Jaguar or Diamond? Lulu Diva comes clean on who she has been dating

Diamond’s alleged lover, Lulu Diva has opened up about her dating life and even though she is seeing someone, it is not Diamond.

The Tanzanian songstress has just recently been accused of not only secretly having an affair with Chibu, also carrying Diamond’s 6th child.

Diamond Platnumz and Kenyan lover, Tanasha Donna (left) and Tanzania’s singer, Lulu Diva (right)

However, she has come out to rubbish the pregnancy claims clarifying that she actually has nothing to do with the Tanzanian crooner.

According to the sultry singer, word doing the rounds is nothing but ‘lies’. Adding that she is at peace because she knows nothing happened between them, and that is all that matters.

It is okay for people to say all manner of stuff. The most important thing is your reaction, the way you react to say false news will determine how people will perceive the whole thing. I always keep off rumors and unfounded reports because I know I did not do anything, as long as my heart is at peace, people can say and do whatever they want. A lot of scandals popped up recently but because I am innocent, they did not bother me.


Despite the rumors doing the rounds, Lulu is apparently so in love with a man she has been seeing for a while now, though not a famous chap.

My lover is not famous. I’m 19 and I will get married when I am 25 years old. The man I’m dating now is my first lover. We’ve dated for less than a year and we’re so much in love.

And just to put the records straight:

I’m not pregnant. If my tummy big it is because of fast foods. If I get pregnant everyone will know.

However, we ought to remember that the lass was at some point linked to Kenya’s legislator, Jaguar who is allegedly her boyfriend.

Lulu Diva and Starehe MP, Charles Njagua

But the ‘Chekecha’ singer is not aware of anything beyond a crush.

He is my crush and I am his too. I love him just the way he is.

Tanzanian songstress Lulu Diva reveals she is dating Jaguar, wedding might be on the way 

Tanzanian Songtress Lulu Diva has revealed that she’s in love with Starehe MP Charles Njagua alias Jaguar.

The two have been rumored to be dating for a while now but the controversial singer officially confirmed that they are a couple to Global Publisherssaying they have been secretly dating.

Lulu told the publication that she has been dating the MP for some time now, and looks forward to their wedding in the near future.


She denied that it was a publicity stunt as many have been suggesting insisting that they are in love. She added that they were even recently in Dubai for vacation and plans to visit Nairobi soon.

“We have been dating for the past four months, we wanted it to be secret but now we have decided to go public. It is not abrupt as people think,” she said. 


‘She loved eating more than anything else’ Lulu Diva’s mother shares ’embarrassing’ secrets of her childhood 

Tanzanian eye candy Lulu Diva might love music now but while growing up, she loved something totally different.

According to her mother who spoke to a popular newspaper in the country, Lulu loved eating more than studying.


Lulu’s mother told the newspaper that she used to eat her food even before lunch, a thing that used to annoy her greatly because she would return home after finishing her food.

“Huyu Lulu alinisumbua sana, hu­wezi kuamini alikuwa anapenda kula kuliko masomo, nilikuwa nikimuan­dalia ‘paseli’ ya chakula kwa ajili ya kula ikifika mapumziko shuleni lakini cha kushangaza yeye alikuwa akila kabla na kikiisha anarudi nyumbani.” she said. 

Fast forward 20 or so years later, Lulu has become a mega star in Bong and her music is doing well even in Kenya. I guess she stopped focusing on food and focused on music.


Jamila Mohamed get’s lovely birthday message from Lulu Hassan

News anchor Lulu Hassan had a special birthday message for her boss Jamlia Mohamed who celebrated her birthday last week.

Jamila, who left NTV recently to head the Swahili department at Citizen TV, received praises from Lulu Hassan who said she looks up to her. The two have been friends for quit a long time even before they became colleagues.


“You are a wonderful boss, mentor, and a role model to many. On your birthday, I wish you all the best as always….HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMJAM @jamila.mohamed1” shared Lulu Hassan.

Jamila was impressed with her message and thanked for the birthday wishes. Replying to her message, Jamila said:

“My lovely @loulou_hassan , Shukran darling! Hiyo Picha Wah! #tbt kabisa! Love you lots mama, thank you”.

Others who wished her a happy birthday include her colleague Francis Gachuri who said,

“One of the best souls ever! A kind heart and great role model. Happy birthday @jamila.mohamed1


Ray C moved by ex-convict Lulu Michael’s video in church and promises to follow her route 

Bongo Flava singer Ray C might have released a couple of gospel songs or worked with a gospel artist here and there, but she can’t remember the last time she was in church.

And after watching a clip of Bongo Movie actress Elizabeth Michael aka Lulu Michael in church praising the lord, she’s missed just being in the house of the lord.

Praise and worship

On social media, a video of Lulu, who is just coming from a jail sentence of almost an year after killing her boyfriend and colleague Steven Kanumba in 2012, was recorded in church praising God. The video moved Ray C.

“LULU!Nimeangalia hii video zaida ya mara kumi nahisi!mpaka machozi yamenilenga kwakweli!Sikumbuki lini nimeingia kanisani!Najiona mzima sasa na nasahau kuwa Mungu ni mkali! Nimejifunza kitu kutoka kwako my dear!Kikubwa sana.  You Inspire Me…….@elizabethmichaelofficial” shared Ray C.

Lulu, 23, had been sentenced to two years in prison and was released in May.

Elizabeth Michael freed from jail after killing actor Steven Kanumba, put on probation

Tanzanian actress Elizabeth Michael famously known as Lulu, has been released from jail  after serving half of her two-year sentence given after she was convicted for the manslaughter of actor Steven Kanumba, in April 7 2012.

The actress, who celebrated her birthday just a few days ago, will be on probation of the rest of the sentence. The judge who was hearing the case said that the death occurred as an accident as Lulu was arguing with her boyfriend Kanumba.


It was an accident

Lulu told the court that Kanumba wanted to attack her with her panga but she pushed him away and he fell down. She ran from the house only to be told later that she he had died.

Lulu said: “Marehemu alianguka mwenyewe na kujigonga kwa nguvu na kuinuka sehemu nyingine alikuwa kama anatapatapa, nilimwambia Seth kuwa Kanumba amedondoka na akajaribu kumuamsha hakuamka akasema anaenda kumuita daktari.”

Tanzanian eye candy Lulu Diva opens up about claims she’s routinely flying to Kenya to sleep with Jaguar

There is more than meets the eye in Jaguar and Lulu Diva’s relationship. Tanzanian news outlet has gotten to the bottom of his alleged romantic affair.

Super hot Tanzanian singer Lulu Abbas popularly known as Lulu Diva is alleged to be sleeping around with Jaguar who is her manager.

Lulu Diva

Sources in Tanzania claim Lulu’s clandestine romantic relationship with the Kenyan singer was the reason why she had friction with her ex husband. Apparently the lass had been making several trips to Kenya which led to the speculations.

“Safari zake Kenya zimekuwa haziishi, wenyewe wanadai wapo kikazi lakini mhh si kwa mapozi ya kimahaba wanayoonesha,” a source told Tanzanian news outlet Star Mix.

However when contacted by Star Mix, Lulu Diva played down the allegation claiming her relationship with Jaguar was only business oriented.

“Ni uzushi kama unavyojua Wabongo, Jaguar ni meneja wangu tu ambaye ananisaidia katika kunisimamia katika muziki na si vinginevyo,” Lulu Diva said.