Madini Classic raises awareness in latest single tagged ‘Corona’ (Video)

Celebrated Kenyan signer John Philip Ouma, popularly known as Madini Classic, has released a song to sensitize the public about Corona virus that has killed 10,000 people worldwide so far.

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In the track dubbed Corona, the musician says that people are panicking because the deadly virus which claims lives in a matter of days or weeks.

Madini Classic

He wonders whether it is a punishment from God or the government should blame for allowing Chinese nationals in the country.

Madini Classic says he did not make the song so that people can talk about him but to make the public aware of what they have to do to remain safe.

Other than the powerful message that Corona carries, I’m sure that after listening to it, you will agree with me that it is infectious (pun intended).

Madini Classic

His vocals are amazing and as you listen to him you get to understand the seriousness of this matter and that the ball is really on our court this is because he is sincere in the way he expresses himself.

You also get to connect with him on a personal level since he is letting out his emotions. The instrumentation of this track is dope because it’s subtle thus allowing the message to sink in.

Listen to Corona below and tell us what you think.

Madini Classic is just a cheap attention seeker

I have been trying to follow the drama between Eric Omondi and one John Philip Ouma, alias Madini Classic, and I came to the realization that it’s just hogwash and a waste of everyone’s precious time.

In my opinion, Madini Classic is just a cheap seeker attention who using the Eric for clout but he is going about the wrong way because it’s working to his detriment.

You see, what this chap currently doing has been done by many artists before him. Every once in a while you’ll hear someone disparaging a more established figure in society just to get some attention.

Madini Classic

The way I see it, he acting from a point of desperation because let’s be honest, unlike most of his peers, the likes of Masauti, Otile Brown, Arrow Bwoy, Sudi Boy Madini Calassic barely gets any attention.

You’ll never hear someone saying that he/she thinks of the Nilivyo hitmaker as a great artist never mind the fact that has some really good songs out there.

He’s following the footsteps of Otile Brown, who used Vera to become a household name, but he is going about it the wrong way like I mentioned earlier.

Many people would not want to associate themselves with drama and once they see that you are full of that and are willing to go around tainting the image of others, they tend to avoid you.

Madini Classic
Madini Classic

I’d rather he gets to be known for dating a socialite rather than apparently exposing someone else or painting them in bad light, whether the allegations are true or not. It just doesn’t work that way.

If you are keen, I’m  sure you’ve noticed that he has been pushing his new collabo with Vivian dubbed Energy while using Eric’s name to land interviews in  media houses which tell you what his goal was from the very beginning .

Someone should tell him that he needs to re-evaluate his strategy before it’s too late.

Otile Brown is becoming less popular every day

Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you haven’t but talented Kenyan singer Jacob Otieno Obunga is becoming less popular as days fly by. But then again maybe it’s just me.

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Gone are the days when he would garner millions of views a few days after releasing a song. These days, his songs take so many months before hitting the one million mark.

For instance, Japo Kidogo – a song he released with Khaligraph in March has 900,000 views. Anyone can tell you that this number is definitely good for many Kenyan artists but not for Otile Brown. It’s just what it is.

The Samantha hit maker had not done any interview with local media houses in the last two years. When contacted, he often told people that not doing interviews was part of his strategy.

About a fortnight ago I was astounded when I saw him on Citizen TV’s 10 over 10 promoting one of his latest releases dubbed Zichune. He was also on Milele FM and a couple of other radio stations. This really got me thinking.

Otile Brown
Otile Brown

Perhaps Otile Brown has come to the realization that he is not as popular as he was in 2018. He knew too well that doing media tours would get him back on people’s lips and as a result they would check out his music.

I have two analogies that could explain Otile Brown’s dwindling fame. One is the obvious fact that he’s no longer dating popular socialite Vera Sidika. The fact is this lass made him popular and now no one cares because they are no longer together.

Two is the emergence of Masauti, Madini Classic, Brown Mauzo, Sudi Boy and the likes. Otile Brown brought Coastal music to the national stage and when he did, he opened the doors for others who perhaps are better than him.

Watch Otile Brown’s release with Jovial dubbed Amor.

Madini Classic is back with a new banger dubbed ‘Niambie’ (Video)

Kenyan singer singer John Philip Ouma, alias Madini Classic, is back with a new single five weeks after  released Assumpta.

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Dubbed Niambie, this song reaffirms the notion that Madini is out to dethrone Otile Brown as the King of Kenyan Bongo.

Niambie is a Swahili word which means ‘tell me’. In this beautiful love ballad, Madini wants to know whether a lass that he’s eyeing will settle down with him until death parts them.

Apart from his smooth lyrical flow, I was also impressed by how the instruments blended well with his vocals.

Interestingly, there is a part where he sings in his native Luo language and it came out perfectly. If you are not so keen, you won’t even notice.

Madini Classic
Madini Classic

The song’s chorus is pretty simple, chances are you’ll master it after listening to it once. It goes like,”Basi niambie, ooh mummy niambie, niambie kama utatulia.” That’s it!

Niambie was produced the the one and only Alexis On The Beat.

Madini Classic ventured into music while his family was living in Tanzania and he has been giving established artists a run for their money.

From the look of things, it’s only a matter of time before he becomes a household name.

Listen to Niambie below and tell us what you think.

Otile Brown Vs Masauti: Who’s really the king?

Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you haven’t but the truth is that Masauti’s prominence in the music industry is increasing each new day. He’s finally enjoying the fruits after 5 years (or so) of nothing but hard work.

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Since the year began, the singer, whose real name is Mohammed Ali Said, has released 5 songs which have all done extremely well in Kenya as well as outside the country.

The 5 songs are; Kiboko, Sare, Kiboko (Remix)  featuring Khaligraph Jones, Ipepete and Lola – a song that he did with Nadia Mukami.

Masauti’s sheer consistency is a clear sign that he didn’t come play. As such, it doesn’t come as a surprise that his star is shining so much so that it seems like he’s out to settle a score with Otile Brown.

Truth is, very few people gave a hoot about Coastal music a.k.a Kenyan Bongo until Otile Brown ‘used’ Vera Sidika to gain fame. He not only grew his name and following by dating the socialite, he also turned people’s attention on his music.


As such, you would not be wrong if you gave Otile credit for popularizing Coastal music. In one way or the other, he opened the way for the likes of Masauti, Brown Mauzo, Madini Classic, just to name a few.

The first rule from Robert Greene’s book The 48  Laws of Power states that you should never outshine the master. However, it seems the people whom Otile Brown opened the way for are out to do just that, especially Masauti.

He seems keen on snatching the crown from Otile Brown’s head. Chances are, he already has. The more he gains prominence, the less popular the latter becomes. After all, there can only be one king.

According to you, who is the king between Otile Brown and Masauti?

Otile Brown

Madini Classic is back with a new jam dubbed ‘Assumpta’ and we’re really feeling it (Video)

Kenyan singer John Philip Ouma, alias Madini Classic, is back with a new single barely three months after he dropped Pure Love with Gilad Millo.

The new song dubbed Assumpta is about a hot lass whose beauty whose beauty is to die for. Madini Classic can’t get enough of her and is ready to risk it all.

Apart from his smooth lyrical flow, I was also impressed by the background vocals in the song. They complimented his music style. The instruments were also on point and blended well with the vocals.

The song’s chorus is easy to master. It goes like “Oh Assumpta, pili pili yangu njoo uniwashe mama, oh Assumpta, peremende yangu njoo unimumunye baby oh Assumpta.

Madini Classic
Madini Classic

Assumpta was produced by the super-talented Vicky Pon Dis and as expected, his beat did not disappoint despite the fact that it has a slow tempo.

The song was directed by Eston Adams and John Mbago of Royal State Pictures (RSP) – the company that is behind videos such as Sudi Boy’s Barida, Enock Bella’s I Swear, Vivian’s Sugar just to name a few.

Madini Classic ventured into music while his family was living in Tanzania and he has been giving established artists a run for their money. From the look of things, it’s only a matter of time before he becomes a household name.

Watch Assumpta below and tell us what you think.

“Who still sings about tukule omena?” Noti Flow takes a dig at Madini Classic 

A few days ago Madini Classic dropped a new jam ‘Nilivyo’ featuring Vivian. The singer took shots at his rival Otile Brown minutes after he released the new song.

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Noti Flow has since criticized Madini Classic over his new song. The rapper called out Madini for encouraging woman to give broke men a chance.

“@madiniclassic , this ain’t classic at all Ha ha. I mean who still sings ‘tukule omena tu mi nakupenda ‘ ? enzi za mababu zetu . (Thanks to Dully I know some Swahili sanifu ? lol) I mean girl child ,are you really willing to date / marry a total broke loser and eat omena bila nyanya for the rest of your life and shave your hair just coz y’all can’t even afford to make it?¿ ? Think ? To tell the truth Mimi ati unalima lima shamba unakam umebeat unanuka kasweat ati babe nipende nilivyo tukule omena.. nigah please … “How dare you try to holla when you don’t even got a dollar ” ?? Wanasema mapenzi matamu ila pesa Ni sabuni ya roho ( Again, Dully ?) #Madini, sauti sio mbaya ila Dah! Upgrade . Na Kile kidem kilicopy outfit yangu ya #Tupendane ? aaaargh..,” wrote Noti Flow on IG.

Am not annoyed

Madini Classic however didn’t fire back at Noti Flow in his response. The singer explains that real life experience is what motivates him to write songs.

“Siku zote mwenye njaa hakosi story….?? @notiflow nambie unawashwa wapi nikukune  Ain’t annoyed though….sababu najua wewe ni shabiki mzuri tu…. Nitakuwachia mashabiki zangu ????,” Madini Classic responded.

Madini Classic renews beef with Otile Brown after dropping new song featuring Vivian 

Madini Classic’s beef with Otile Brown is only gaining momentum. The two singers both hail from the Coast but don’t get along because of music rivalry.

In a past interview with Mpasho, Madini claimed he fell out with Otile Brown after he stole his song and went on to emulate how he sings.

“Nikimuja Otile alikua rapper kutoka Mombasa na alinitumia message kwenye Facebook akisema anataka collabo. Nilimtumia audio na baadaye nikaskia alitoa ngoma na sauti yake ni kama yangu kabisa. Aliiba style yangu na akasell nayo,” said Madini Classic.

Madini Classic
Madini Classic
New club banger

Madini Classic has dropped a new song ‘Nilivyo’ featuring Vivian. The song is superb, you can say he is competing with Otile to release the best romantic songs.

Madini took shots at Otile after he dropped ‘Nilivyo’. He sensationally stated that he doesn’t need socialites to get a million views – he was clearly referring Otile using Vera Sidika to gain mileage.

“Dah! Nawashukuru sana rafiki zangu kwa kuzidi kunipa support nimeamini mziki mzuri hauhitaji socialite kama wanavyofanya wenye rangi maji ya kunde ili kupata a million views mziki mzuri ni mzuri tu sihitaji socialite to stay relevant mashabiki zangu ? haya tuombeane duaaaa!!!!” Wrote Madini Classic on Facebook.

Watch Madini and Vivian’s new song below:



Madini Classic finally explains the reason behind his hit song ‘Kalongolongo’

‘Kalongolongo’ is a term that once got Robert Alai arrested. The controversial blogger was thrown behind bars for referring Uhuru’s Kenyatta’s government as a ‘Kalongolongo’ government.

For Madini Classic ‘Kalongolongo’ is all about love. The Coast based singer explained his hit song during an interview with Jeff Koinange and Jalango on Hot 96.

Madini Classic

Madini explains that he was just comparing and contrasting past and present love in his song ‘Kalongolongo’. The term ‘Kalongolongo’ itself refers to a childhood game.

“Kalongolongo nlikua nakubusha watu vitu za nyuma, najaribu kucompare love ya kitambo na love ya sasa hivi. Tukiangalia kitambo watu wanafall in love wakiwa wadogo unapata kwamba umecheza na mtoto ambaye ni mschana mukakosana katikati ya mchezo and the next minute bado munarudi munacheza pamoja munacheka. So nlikua najaribu kusema love ya kitambo tukiwa utotoni ilikua nzuri zaidi ya sasa hivi.

“Najaribu kuangalia sasa hivi ukiwa na mpenzi wako alafu mukakosana inakua chuki alafu kuna vijembe unarushiwa maneno, matusi vitu kama hivyo. So mimi nasema laiti ningerudi kucheza kalongolongo na ule mwenye tulikua tunacheza naye ningehisi furaha san,” said Madini Classic.

Watch Madini Classic’s ‘Kalongolongo’ below: