mama Msalame is still 59 years, her daughter says she will be celebrating her 60th birthday in July which is in 4 months away.

Well we don’t really expect much change before then; and for this reason I guess we can still applaud her for maintaining the youthful looks for 6 decades now.

To celebrate her mum, Msalame wrote;

When your best friend also happens to be your Mama♥️isn’t she lovely???? God truly blessed us with you @paulinemsalame ????????Can’t believe you’re turning 60 in July!! Like where????????‍♀️God’s Grace shines through you beautiful one????♥️ Who else has found a best friend in their parent/parents over the years? The best gift right???? #Mama♥️ #IGetItFromMyMama???? #Blessed????????

Grace Msalame reveals motherhood struggles she has been battling for years

Motherhood is the best phase when it comes to a woman’s life. Although there are those who see no need in having children; there are those who crave for this experience although truth is, it’s the hardest part of growing up as a woman.

Well just a few weeks after welcoming son, Media personality Grace Msalame is now back to work; and boy is she having a hard time leaving her baby boy home now that mummy has to head out to make money. The new mum in town revealed this in a detailed post where she went on to talk about her separation anxiety when it comes to her kids.

Through her Instagram page, Ms Msalame went on to address this saying;

Msalame with son

When Mama tries a Masterpiece of her own Let’s talk about Separation Anxiety????can’t believe I’m back here 9yrs later! Leaving my kids whether it’s for a meeting or errands takes ages because you’re simply attached to the hip, then when you finally do, you’re calling to check in every minute yet you know all is well????

Mom guilt

Since this is a struggle all mums have to put up with; Grace Msalame went on to also address the mom guilt’ feeling that often drains or rather haunts a mother every now and then.

However thanks to Msalame’s post, mums can now relax and not judge themselves as ‘bad mums’ just because they are working mum. She went on to add;

Motherhood explained; You can get overwhelmed & just need a little break only to miss them terribly when you do????& then there’s Mom guilt! It never ends???? Grateful the time apart comes with extra milk supply & a more re-energized Mama????.

But all in all, it is life!

Grace Msalame flaunts amazing post-baby body barely a month after welcoming adorable son, Isaiah (Photo)

Grace Msalame was recently blessed with an adorable baby boy, isaiah; and just like most mum’s she prefers keeping him off social media. Apart from that at least we get to see her other kids and boy do we love the twin daughter she has.

Apart from the mum life that she has lately been sharing through her gram; we also understand that there are many women who look up to Grace Msalame. Probably this is because she managed to pull single motherhood like a superwoman; and her humble character is also one to admire.

Now that she has a toddler around, lately she has been as active as she was back in the day. Fans however appreciate the fact that she has not forgotten as she continuous to update them via social media. Her latest post has however given many a reason to inquire the secret behind her banging body; mostly because she just gave birth like a few weeks ago.

Beauty deep in the genes

Well, as for now dieting cannot be among the reasons she is loosing weight; but it could be breast feeding – which has for a long time boasted mums in terms of weight loss.

Anyway, looking at her latest photo shared on her gram; we can confirm that Sowairina is clearly committed to her health transformation and unlike other mums – baby fat will not be an issue for her.

Checkout the hot photo that has left many doubting that she even gave birth less than a month ago!

Msalame looking hotter than your average girlfriends

Adorable! Grace Msalame steps out with month old son (Photos)

A lot has been said about media personality Grace Msalame who is now a mother of 3. About 9 year ago, the lady together with baby daddy Paul Ndichu welcomed their twins; but unfortunately the couple fell apart and were forced to co parent till date.

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However Paul moved on after 7 years as he settled down with his wife, Momanyi who is the mother of his other daughter. Right after the wedding, fans started pointing fingers at Msalame as most urged her to also marry; and in 2 years Msalame found her perfect partner.

Although a while back she had been accused of marrying herself by an Edgar Obare fan who claims; Msalame got pregnant with another woman’s husband – but to think of it, how is that our business?

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Msalame with her girls and newborn, Isaiah

Blessings on blessings for Msalame

Despite the accusations, Msalame and family were blessed with a baby boy about a month ago; and just like most mum’s, she preferred keeping her baby off social media.

Well, now that the baby has been in doors for a whole month; I bet Msalame couldn’t wait to step out with her baby boy just to kill the boredom. Together with her girls, Grace Msalame took their new born for a walk and in remembrance of this special day, they also took photos.

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Through her IG page the new mum share a short video showing how she spent her day in the company of her kids. Below are a few screenshots taken from the

Grace Msalame with son


Blessed mummy
Msalame with son, Isaiah

6 Kenyan celebrities who stunned in epic baby bump photo shoots in 2020

2020 came with its fair share of challenges but for several female Kenyan celebrities, it has only come with double blessings.

Motherhood is a journey, who despite its hurdles and struggles, appreciates the beauty of life and colors the world of those around it with brightness.

For some, it is their first time, for others, they are only getting better at the job and embracing every newborn in their own unique way.

2020 has been that year of making headlines with the cries of newborns among celebrities across the divide, as others eagerly await to grace the delivery room soon. Lets go right in:

1. Corazon Kwamboka

The curvy socialite has been blessed to hold her first child, baby boy Tayari in her arms, with significant other, Frankie Just Gym It in August. However, her simple yet elegant-looking baby bump photoshoot, remains to be remembered.

Hippy Corazon Kwamboka

2. Grace Msalame

The 32-year old media personality, who welcomed her third child, baby boy Isaiah on October 15, is one woman who truly enjoyed her pregnancy journey. Never having enough of her eventful baby bump shoots.

New mom, Grace Msalame

3. Sharon Momanyi

The popular, sassy KTN journalist announced her break from our TV screens while parading her bulging baby bump. Later treated to a colorful baby shower before crowning it in a royal-themed maternity shoot.

Media personality Sharon Momanyi stuns in royal-themed maternity shoot

4. Kambua

Enough cannot be said about the gospel artist and TV host who proved the world wrong after welcoming her first child with hubby Jackson Mathu, 7 years into marriage, before announcing her second. Her uniquely done, striking, white mermaid dress is admirable.

Kambua unveils second pregnancy

5. Ruth Matete

The days-old mother of one, stunned in a series of baby bump photos, be it African-styled or Western fashion, the gospel artist rocked her baby bump like a Queen.

Pastor Ruth Matete pregnancy journey

6. Lady Mandy

Sauti Sols Polycarp Otienos wife had her pregnancy journey uniquely captured on lens. The Burundian babe literally went extra for her shoots, all African themed and done far from the ordinary.

Miss Lady Mandy

Well, there you have it. Anyone we left out?

Snatched: Grace Msalame shares first photo after welcoming bouncing baby boy

Media personality Grace Msalame is the latest mum in town and judging from her recent posts; all we can say is that the lady is undeniably loving the new journey close to 8 years after welcoming her twin daughters.

Just a few days ago the lady who is not only known for her curves but contagious smile was blessed with yet another baby. This time around she however had a single baby boy; and from the posts shared by Ms Sowairina we understand that he goes by the name of Isaiah.

So far all we have seen are photos of a baby fully covered but not seen a face yet; however this is understandable considering the fact that he is only a few days old.

Bump shoot with Grace Msalame

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Msalame snatched!

Anyway, away from the newborn we also can’t forget how stunning the new mum in town now looks. Thanks to her latest bare face photo shared on her page; it’s evident to see that she is not only glowing but the joy in her eyes cannot be concealed.

She went on to caption the post saying;

This season summed up… Gratitude & Love????Here’s wishing you abundance of both????????????#Grateful???????? #InLove???? #FaithfulGod????????

With the new gift warming her heart, I must admit that indeed she feels blessed and lucky to finally add another child to her small family.

Grace Msalame introduces newborn son to her online family (Photos)

Media personality Grace Msalame was recently blessed with a bouncing baby boy as announced through her social media pages. According to her post, baby Isaiah arrived on Wednesday, 14 October but that is all we have for now.

Just like most celebrities, the lady avoided sharing any photos of the newborn until just a few hours ago. And now we finally have photos of baby Isaiah shared by Msalame on her Instagram page.

Although the lady hid the newborn’s face probably to avoid fans from linking him to his unknown father; it’s also smart to keep him on the low until he gets older like most celebrities do.

Grace Msalame’s newborn son, Isaiah

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Baby daddy

Although Msalame revealed that her son’s name is “Isaiah” we do not have a second name; which would have come in handy in terms of the baby’s identity. However, hopefully soon Msalame will not only be unveiling her son’s face but that of her alleged husband too.

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Msalame’s baby boy, Isaiah

However, just the other day a fan went on to tell blogger Obare that Msalame got pregnant out of wedlock; and probably with a married man yet she describes herself as a christian. Sadly, that is not a topic that concerns the entertainment industry but clearly the beef sounded too personal!

It’s a bouncing baby boy! Grace Msalame welcomes baby number 3

Grace Msalame who is renowned media personality is finally a mother of 3! The excited mum revealed this through her social media pages a few hours after giving birth to her son.

Through her social media pages, Msalame went on to announced the good news in a short post where she talked about new beginnings. Judging from her post we also understand that the bouncing baby boy was welcomed on Wednesday, 14 October. She wrote;

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Grace Msalame

To beautiful new beginnings???? 14th October forever etched in my heart???? #BabyIsaiah???????? #GloryToGod????????

From the name above “Isaiah” we can confirm that after 8 years since she welcomed her twin daughters; Grace Msalame has finally been blessed with a bouncing boy. Details about the new born remain on the low for now; but hopefully with time we shall get to meet him.

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Grace Msalame married

Just the other day, an alleged fan on Edgar Obare’s page went on to rant about Msalame faking her christianity; yet she has been three children out of wedlock.

Grace Msalame and her daughters

Although the exposee seemed quite personal, Obare’s following refused to engage in such matters; as others refused to judge the kind of life the media personality lives. So whether married or not who cares?

Anyway we must applaud the lady for raising her girls right…and now that she has a son, we can bet that she will also work her magic with him. Congratulations to the lady and her family.

A very pregnant Grace Msalame and daughters shows off their dancing skills in new catchy video

Grace Msalame might be in her 39th week of pregnancy but don’t be fooled. This particular lady can dance better than most slay queens parading their half danced bodies on social media.

Well, we found out about Msalame’s dancing skills through a video shared on her page. The lady who is seen rocking quite a huge baby bump went on to shake her body; and what made the video more cute is the fact that she was joined by her twin daughters.

Judging from how the girls moved, it’s obvious to see that the dancing skills run in the family; and the fact that they also look everything like their mummy – gave fans another reason to talk!

Grace Msalame showing off baby bump

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39 weeks and still strong

From how sexy the pregnant mama looks, one wouldn’t tell that she is just a few days from popping! This comes as a big surprise considering the fact that most pregnant women tend to be lazy days before having the baby.

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Well, Grace Msalame is definitely not one of them and the video says it all!

Sowairina shows off her unborn baby’s nursery, leaving many ladies with baby fever (Photos)

Grace Msalame and husband continue to give fans a good reason to plan and make money for their unborn children. This is because through them we have seen what living large means and luckily for their children; they will never know what poverty is.

After showing off her gorgeous living room and bedroom; the media personality has once again fans on her social media fighting off baby fever! I mean, with this economy who is ready to bring forth a child knowing very well they will suffer? Well not me.

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Anyway as seen on one of her latest posts, Ms Msalame went on to unveil her unborn baby’s bedroom aka nursery; and boy did she go all out. Unlike the usual baby bedrooms you have come across on social media; Msalame’s unborn baby got thee best nursery ever!

Baby boy or girl?

Since the nursery was painted white we believe that the soon to be parents opted this for their baby boy! A while back Msalame went on to hint that her unborn baby is a boy. This is after she wrote:

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 #2020 6 months later… Now quite visible all over my face & obvious belly so hello ???????? Soon to be Mum of 3????????????

Since she already has twin girls with her ex; many went on to assume that the blue love heart meant that the baby on board is a boy.

Fans in her comment section can’t wait to see whether the soon to be born baby will take after his mummy like his sisters; or if he will look like his private dad.

Msalame’s baby nursery
Msalame’s 3rd child on the way
Grace Msalame’s shows off nursery

Grace Msalame shares a look inside her amazing Master bedroom as she prepares for baby number 3 (Video)

Media personality Grace Msalame should be welcoming her 3rd child soon! But before welcoming her baby, the lady has been making some few changes in her home; and after pimping her living room, now we get to see her bedroom.

As seen on social media, Grace Msalame appears to be a classy sophisticated lady with good taste and money to afford all her heart desires! Unlike most people who like playing with colors, Ms Msalame actually enjoys black and white.

This is judging from the deco inside her living room and now bedroom. She is as neat as the color white; and the fact that she has made her home heaven on earth – shows passionate she is about her home.

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Grace Msalame

New husband and baby

With the baby almost here, both Msalame and husband must be invested in giving the unborn child a beautiful good life!

Now that we have seen where Msalame and husband rests their heads after a busy day; we honestly can’t wait to see how the nursery will look like!

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However this will come soon as Msalame recently promised to finally unveil her unborn baby’s nursery. Anyway below are a few photos from a video shared by the lady on her social media pages.

Msalame’s bedroom
Media personality Msalame flaunts bedroom
Msalame’s perfume collection
Sowairina’s bedroom goals

Goals! Inside Grace Msalame’s exquisite home

Grace Msalame also known as Sowairina has one of the most beautiful homes we have come to see posted by a local celebrity!

Unlike most famous faces on social media; the woman of God who also doubles up to be a wife and mum likes to keep her private life on the low. So far fans know very little information about her life off social media; and for this reason, she has not had any drama or confrontation with anyone.

However thanks to a new post shared by the lady on her Instagram, we now have an idea of how classy Sowairina’s life is. She is one organised lady with a neat home that would make any woman looking up to her also wish for the same.

Grace Msalame showing off baby bump

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Inside Sowairina house

From the photos shared by the soon to be mum; she lets fan know that her reason for upgrading her home is because baby will soon be arriving!

But just before she lets fans see her baby’s nursery room; Sowairina felt the need to show off her amazing living room through her gram.

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Just by looking at the decorations, one can tell that money is not an issues in this particular home! The simplicity yet rich vibe from the home can tell that this home has rules

Grace Msalame’s living room
Grace Msalame’s home
The dining room
Sowairina’s home

Set to pop soon! Grace Msalame flaunts grown baby bump weeks before welcoming 3rd child

A few months ago media personality Grace Msalame  revealed that she was pregnant with her 3rd child as seen on social media. The lady who is popularly known for being soft spoken – announced that she will soon be welcoming a baby together with her new husband.

The news came almost 8 years after the lady welcomed her twins with ex boyfriend, Paul Ndichu. However, this time around Sowairina will not be introducing the man she is married to; but judging from how happy she has been appearing – I guess this is now a closed deal.

In a post shared a while back, Grace Msalame hinted about her baby gender; making us believe that the next baby will be a boy! Well, with 2 stunning girls already, adding a baby boy will definately be a blessing; but all in all whichever sex it may be I bet she will be very happy. She wrote;

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#2020 6 months later… Now quite visible all over my face & obvious belly so hello ???????? Soon to be Mum of 3????????????


Grace Msalame and her daughters

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To pop soon

With Sowairina heading to the 8th month, it’s event that the yummy mummy will soon be popping as she welcomes her 3rd baby! Ghafla has compiled several photos showing how huge the bump has since grown since we last saw it!

Indeed motherhood is a beautiful journey that continues to bring out the best in Grace Msalame; and the photos below will prove this!

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Bump shoot with Grace Msalame
Grace Msalame showing off baby bump
Mama Girls to soon pop
Sowairina flaunts baby bump

Baby on board! Grace Msalame heavily pregnant with 3rd child (Photo)

Grace Msalame is pregnant with her second pregnancy which comes about 7 years since she welcomed her look alike twins!

Although the mother of two parted ways with her daughters father, Paul Ndichu; the two have been co parenting in the best way possible and till now they have not been involved in any scandals.

Paul Ndichu however moved on before his baby mama did; and from his social media pages we understand that he is currently raising a one year old with his wife, Momanyi.

Well that same year Grace Msalame announced her engagement to an unknown fella; who continues remaining anonymous to the public. However thanks to a new photo shared by Ms Msalame, we can confirm that Msalame’s fiance is ready to be a husband now that the two have a baby on the way.

It’s a boy!

As seen on the post shared on Grace Msalame, we believe that the lass is expecting a baby boy who will be here in 3 months or less. The excited curvaceous media personality made the announcement through her IG page saying;



#2020 6 months later… Now quite visible all over my face & obvious belly so hello ???????? Soon to be Mum of 3????????????

Judging from the the three emoji’s on the caption; it’s evident to see that the two red ones indicate the twins while the blue stands for the unborn baby!

If this is indeed true, then Grace Msalame’s heart must be full thanks to the blessings she has been receiving from the above. The lass also happens to remain an inspiration to many single mums who look up to her as she managed to raise her girls all alone.

She has also proven that time heals all wounds and when everything gets better; even life starts sending a positive vibe your way. Ancongratulationstions to the lady and her better half for the blessing on the way!

Grace Msalame to sue organisers of Miss Curvy Uganda for using her image

Media personality Grace Msalame might be heading to court soon after Ministry of Tourism in Uganda used her photo to promote a curvy ladies’ event.

Msalame took to Twitter to share that MissCurvyUganda2019 has used her photo to promote the pageant without her consent.

“I take great exception to the fact that my image and likeness are being used to propagate, disseminate and encourage the objectification of women’s bodies. I do not endorse or agree with such a message,” her statement read. 

Women who are blessed

The law suit comes just days after Uganda announced that it’s planning to use it’s curvy women as a tourist attraction. According to Tourism Minister Godfrey Kiwanda, the country has well endowed women and the nation plans to capitalize on that.

Grace, however, doesn’t understand why they have used her image if that’s so.

“Miss Curvy Uganda’s deliberate and calculated use of my image and likeliness to promote and encourage violation of women’s bodies has defamed my character and reputation, damaged a brand I have worked for many years to establish, and subjected me to unwarranted and undeserved cyber bullying,” she went on. 


Curvaceous Grace Msalame set to make major TV comeback after landing deal with NTV

It’s been a while since Grace Msalame was on TV but now, fans should expect to see the curvy presenter on their screens any from today.

The former Kiss TV presenter has announced she will be back on TV after landing a major deal with NTV.

The mother of two took to social media to announce her comeback by sharing a snippet of her new show dubbed “Unscripted by Grace.”

“Thank you all so much for the overwhelming support Good People, All Glory back to God, It’s been a loooong journey getting here! So grateful for this Becoming,it’s an on going process in refining it… journey just begun Tuonane Hewani. Because life is Unscripted… Coming Soon to @ntvkenya @unscriptedwithgrace. A Dream turning reality in stride, Glad & honoured to join the NTV Team. Promo @kevgitau Thank You. My God-sent Boss & Co-Producer @mercymaroma. My other Super Cool boss @justustharao, Thank you so much Super Team” shared Grace Msalame.

Msalame started her TV career as a 19-year-old at KTN where she worked as a host of Straight Up from 2005 to 2007.

She then moved to Capital FM where she worked as a radio presenter before switching to Radio Africa group and became a host at Kiss TV.

Here’s the show:

Evaline Momanyi shares how her relationship with Grace Msalame is going

Evaline Momanyi, who went on to marry Paul Ndichu after he parted ways with his ex-wife Grace Msalame, has come out to share the current state of their relationship. Mslame usually lets Momanyi handle her kids whenever they go to visit their dad. Kenyans have always been left amazed with this.

According to Momanyi, her relationship with Msalame is just ‘fantastic’. This is after a fan asked what kind of a relationship she has with mama Raha and Zawadi( Msalame’s kids).

It’s not the first time the mother of one is addressing such a question. A while back in her vlog, Momanyi opened up on the issue saying that they try as much as possible to co-exist.

“Blended families are not that unique. They are actually very many blended families…There has to be real love, real genuine love, there has to be a lot of respect and there has to be a lot of communication around everybody and you just make the best out of it.  And of course for fathers in blended relationships they have to take responsibility and if the kids are involved the kids should always come first you must always take care of the kids and I think anybody can live in harmony within a blended situation,” she explained.

Double blessing for Grace Msalame as she joins NTV

Grace Msalame has been missing from mainstream media for a while. The mother of two is set for a major television comeback on NTV.

Sometimes last year, Grame Msalame indicated that she might return to mainstream media during an interview with Parents Magazine.

“I want to try new things, challenge myself and most of all operate from my optimum which can only happen if I’m living in my purpose. I’m also realising how powerful the digital space is so I want to focus more on that and create content for clients and interested followers. I may make a return to the screens at some point but the jury is still out on that for now,” said Grace Msalame.

Lifestyle show

Msalame will be back on the screen soon to host a lifestyle show on NTV. Justus Tharao, head of TV production at NTV, confirmed Grace Msalame had been hired by the station.

“Yes, she will be joining us and she will be hosting a lifestyle show soon,”  Justus Tharao told Nairobi News.

It’s a double blessing for Grace Msalame who was recently appointed Royco brand ambassador together with her twin daughters.

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Grace Msalame and her twin daughters land plum jobs

Early this month Grace Msalame was photographed taking an afternoon nap at a city restaurant while seated alone. KOT started  hashtag #GraceMsalameChallenge to speculate what could have caused the mother of two to fall asleep at the odd hour of the day.

Grace was forced to explain that she suffers from iron deficiency anemia (a condition that occurs when your body doesn’t have enough of the mineral iron) which causes her to feel dizziness and general fatigue.

Royco partnership

Grace partnered with Royco to create awareness on iron deficiency. Her twin daughters have also been included in the campaign.

The mother of two took to social media to break the good news that her twins and her have since been appointed Royco brand ambassadors.

““Remember cooking with Mama in the Kitchen or better yet watching her as you eagerly waited to chow down. Well now as we welcome our little helpers into the kitchen we can also teach them different ways to prepare the much required Sukuma-Wiki with a dash of Royco Cubes fortified with Iron to help us Get Our Iron Up #GetYourIronUp #SpreadTheWord#MamaAndHerGirls #RoycoBrandAmbassadors,” wrote Grace Msalame.


“I suffer from iron deficiency anemia” Grace Msalame explains why she dosed off in public after being trolled online

Last Sunday June 3rd 2018 Grace Msalame was photographed taking an afternoon nap at a city restaurant while seated alone.

The photo of Grace dozing off went viral as Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) started hashtag #GraceMsalameChallenge to speculate what could have caused the mother of two to fall asleep at the odd hour of the day.

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Iron deficiency

Grace Msalame was forced to explain why she dosed off in public on her Vlog. She reveals that she is suffering from iron deficiency anemia – a condition that occurs when your body doesn’t have enough of the mineral iron.

The most common symptoms of iron deficiency anemia are general fatigue, shortness of breath, and dizziness. This explains why Msalame was seen dozing off in public.

“You see from the longest time I have had low levels of iron. In fact I have never been able to give blood because of my low level of red blood cells count. And the most common symptoms of iron deficiency or anemia are extreme exhaustion and lightheadedness which for me tends to really kick in during that special time of the month. But what am learning is that this reality is not unique to me at all. But 1 out of 4 women in Kenya suffer from iron deficiency and don’t even know it. So that’s why this year am glad to be partnering with Royco Kenya to create more awareness about iron deficiency,” Grace Msalame explained on her Vlog.

Royco Kenya intervenes

Grace Msalame has since partnered with Royco Kenya with the aim to create awareness on iron deficiency. The mother of two wants Kenyans to help her spread the word about the condition.

“Here though is why & I hope you can help me spread the word as we aim to create Awareness on Iron Deficiency with Royco Kenya. Simply post a sleeping selfie & look out for what RoycoKenya have in store to help us #GetOurIronUp because the main symptom of Iron Deficiency is Exhaustion which we sometimes take lightly&think we’re just tired! But 1 in 4 Women suffer from Anemia here in Kenya &don’t even know it! Royco Kenya are aware of this&now have an Iron Fortified product to help us #GetOurIronUp Hence why posting either a sleeping selfie of yourself or someone close to you who wouldn’t mind will help us create awareness & ring true to this very common symptom,” wrote Grace Msalame.

Watch the video below to see Grace Msalame explain her condition:





Kenyans make fun of Grace Msalame after she was pictured dozing off at a popular eat out 

Kenyans On Twitter (KOT) have gone ham on Media Personality Grace Msalame after she was spotted taking a nap in public at a popular restarant.

Immediately the photo hit online, Kenyans turned it into a meme, sharing funny stories how sleep has always derailed them.  It seems the mother of two was extremely sleepy and decided to take a powernap something that Kenyans quickly turned into a joke.

Here are the funny tweets:

One too many? Internet goes wild as Grace Msalame falls asleep in public  #GraceMsalameChallenge

Grace Msalame raised eyebrows when she was seen taking a siesta at a city restaurant. Netizens were quick to notice the mother of two was deep asleep while seated alone at the eatery.

An anonymous person secretly took a photo of Grace Msalame taking an afternoon nap at a city restaurant and shared it online. The photo went viral as Kenyans tried to find answers why Msalame dosed off in public.

Grace Msalame sleeping in public
Grace Msalame sleeping in public
Kenyans keep guessing

Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) started the hashtag #GraceMsalameChallenge to speculate what could have caused Msalame to fall asleep at odd hour of the day.

Some speculated that she might have been stressed, other thought she ate too much food, while some even claimed Msalame had a hangover after the long weekend.

KOT shared hilarious memes poking fun at the sleeping Grace Msalame. Below are some of the photos shared on the trend #GraceMsalameChallenge:

Grace Msalame ready for baby number 3!

Media personality Grace Msalame who is a mother of two lovely girls might be planning to add another baby soon.

She recently revealed that she was engaged to her new found love years after splitting with her twins dad, Paul Ndichu.

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For a while she chose to keep her private life on the low as she raised her baby girls but it now seems that she has decided to make new life adjustments.

Grace Msalame flaunts her engagement ring

As we ushered 2018 in, Grace Msalame left many talking after parading her rock on Instagram. This left her friends and former colleagues congratulating her for the good news.

In a comment she left under TerryAnne chebets post it seems that she is planning on having another baby in the near future. In the comment Grace Msalame says that she will be more bold when teaching her next baby how to swim.

The comment is a clear indication that the lady will definitely be adding another baby soon.

Grace Msalame finally introduces her man for the first time, are they engaged?

It is a year where new relationships will be born and top secret relationships revealed.

The latest celebrity to reveal their relationship status is former TV presenter Grace Msalame. On New Years the mother of two left her fans excited after sharing a post showing her lovers hand. She captioned the photo;

Here’s hoping you ushered in the new year with those you Love❤️ Happy & Blessed 2018 to you all?? #LoveFeelslikeHome❤️

This not only attracted congratulatory messages on her Instagram page but new unaswered questions seeking to find out if she is already married.

Anyway, like most celebrities Sowairina chose to keep her man’s identity on the low. But since the media personality is now comfortable with the world knowing how happy she is, then it must be serious.

Her glamorous ring

From the photo above, it is hard to ignore the gorgeous ring on her finger. So is she married or engaged? Well who knows!

This also happens to come a few months after her baby daddy, Paul Ndichu moved on with his new found love, Momanyi  and the two are now expecting a child together!