Photos: Meet Anne Thumbi, the sexy nurse turned politician claiming to be Ken Okoths second wife

Just like the norm, soon after his passing away, a woman alleging to be the late Kibra MP Ken Okoh´s wife emerged with a 5-year-old son.

As the family is caught up concerning burial rites, place and approach, the woman comes out demanding to be recognized prior to the late MP´s final rites.


Nominated Nairobi MCA Anne Thumbi has become the topic of discussion after her claims. Governor Mike Sonko also surprised mourners at the funeral by stating that Anne and Ken were lovers and it’s true he left the son.

“During some medical camp in 2013 Ken met a beautiful nurse from Sonko Rescue Team with whom he bore a child. I am a witness to that effect,” Sonko claimed. 


“We are cognizant of the fact that Ken had a son with one of the nominated Nairobi MCA by the name Ann Thumbi alias Anita. The two love birds did not hide the fact that they shared a son.” 

Sonko also said that the child left behind needed to be acknowledged.

“My humble appeal is that even as we prepare to bury Ken, let’s not forget his son. He too needs and has a right to participate in the send off of his beloved dad,” stated Sonko.

Here are photos of Anne Thumbi:

“That was just a power-bank” Sonko’s team on the spot for giving ‘dubious’ explanation of Sonko brandishing gun 

Kenyans were sure they saw a gun, but Governor Mike Sonko’s team wanted them to look closer, because it was nothing close to that.

Sonko’s communications director Elkana Jacob has denied that Sonko was carrying a gun as shown by a photo doing rounds on social media. Jacob stated that the object Kenyans saw in the photos take after the Dusit D2 terror attack, was just a power-bank.

“Have you ever seen a pistol?” he asked. “That object in the governor’s pocket wasn’t a pistol. You would easily know that if you have knowledge of how a pistol looks like. That object was a power bank.”


Kenyans took to social media to complain over Sonko’s “careless” handle of the fire arm. Despite Jacob’s statement that it was powerbank, you can clearly see it was a firearm.

“If anything, the power bank belonged to me, and given I did not have an extra space to carry it in the bag or my pockets, I placed it in the governor’s jacket. I acquired the power bank while on tour in the United States some time back. So, I would confidently confirm to you that Mr Sonko was not brandishing a gun at dusitD2 Hotel,” said Mr Jacob.

Sonko to Nairobians: I want to assure you that you will walk again. I won’t accept laziness. I’d rather be a one-term governor

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has promised Nairobi residents to gear up for another serious trekking session as he fights to end congestion in the CBD.

Sonko’s first attempt, done last week, turned out disastrous as hundreds were trapped in jams for hours while others had to walk several kilometers to get a matatu.

Speaking during the commissioning of the KCB Foundation 2jiajiri Youth Empowerment Program, Class of 2018 on Thursday, the governor said that Kenyans have become lazy and he won’t allow that.

“I’d rather be a one-term governor than leave Nairobi city the way I found it. Let us be unpopular now but we make the right decisions which at times can be very painful. Walking is exercise and you will still walk again. Even in Rwanda, President Kagame is making people exercise,” he said.

Elderly and the physically challenged

The governor added that next time he’s implementing the ban, only elderly and physically challenged will be given consideration.

“We will only look after the pregnant women, elderly and the physically challenged. For the youth, you must walk. From Muthurwa or any bus terminus to the CBD is only 1km…We must be active. As your governor, I will not allow laziness and I want to assure you that you will walk again,” said Sonko.

Janet Mbugua praises Mike Sonko: I feel like we need more leaders to stand up like him

Since taking the Nairobi County Office, Governor Mike Sonko has been a man facing criticism from his work. Many Kenyans have always insisted he’s not fit for office despite lining up and voting him in.

Janet Mbugua, though not really a fan of the governor, recently took to social media to share that Sonko made the right move after announcing Chandarana Supermarkets licenses’ were revoked after a ‘racist’ email went viral.

Speak up

The leaked email from the supermarket was instructing managers to focus on the white clientele.

“In as much as I don’t think what Sonko did completely solve the issue, cancelling licenses means affecting businesses, means affecting the employees of this company meaning they don’t have work. This is what I will say, the Governor made a strong statement by saying ‘You will treat our people with respect’ and for me, I feel like that is one of the solutions. For leaders to stand up and say ‘Look you are welcome to work in our country, have your own companies and build your own empires but don’t mistreat our citizens.’” said Janet.


“I feel like we need more leaders to stand up and say that …because it’s not just the leaked emails or the apology it’s the nature of how a lot of these companies treat Kenyans. It’s the nature of how the way racism is engrained in these companies; sometimes it’s subtle, sometimes is in your face,” Janet said in her Vlog.


Governor Mike Sonko caught on Camera crying but fans can’t stop trolling him (Video)

Mike Sonko will never seize to amaze his followers. He is one politician who knows how to keep his social media fans talking; and this is why his latest video has gone viral.

A few hours ago the governor shared an emotional video singing along to Eunice Njeri’s Nani kama wewe. According to reports this is after the High court threw out a petition challenging his victory of Nairobi Governor in the August 2017 general election.

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However the court found the results fair hence Mike Sonko’s victory legit. For this reason the governor felt the need to express how grateful he was to have justice served. He shared his video on his Facebook’s time-line where he is seen struggling to shed tears.

Fans react

Well, not everyone seemed convinced by his tears. His followers went on to troll him for trying to force tears out; but oh well, Mike Sonko still got the attention he needed.

El K D’costa: “Hehehee… Sonko vituko zako hazitawai isha..yani camera man anajaribu kutafuta machozi na nikama machozi pia imeenda strike.. anyway mkombozi wangu pia anaishi”

Nafula Adongo: “I love this Mungu akouongoze ukituongoza.all those yapping about publicity should be told that there is no shame in prasisng media is here for Him to be glorified through.kua wakati wa closet na wakwati wadharura,”

Yusuf Godana Junior: “When you pray, don’t be like the hypocrites who love to pray publicly on street corners and in the synagogues where everyone can see them. I tell you the truth, that is all the reward they will ever get. Matthew 6:5”