Ignored! Nyashinski shares how fan embarrassed him after requesting a photo with Jua Cali 

Rapper Nyashinski found himself in an awkward situation after a fan ignored him for a photo with Jua Cali.

Just like everybody else, celebrities also have their embarrassing moments and for Nyashinski, it all came after standing to a more popular guy than him.


Nyash shared that the fan walked to him and exchanged greetings only for him request him to take a picture with Jua Cali.

“There is this time, I was standing next to Jua Cali. So, this guy comes, approaches us and he was like Nyash niaje. then he is like I like your songs nikamwambia thanks. Then he took his phone and told me unaeza nipiga picha na Jua Cali?” he said. 


Nyashinski addresses rumor claiming he demanded Ksh1 million as payment for an interview

Rapper cum singer Nyashinski has lately been making headlines in the country. Most of the time it’s about his good music and other times…well just a lot of controversial stories.

A few weeks ago the Nyashinski was rumored to be the artist who demanded for Ksh 1 million to appear on an interview. The story shared on a popular news outlet left many questioning how the artist would pull such a stunt especially after he had received so much support from the media.

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He however maintained his silence until just recently when he opened up about the story. Speaking exclusively to popular news outlet Nyashinski denied the story saying;


 “Its not true, going for interviews helps my brand and my music, i can’t shoot myself on the leg, it doesn’t make sense, someone was given the wrong information. I’ve never asked for even a shilling. I’ve never asked for money to do interviews, those are just stories,”

Nyashinski’s attitude

So is someone trying to ruin Nyashinski’s image? Well…we can’t be too sure but in the past we have seen fans complain about his ‘superstar’ attitude.

KOT reacts to rumor claiming Nyashinski demanded Ksh 1m for an interview, now this is interesting

Kenyans on Twitter have come out to share their opinion on an article claiming Nyanshinski demanded money for an interview. The article published on a popular local News paper did not give the name of the rapper. However, from how the article was written, Kenyans concluded it was Nyashinski.

From the comments seems that most people claim Nyashinski has a big ego which should be trimmed. This comes after it was revealed that he does not follow anyone on his Instagram page. His die hard fans however concluded that the story had been fabricated to tarnish his image.

Nyashinski’s progress in music

As for now, we are not quite sure whether this is true or not. But since returning back to Kenya the singer has released at least 3 songs that have seen raise to the top of the charts.

Below are a few comments from KOT.