Video: King Kaka given chains worth millions in New York, Set to collabo with top Hollywood comedian

Rapper King Kaka is killing it in New York. The rapper is currently in New York for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s annual Goalkeeper’s event.

In the process, Kaka had a chance to be interviewed by Ebro Darden, Laura Stylez and Rosenberg in their morning show and put Kenyan on the map. Hot 97 is actually one of the biggest radio station in US and is a place every rapper wants to visit.

In the show,King Kaka revealed that he’s actually releasing his album next month and it has a song with comedian Tracy Morgan. Morgan was also present in the show and shared how he was actually honored to collabo with King Kaka.

He even gave him his chains that cost hundreds of thousands of shillings in the show.

“Morgan, recorded a project with King Kaka and is mentoring him during his first journey in the United States. He speaks on The Last OG, and his first experience with Key and Peele as he recovered from his accident, and how they helped him with the show. Also speaks on working with Tiffany Haddish, does not comment much on Katt Williams comments towards her, Asks Ebro and Tekashi 6ix9ine to squash their misunderstanding, new comedians, sports, and more in this candid conversation,” said Hot 97 on the YouTube Video. 

Watch the video below:


Sage: King Kaka doesn’t pay school fees for our daughter. I do it alone 

Singer Sage has come out to share her journey so far as a single mother. The popular singer, who got a daughter after a secret affair with King Kaka, said that she’s handling it well though being a single parent isn’t a joke.

“Raising a child as a single mum is the most challenging things I have faced so far. I had a constant fear of wondering how I’m gonna deal with when she goes to school, and she will be asking herself, ‘How comes I am not living with my dad?’ And that was the biggest worry. I have learnt that God is in control of everything,” she said in an interview with Word Is.


King Kaka was in a relationship with wife Nana when she fathered Sage’s daughter and has always been there for her. Sage, however, said that she does most of the heavy lifting.

“You know I am alone, other parents are paying fees together, they can handle that together. In the beginning, I was freaking out, but after her first term in school, I was able to pay her school fees and even to ensure she goes to school on time, and get everything she needed, including her snacks. It is learning how to let go and leaving God.” she said. 



Jimwat fires at King Kaka yet again: He’s not a king, Juacali is the true King of Kenyan music 

Rapper Jimwat, during the 10 over 10 show on Citizen TV, attacked fellow rapper King Kaka for opening up about being rejected by the Cali Records stable after he asked for a collabo.

King Kaka, in his song Mistarillionaire, said that he wanted a collabo from the once popular Calif Records rapper Jimwat — or any person from the label, but they all turned him down.

“Jimwat alininyima collabo, Mejja pia na Jua,” rapped King Kaka in the song. 

You’re no King

After releasing a diss track that flopped, Jimwat has yet again sent another missile saying that King Kaka shouldn’t have gone public with the information. He also wanted Kaka to know that he’s nothing close to a king and, if Kenyans wanted to know who’s the true king of Kenyan music, they should consider checking Juacali’s decorated portfolio.

King Kaka

Here is what he said:

“Hakuna king huwa anaji-crown; kings huwa wanakuwa crowned na wadhii. Ni sawa nilikunyima collabo, lakini si lazima utangaze. Yafaa ucheze chini. Kama ni kubishana ni nani king, tunajua kuwa Juacali ni Baba yao. Mimi ni prince (There is no king who crowns himself. All kings ascend to such a powerful position as a result of people’s endorsement and blessings.

He went on:

“It is true I denied you (King Kaka) a collabo, but you shouldn’t have gone public with such information. You ought to have approached me so that we address the issue at a personal level. And if a debate arises on who is king of Kenyan music, then I think Juacali deserves that title, with me as his prince,” said Jimwat.

king kaka bashed for kissing his daughter on the lips, but wait is it really wrong? (Photo)

Besides his busy schedule, King kaka always finds time to spend with his family and this was confirmed by the new pictures he shared bonding with his wife and daughter in a new photo-shoot.

There is no doubt that he is committed to his wife and he deeply loves his daughter and he never fails to show off their intimate moments on his Instagram page – but we also know that he enjoys spending time with the other baby girl he sired with Sage, even though we don’t see it that often.

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His new pictures are undeniably adorable as he is seen kissing his better half – however not everyone was happy with the photo he was seen kissing his daughter on the lips while others did not seem bothered with it since this is the 21 st century and nothing really seemed indecent with this particular photo.

But some fans found their daddy-daughter moment ‘disgusting’ and proceeded to shared their opinion on the rapper’s page. Some said it was ‘not right’. The post has drawn over 50 comments, but King Kaka did not respond.

Well, I don’t really see what could be wrong with the photo, but do you think it is wrong for a father to kiss his daughter on the lips?

King kaka kissing his baby girl
King kaka kissing his baby girl