Patricia Kihoro stands up for Frankie in the ‘Personal Trainers’ video that went viral.

Singer and songwriter Patricia Kihoro has come forward to support Frankie Just Gym It following his comments on the distinctions between a fitness instructor and a personal trainer.

In an interview, Frankie, a father of four, highlighted that personal trainers need to be aware of their female clients’ ovulation dates, addressing concerns about personal space and boundaries.

He clarified, “A fitness instructor is just someone employed in a gym to take care of day-to-day activities like cleaning up and all. If a client comes in, they can show them a few things but can’t guide them through a certain routine.”

Frankie further explained, “A personal trainer is invested in who you are, has to know your everyday routine, how work is like, what stresses you, even your ovulation; he has to know all that. It is very crucial.”

Addressing the controversy around the ovulation comment, Patricia Kihoro took to her InstaStories to express her perspective. She emphasized that understanding a client’s ovulation cycle helps trainers tailor workouts more effectively.

“As a gym enthusiast, it’s honestly laughable that people are taking this the wrong way. He is right. The female menstruation cycle affects how one will show up at the gym on particular weeks/days of the month. This information helps the trainer train you better. Please let’s educate ourselves. The man is right,” Patricia Kihoro stated.

Mothers to 6 prominent celebrities who are aging backwards

Age is but a number is a saying majority of ladies have embraced, whether in their 40s, 50s or older.

Many have been introduced to the faces of celebrities but very few have met the earlier generation. Mothers who bore children who got to grace the limelight but very little said about where they came from.

Women who however maintained their looks, youthfulness, sense of style, their vibrancy and beauty.

Lets have a look;

1. Anne Mwaura

Sassy TV presenter and Lifestyle Journalist who doubles up as a presenter at Capital FM recently got to introduce her fine mom to the public as she graced the fifth floor. Gushing; “My mum is actually so cute, she said “Can you imagine I’m 50? Anyway enjoy you enjoy your day””.

Anne Mwaura’s youthful mum

2. Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika got to celebrate her mother on her special day – her birthday – sharing beautiful photos of the woman she always called mum’ and cherishes to date. A woman who has maintained her class and vibrancy.

Vera Sidika’s mum

3. Chebet Rono

The popular comedian took fans by surprise after introducing a fine young woman who she mentioned is her ‘mom’. A beautiful blend of style and taste.

Rono chebet with stunning look alike mum

4. Yvette Obura

Bahatis baby mama got to parade the 3 generations in a sweet photo with her nieces and nephews, with a mother blessed to be called ‘grandmum’ but taking one step at a time.

Yvette with mummy and family

5. Kate actress

The former Mother-in-law actress has more often introduced her mom as a no-nonsense woman who is still able to generate positive energy with her radiant smile.

Catherine Kamau’s mum

6. Azziad Nasenya

Azziad happened to mention that she acquired her dancing skills from her mom who used to be a dancer back then but still keeps fit to date and probably why her body doesnt seem to age.

Azziad Nasenya parades her mom

7. Patricia Kihoro

We get to finish off with a bonus of the multi-talented singer and actress who recently marked her moms birthday in a heartwarming tweet before sharing a photo of her young, adorable mom who is sure aging backwards. “My mum turned a year older today. Cheki dem.”

Patricia Kihoro’s mum

Patricia Kihoro finally explains why people thought she is a lesbian

Patricia Kihoro who is not only a singer, media personality but also a blogger targeting fashion and interior design has opened up about her love life for the first time!

Speaking to popular news outlet, the vblogger got the opportunity to share a few unknown details about her private life. About 3 years ago, the lass was rumored to be sleeping with fellow women and in this case she was not only linked to a known female artist but also a few of her friends.

With the news out, Ms Kihoro chose not to confirm nor deny the stories and the fact that she always hangout around her rumored lovers (friends); this only fueled the rumors more.

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Singer Patricia Kihoro

Dating and loving men

However it turns out that the 34-year-old has been dating men and not women as reported by blogs. Keeping her relationships on the low may however have contributed to people speculating that she likes women. Addressing this, Patricia opened up saying;

For the longest time, I was dating men. If you go through my Instagram over the years I didn’t even hide. I would post people but it wasn’t like lovey-dovey stuff, if you were keen you would see who I was dating at the time. I would post them in the context that this is somebody in my life but I wouldn’t reveal in what way they are in my life. I think of how private I kept that side of my life, people then speculate, start to make up things.

Patricia Kihoro with friends

Michelle Ntalami and Makena Njeri

This comes just a few weeks after Makena Njeri raised eyebrows with her special birthday message to Michelle Ntalami. As seen on Njeri’s post, it was evident to see that these two ladies were more than friends; however while responding to the rumors Michelle Ntalami ended up denying the stories as she said;

If I haven’t said it myself, you have no right to go labeling me this or that. I hardly address trolls. But today I’m setting the record straight! Get this from both the Queen and the horse’s mouth; I AM NOT WHAT YOU ARE LABELLING ME.