Why Lulu Hassan is an awesome role model for girls

Lulu Hassan is an uncelebrated gem. And the fact that not as many women as possible celebrate who she is as a woman; a role model.

All grown up! Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan’s boys growing up into fine young men (Photo)

Lulu Hassan seems to have found the balance between being a wife, mother and career woman. You see, the modern world is characterized by a lot of upheavals. Traditional values are frowned upon ever since feminism became mainstream. Young women are taught that in order for them to be independent, they must throw aside the yoke of traditional gender roles that the patriarchy has forced on their forebears.

Lulu Hassan
Citizen TV Swahili news anchor, Lulu Hassan

Lulu Hassan is one of the precious few modern women who have found a balance between their newfound independence and their responsibility to their families and husbands.  She is a successful news anchor, an entrepreneur, a mother and a wife. Her career is flourishing as she is even on prime time news, her family is flourishing and her husband never skips an opportunity to sing to us about her many virtues and the many ways he loves her.

Read Lulu Hassan’s special birthday message to Rashid Abdalla as he turns a year older!

I’m sure you’re wondering why I am saying she is a woman young girls trying to find their place in the world should look up to aye? Well, let us delve into the reasons.

Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla
Power couple, Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla

She is a woman of honour.

People judge our marriage based on how we relate on TV – Lulu Hassan reveals

In a world filled with socialites, divas and whatever other names for trollops you can conjure up, are the order of the day. We have little girls looking up to the Vera Sidikas and Huddah Monroes of the world when other seemingly wholesome role models like Betty Kyallo who get inundated in controversies.
Lulu Hassan, on the other hand, is never caught up in nonsense. She has a wholesome image. She doesn’t use her body to court attention nor does she have to try being attached to powerful men for her to prove a point.

Lulu Hassan with her husband Rashid Abdalla
Power media couple, Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla

She is a mother.

You will never hear Lulu Hassan’s househelps cast aspersions to her mothering capabilities. You will never see her family attack her husband. And do you know why? It is certainly not because she and her husband never clash, it is most certainly not because they are a hive mind. It is because she puts being a mother before everything else. She knows that by publicly attacking her children’s father, she would be attacking her children’s wellbeing. Because whether or not she and Abdul Rashid (her hubby) aren’t seeing eye-to-eye, she has to keep things civil so her children do not suffer damage.
And Lulu Hassan is so serious about her role as a mother, it defines who she is.

Lulu Hassan bio

She has a happy home.

When you watch how Lulu Hassan and her husband interact, it becomes apparent that she strives to make hers a happy home. When they are home, she strives to make her husband happy. As a result, he shares that same energy. She puts 100 per cent into her marriage, her family. And her husband does the same. That is why this is the lady I would want my daughter to look up to. Not one of the attention-grabbing trollops who have nothing to show for it at the end of the day other than depression and dishonour.

Marriage works! Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla celebrate 10th wedding anniversary

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Video: Lulu Hassan shocks fans with her fluent Kikuyu

Citizen TV Swahili news anchor Lulu Hassan, it seems, is not a queen of Swahili language only. The popular news anchor recently surprised a section of Kenyans after speaking fluent Kikuyu. Yes, Kikuyu.

The mother of three held a conversation with a colleague while speaking the vernacular language yesterday leaving her fans awed. She had a light talk with fellow news anchor Muthoni Wamukiri who anchors at Inooro TV.

Write Kikuyu

The video amazed fans who begged her to post the longer version of it so that they can clearly hear her speaking. Lulu also had another surprise for them though. She replied to fans’ comments in Kikuyu. Not only can she speak the language, she can also write. What a Kikuyu day she was having.

Watch the video below to see her speak about Valentines Day in the language.



Lulu Hassan finally reacts to Eric Omondi’s viral clip imitating her and hubby

Comedian Eric Omondi had a perfect parody for the new and revamped “Nipashe” on Citizen TV which has couple Lulu Hassan and hubby Rashid Abdalla presenting the 7 pm news every Saturday and Sunday.

The clip went viral as many then anticipated how the two will work together. After the hype died down, the two lovers have taken time to respond to the video which has been watched hundreds of times by Kenyans.

Rashid and Lulu


Hassan, jokingly told Omondi that they are no longer friends, while her hubby Rashid didn’t want to say much.



Here’s the clip in case you missed it


Eric Omondi shows Kenyans how Lulu Hassan and hubby will be anchoring news and it’s just too funny 

Kenyans have been trying to figure out how Citizen TV Swahili news anchors Lulu Hassan and husband Rashid Abddalla will be working together after Citizen announced their new TV line up.

Eric Omondi has an idea.

The comedian posted a funny video giving a glimpse of how the two married couples will be anchoring Nipashe and it’s sure one funny clip.

Mass movement

Previously, Abdalla was working at NTV but later switched to Citizen in the recent mass movement of journalists that has seen to journalists switch media houses.

Watch the video below:



What Lulu Hassan told her husband after he came to work with her at Citizen TV 

After President Uhuru Kenyatta snatched Kanze Dena leaving Lulu Hassan one less friend at Citizen TV, it seems fate had its way and Kanze Dena was replaced by someone more than just a friend.

Kenyans were left wondering how Lulu Hassan and her husband, Rashid Adalla will work together after he moved from NTV. Citizen TV introduced it’s new Swahili line up which include Swaleh Mdoe, Lulu Hassan, Rashid Abdalla, Jamila Mohamed, Mwanahamisi Hamadi, Mashirima Kapombe and Nimrod Taabu.

Lulu Hassan and Kanze Dena


Taking to Instagram, Lulu Hassan welcomed her hubby sending a rather short but sweet message for him as the two started anchoring Nipashe Wikendi. 

“Meet my new partner in crime…@rashidyabdalla Karibu kwenye #Nipashewikendi ,Karibu katika @citizentvkenya KARIBU NYUMBANI !!!!” wrote Lulu Hassan.

Citizen TV launched a promotion video which revealed that presenter, Lulu Hassan will now be hosting Citizen Wikendi with her husband Rashid Abdalla, replacing now Deputy Government spokesperson Kanze Dena.

Elizabeth Michael freed from jail after killing actor Steven Kanumba, put on probation

Tanzanian actress Elizabeth Michael famously known as Lulu, has been released from jail  after serving half of her two-year sentence given after she was convicted for the manslaughter of actor Steven Kanumba, in April 7 2012.

The actress, who celebrated her birthday just a few days ago, will be on probation of the rest of the sentence. The judge who was hearing the case said that the death occurred as an accident as Lulu was arguing with her boyfriend Kanumba.


It was an accident

Lulu told the court that Kanumba wanted to attack her with her panga but she pushed him away and he fell down. She ran from the house only to be told later that she he had died.

Lulu said: “Marehemu alianguka mwenyewe na kujigonga kwa nguvu na kuinuka sehemu nyingine alikuwa kama anatapatapa, nilimwambia Seth kuwa Kanumba amedondoka na akajaribu kumuamsha hakuamka akasema anaenda kumuita daktari.”

Friendship goals: “I love you so much” Lulu Hassan pens down a warm message to celebrate Kanze Dena’s birthday

Kanze Dena turns a year older today, 12th April and her co host Lulu Hassan was the first to send her a sweet birthday message on social media.

Lulu Hassan took to Instagram early this morning to celebrate her friend by posting an adorable picture of Kanze which she accompanied with a heartfelt message. Lulu talked about the friendship they share and how much she has come to love her.

Kanze Dena
Kanze Dena

Happy Birthday to you…??????♩♩ Like the wind blows through the trees, so friendship blows through our lives. Thankfully, for us, ours is the kind that sticks. Happy birthday this year and always! One word for @kanze_dena as she turns a year older today…#pendawewesana

The two have proven to have a solid friendship that is not only seen when they are on TV but also when they are out hanging out with each other off work.

So far they are among the celebrated Swahili female anchors and have always given their viewers every reason to stay glued on their TV screens whenever they are on air.