Baby number 3 is still under discussion- Nameless and Wahu

After celebrating 13 years of marriage, which is like 33 years of normal marriage, celebrities Nameless and Wahu might be thinking of adding another child. May be a boy.

In a recent interview, the two revealed that they are discussing whether they’ll add another kid since they all already have Tumiso and Nyakio.

“Siwezi mind a boy now that I have two girls, but we are still under discussions,” he said.

“Sometimes, pictures are taken and fans wanaona vitu zao and start suspecting she may be pregnant. Those pictures you see could be that she ‘ate’ a lot that day so her stomach was big. I am with her everyday but I have not realised, but I don’t mind another kid.”


He went on to say that he’s not sure whether his wife Wahu is pregnant.

“I don’t really know but I will talk to her and ask to confirm by myself. Being in the public, you know that you are the target for scandals. So we are careful with everything we do, especially because we have a family to protect. So we try balance and put family matters away from the media.”he said. 

Wahu Kagwi and Rufftone land lucrative government jobs

Singer Rufftone and Wahu have been named among those who will spearhead a new government initiative set to champion Technical and Vocational Training agenda among the youth.

The two will be tasked with reaching out to youth, helping them express themselves and revamp institutions which have a bad face. The deal was announced by Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed.


Amina launched the initiative which will see government reduce unemployment in the country.

“There have been gaps in the preparation of graduates in terms of career expectations, skills needed, attitude and readiness for work. The tertiary institutions, through the Office of Career Services, are expected to play a central role in addressing these issues,” she said.

The CS said her ministry hoped to set up one national polytechnic in every county, and a technical and vocational centre in every constituency in the next five years.

“I came to Nairobi and settled in Umoja estate and their was a jobless corner, it literally was a jobless corner because my friends used to meet and hang out here because they had no jobs or any training, this is a good opportunity to train youths and they will be better placed to get jobs or create on,” Rufftone said. 

“If I was clearing my secondary education right now then I would definitely go for such an opportunity because I have always been a champion of skill training, my skill is what puts food on my table,” Wahu said.

Wahu’s new ‘trues story’ song brings mixed reactions, is she taking about Nameless?

Wahu has released her second gospel song called “My Everything” and Kenyans are trying to figure out whether the veteran singer is talking about her husband Nameless.

In the song, Wahu shares her religious side and most importantly, her cry to God ‘after her husband fell sick’. The song has been inspired by a true story and the singer posted a long explanation on YouTube saying that it talks about a woman who realized her hubby was her balance when he got sick.

“My Everything talks of a woman who sought Gods intervention when her husband and father of her children suddenly fell ill, on an ordinary morning as the family went about their normal morning routines. At her point of desperation, and realizing that her husbands life was on the balance, she called on Jehovah Rapha, God our healer to reveal Himself …. and He did,” she captioned the song.

Talking about Nameless?

Fans have been quick to point out that Wahu is talking about Nameless, who, last year was hospitalized for a long period. Wahu hasn’t shared her side yet on who she’s talking about in her second gospel song that comes months after releasing “Sifa”.



Wahu Kagwi ditches secular for gospel music (Video)

Singer Wahu Kagwi has dropped a new song dubbed Sifa. Unlike her previous songs, Sifa is a gospel song giving praise to the Almighty – hence it’s name.

This comes as a surprise to many since the lady has been releasing secular music for years now. However, all we know is that she took her time while composing the praise song.

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We can not confirm whether this is a permanent step or the singer is just sampling gospel music for now. Looking at her social media posts, Wahu has lately been sharing spiritual quotes showing how committed she has been.

Music career

Wahu remains among the top female artists in the country. For years she has entertained East African’s through her music before she took some time off to raise her daughters.

Size 8 with Wahu’s daughter

She is however back with a bang and just like Size 8, seems like she is slowly moving to the gospel music industry.