Stop asking people about their bedroom skills on TV, Jeff Koinange warned by government body 

Citizen TV host Jeff Koinange has been warned by Media Council of Kenya (MCK) to stop questioning his interviewees about bedroom matters on Live TV.

On Wednesday, the popular radio and TV presenter hosted Francis Atwoli and went on to inquire about his bedroom prowess. MCK believe the interview had obscene language that should not be on Live TV.

“The interview kicked of at 9.49pm where Jeff started by asking Francis Atwoli to clear the air about his marriage with TV anchor. Atwoli confidently admits he is married to Mary Kilobi but the host goes ahead to ask questions touching on private aspects like age difference between the two and Atwoli’s performance in bed,” said David Omwoyo the CEO of MCK in a letter to Citizen TV.

Be warned

Omwoyo went on to warn him, in case he repeats it in the future sharing exactly what angered them.

“The questions Lakini bado kazi unafanya, (You still perform well), Katiba bado unasoma (you still read the Constitution) and Kazi unaweza (You can manage the job) are repeated severally in the interview. At one point Atwoli dismisses Koinange reminding him it’s important to be cautious about disclosing private issues for the sake of his children and audience,” MCK said. 


“By this letter MCK wishes to inform you that it reserves the rightto take disciplinary action against the host of the programme and the media in view of the above contravened clauses. In the meantime urgently furnish the council with steps taken to avoid such occurrences in future,” MCK  said. 

Some Kenyans believe Jalang’o ditched Hot 96 because Jeff was always insulting him(video)

Jalang’o is no longer part of the Hot 96 FM team after hosting the breakfast show on the station for almost a year and a half alongside veteran journalist Jeff Koinange.

Though the comedian took time to personally thank each and every person on the team that made the show possible, and then proceeded to leave in peace for Milele FM, some Kenyans believe he left the show because Koinange was always disrespecting him.

Stretched joke

A clip has been doing rounds on social media showing the two presenters arguing live on radio and Koinange jokingly calls Jalas “stupid”. Jalas orders him to stop but Jeff goes on to do it again.

Some argued that the joke went too far while others claim it’s something Jeff has been doing for sometime. Both presenters have not addressed the clip.

“Damn… Now I understand why Jalang’o has left Hot 96 for Milele FM…. Imagine having to put up with this kind of disrespect every morning ?????Btw being a co-host on radio is one of the hardest jobs in life, mtu anakuja studio na stress zake?‍♂️,” said a fan. 

Watch it below:

Lilian Muli speaks on rumors that Jeff Koinange fathered her baby in her new show 

New anchor Lilian Muli is gearing up to launch her new show “Pregnant with Lilian” on Viusasa that will share some of the tough things women go through while pregnant.

The show has attracted both negative and positive publicity as Kenyans anticipate to see some of the topics the controversial news anchor will be talking about.

Muli has shared the first promo of the show which has her talking about a wide range of topics including a controversial one that left Kenyans shocked.

Is Jeff Koinange the father?

After Muli announced she was pregnant, Kenyans started guessing who the father of the baby is, a thing that led to many conspiracy theories, but one which claimed fellow Citizen employee and news anchor Jeff Koinange was the father shocked many included Muli herself.

“Seriously guys? Really?” Lilian asks in the promo after saying that that was the craziest rumour she heard on her pregnancy.

Here is a snippet of what Muli had to say about the pregnancy and speculation that Jeff was the man behind it all.

Jeff Koinange: I also go broke sometimes

Despite being worth Ksh 50 million, presenter Jeff Koinange sometimes looks at his bank account and sighs with disappointment.

The popular journalist confessed in an interview that he also goes broke sometimes just like any other ordinary Kenyan despite his wealthy family background and thick portfolio.

I go broke, just like the next person. But because I was born into a family name like this, ‘Koinange,’ they say, Oh you people have a street named after you, your people were in government for the last 50 years,” said Jeff in a one-on-one interview with SDE.

His father died when he was just two months old

Jeff, in the interview, said that his father died two months after he was born leaving his mother a widow with three other children to care of meaning he had to step up his hustle from a young age but he doesn’t regret as much.

“My father died the day I turned two months old, leaving a 28 year old widow to care for four kids on her own, and she did don’t just imagine things,” he said.

” Also because if he was around, we might have ended up as some really spoilt brats as kids, and I’m glad we didn’t end up that way. So, you know, it’s not my calling, but, I think it’s a good thing he went.

He added:

Jeff with son Jamal

“And look, that’s what people think, it’s the stereotypical image they have of me, and I hope I can set the record straight with the book, because, everyone thinks I grew up privileged.

I do go broke, just like the next person. But because I was born into a family name like this, ‘Koinange,’ they say, “Oh, you people have a street named after you, your people were in government for the last 50 years.”

And for me it’s like, you know what, that’s all well and good, but listen to my story, listen to the fact that my father died the day I turned two months old, leaving a 28 year old widow to care for four kids on her own, and she did. You know, read the story, don’t just imagine.

“This is exactly why people are so misunderstood. And it is also why I think it’s important for everyone to write their story, because, people assume whatever they want to assume.

Even then, at the end of the day, I might not be able to convince some people. They’ll still sit and think, this is just a book, it’s just a story. And that’s unfortunate.”

Jeff Koinange rocking baby locks back in the day, who knew he could pull them this well?

There is just something about men who know how to rock clean and well kept baby locks and Jeff Koinange seems to know one or two things about this.

Well before he started wearing his short hair the popular TV and radio presenter used to have locks. Not the long ones we are used to seeing but short and well maintained locks.

I managed to come across one photo of the renown news anchor and truth be told he really looked good. The photo was taken back in 2014 when he was giving his valedictorian speech at Kingsborough Community College.

If you ever wondered whether he can pull a different hairstyle than his signature short hair then checkout a photo of him with the short baby locks.