Sharon: I have battled depression, self doubt and I did it with a smile on my face 

Fashion blogger Sharon Mwangi has said she has been fighting depression for a longtime now but has never let the public know.

She recently took to social media to share her depression story saying that she was forced to mask it with a warm face but was suffering inside.

“If you know me or if you’ve followed me for a while you know that I literally always have a smile on my face & on all my pictures too.  However, For years, I have battled depression, self doubt, among other issues & I did it with a smile on my face. (Talk about being a pro at masking lol),” she said. 

The fashion blogger went on to add that she had to finally let go of her fears and opened up with the issue which made her feel better.

Opening up 

“I finally let go of all my fears and self doubt and I open up in my latest video, (probably the most vulnerable you’ll ever see me ?– direct link in bio) and talk about my personal experience with mental health, a conversation I feel is very neglected in Kenya although a lot of us battle these issues. And Oh, this means I’m back on YouTube now after months of being away ????,” she said. 


“I have since learnt (in the hardest ways possible) & taught myself to find happiness and inner peace in myself. I still struggle sometimes but I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and I hope for anyone who’s still struggling that they’ll get to this point too.”

This is Ess’ ex husband finally unveils their daughter’s face!

Blogger This Is Ess aka Sharon Mundia left many talking last year after holding a glamorous wedding with husband now ex, Lonina Leteipan.

The two were undeniably the ‘goals’ type of couple but somewhere along the way they broke up. According to reports Sharon Mundia was apparently  caught having a 3 some in her matrimonial bed.

Well, as expected the lady went on to defend herself claiming that the stories were fake. Patricia Kihoro who was allegedly part of the 3 some also denied the  claims; but Fena Gitu maintained her silence till date.

Lonina unveils daughter’s face

Just like most celebrities; This is Ess chose to keep her daughter on the low until just recently when her ex decided otherwise.

Looking at the photos shared by Lonina, it’s evident to see that the little adorable baby girl got her looks from both her parents.

Below are just a few of the photos courtesy of Lonina.

This Is Ess: I was scared of leaving the house without make up

Fashion blogger Sharon Mundia aka ‘This Is Ess’ has opened up on how she once had this immense pressure of staying perfect 24/7 just like her Instagram posts.

In her blog, the popular fashionista and mother of one shared that she was swallowed by the ever-perfect Instagram world which left her depressed as she was trying to impress people in the real world.

“The thing with this beast that is social media is that it has the power to build your dreams to unfathomable heights in the same way it can swallow you whole,” she said in the post.


She went on to add that she always wanted to look like her filtered and edited photos in real life something that left her empty in the long run.

“I felt indebted to my community to the point that I couldn’t step out of the house without makeup lest I disappoint them. A lot has changed since then and I know now more than ever it’s important to release my grip on perfection. Who wants to live in a crippling world that draws from others’ agendas and not your own values or intentions?”

Misogynists grumble as Sharon Mundia’s husband is seen drunk and in company of another woman 

Lonina Leteipan has given misogynists something to talk about when he was seen with another woman. Lonina and his wife are said to have separated after he allegedly caught Sharon Mundia having s3x with her friends.

Photos of Sharon Mundia’s husband cozying up to another woman have further authenticate the lesbian orgy rumor. The fashion blogger was reportedly caught by her husband in a threesome lesbian orgy with Patricia Kihoro and  Fena Gitu.

Lonina Leteipan is said to have kicked Sharon Mundia out of their matrimonial home after he caught her smashing Kihoro and Fena Gitu. The banker is now wagging on people’s tongue after he was seen drunk and in company of another woman.

He’s always drunk and in company of different women

Apparently Lonina is still devastated by his wife’s infidelity. A tweep who shared photos of Lonina says nowadays the banker is always drunk and in company of different women.

Misogynists led by Cyprian Nyakundi blames toxic feminism for Lonina’s misery. Nyakundi argues feminists are draining life out of many young men in Kenya.

“There are photos doing round of Lonina Leteipan, ex-husband to famous fashion blogger Sharon (This Is Ess) Mundia which give a clear picture of what toxic feminists can do. Fed on a steady diet of noble-intent, Lonina did everything right, flying a chopper to Mt. Kenya, going down on one knee, destination wedding in Watamu, being the perfect dad, but still, it was not enough for this toxic feminist.

“The young man is confused and conflicted. He’s wondering what he might have missed. But remember toxic feminists are good actors. They can fake love, they can fake emotion and more importantly, they can fake an orgasm. When you’re f@cking them, they’ll call you all sorts of names, making you feel like a king. Now people who see him on the streets say he’s become a pale shadow of his former self. Has started finding solace in the bottle. The temporary solution has been to sleep with as many women as possible.

“Anyways, Lonina was a young man with immense potential. His only problem was falling and investing in vanity. My nigga’s, treat these b@tches with the contempt that they deserve. They’re heartless bitches who will leave your ass and move on to the next target without harbouring any guilt or remorse. It’s the extremes of our break-downs which vary. On one hand Dennis Okari has immersed himself in religion, preaching and motivational-speaking, while on the other extreme, Lonina will find solace in the bottle and hoe’s. Don’t blame them. It’s the recovery-mechanism. Healing process. When Kanye West sang “Heartless” he knew how Amber Rose had f@cked him over,” wrote Cyprian Nyakundi.

Below are photos of Lonina Leteipan that were shared online:





Top 10 things Kenyans have been searching on Google… Miguna Miguna’s ‘Demagogue’ tops the list

Google has released the results of top searches in the month of October 2017. Interestingly the word ‘demagogue’ was the most searched entity on Google.

Demagogue was popularized by Miguna Miguna who said Uhuru Kenyatta was a demagogue. The word demagogue is defined as a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument.[sic]

Dennis Oliech

Kenyan football legend Dennis Oliech also appeared on top Google searches. Kenyans were eager to find out what was happening with Oliech following the incident at Carnivore Grounds.

Jimmy Wanjigi, Akombe and Sharon Mundia

Roselyn Akombe also features on top Google searches. The former IEBC commissioner caused a stir when she fled from the country and flew to US where she resign.

Roselyn Akombe

Jimmy Wanjigi was the 9th most search entity on Google in October. The incident at Wanjigi’s home created a lot of curiosity.

Sharon Mundia appeared on the top search because of her alleged threesome lesbian orgy. The fashion blogger was allegedly busted by her husband having sex with Patricia Kihoro and Fena Gitu.

Below is the full list of top 10 searches on Google:

2.Harvey Weinstein
3.Dennis Oliech
4.Bet numbers prediction today
6.Las Vegas shooting
7.Sharon Mundia
8.Mashujaa Day


Is it over for good? This is Ess no longer wearing her wedding ring (Photos)

A few weeks ago fashion blogger This is Ess also known as Sharon Mundia was rumoured to have split with her husband who apparently caught her in bed with Patricia Kihoro and rapper Fena Gitu – something that left many shocked as they never knew the lass swung both ways.

This is Ess however came forth to address the issue through her Twitter page where she indirectly denied the rumors making rounds on social media and so did Patricia Kihoro who told Pulse that the stories had been made up to tarnish their image.

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With the stories causing serious reactions on social media, Sharon Mundia husband deactivated his social media pages and till date no one understands why he has been avoiding the issue. His wife on the other hand has been spotted hanging out with their daughter and from the look of things the couple might be living separately now.

This is Ess no longer wears her wedding ring which now leaves me wondering whether they split for good or whether they just need some time out of their relationship. Anyway below are a few photos of the fashion blogger without her ring.

Sharon Mundia
Sharon Mundia
Sharon Mundia with her daughter
Sharon Mundia with her daughter
Sharon Mundia with her daughter
Sharon Mundia with her daughter

Was Sharon Mundia involved in a ‘three way’ with Patricia Kihoro and Fena Gitu? Miss Kihoro speaks!

Word making rounds on social media is that Sharon Mundia and her husband are no longer together following an issue that has left many talking on social media.

Apparently her husband, Lonina Leteipan walked on his wife enjoying a three some with HBR’s Patricia Kihoro and singer Fena Gitu in their matrimonial bed – which led Lonina to walk out on Mundia.

Patricia Kihoro
Patricia Kihoro

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This was revealed by popular blogger Robert Alai who is said to be running popular tabloid Kahawa Tungu. Well the blog went on to add that their close sources had confirmed about the three some – however Sharon Mundia aka This is Ess denied this in her recent posts leaving us wondering who is telling the truth.

Fena Gitu
Fena Gitu

Speaking to Pulse, Patricia Kihoro also happened to deny the allegations saying

“I am not even bothered by the story, i read it and i was like wow! if someone is trying to make up stories to bring someone down at least make it credible. the story is not true, some of the things that were talked about like trying out lesbianism to be cool, who will want to do that in a country that is homophobic? at first, we laughed until we realized there are people who actually believe it,”

She went on to add:

“I got messages from people asking if it is true. i don’t know what the intentions of the person who wrote that story were. i don’t know if they were bored or they just wanted clicks on their blogs or maybe they have something against people who are doing well. we are hard working ladies and doing our best, we are not going to focus on negativity.”

Sharon Mundia finally address rumors claiming she is not in good terms with hubby

Fashion blogger This is Ess is done with people spreading rumors about her marriage and private life. A while back she was rumored to be having issues with her man and for this reason she has to put a stop to all this.

The mother of one addressed this through her Twitter page where she wrote saying;

Lonina and his wife, Sharon Mundia
Lonina and his wife, Sharon Mundia

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“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its boots on.”

She also happened to attach a quote by Mark Twain which spoke about the importance of keeping positive energy and vibe. Well, according to her…this is what she has and will be doing now that she has a daughter to concentrate on.

Check out what she wrote saying:

Sharon Mundia
Sharon Mundia’s post

Fans on the other hand found this very helpful as they urged her to ignore what people are saying about her…while others could not help but criticize idle social media users who like to involve themselves in matters that don’t concern you.

This is Ess shows off her hidden tattoo after stepping out in tiny bikini 5 months after welcoming her baby

Fashion Blogger Sharon Mundia aka This is Ess has finally gotten back her body, 5 months after welcoming her first child with her hubby.

The lady who also happened to maintain her silence when pregnant has lately been updating her followers on her pregnancy journey through her social media pages – giving many a reason to also keep up with her weight loss journey judging from her stunning figure.

Sharon and Lonina expecting a baby boy?

Also read: This is Ess steps out with her baby for the first time (Photo)

Anyway, unlike what many think… Sharon Mundia also had a hard time cutting off her baby weight and for this reason she found it hard to post some of her photos but luckily during her coast trip she happened to take a bathroom selfie which she posted and captioned saying…

This is Ess
This is Ess

It took me the whole day to work up the courage to post this but you know what? I had a baby 5 months ago and for the first time in ages, I’m taking care of my body & mind and eating right. And I feel good about where I’m at. ?? So, here’s a picture of me in my pretty epic bathroom (thanks @dianireefbeachresort!) about to hit the pool. ??♀

Well, it is no secret that she still has a hot body and for the first time we now know that she has a tattoo somewhere around her waistline.

“Umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck” Sharon Mundia talks about dreadful experience at the delivery room

Popular fashion blogger Sharon Mundia popularly known as This Is Ess has opened up about her experience during labor and delivery.

Mundia gave birth to her daughter Aria Nailantei Leteipan in the wee hours of Monday morning May 8th 2017. It was hell of an experience for her since she was a first time mother.

In a video uploaded on her YouTube channel, Mundia told her fans that she a normal delivery, though the process of pushing was somewhat VERY hectic for her.

Mundia explained that she was put through several procedures to help her deliver quickly but the pain she endured almost made her pass out.

She revealed that her baby was born with the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck. Mundia further said that all she wanted was a nap after her baby was safely delivered but she didn’t get it because the doctor had to stitch her up first.

Watch Sharon Mundia narrate her experience in the video below:



This is Ess shares a few tips on how she lost her baby fat

Fashion Blogger Ms Sharon Mundia is back and this time around she is not going anywhere. If you remember well, the lady took some time off her social media pages after getting pregnant with her a first child but she is now back on Instagram.

This is Ess

Just a few hours ago she uploaded her second photo where she is seen wearing a red dress and looking at her size, the lady looks like she lost all her baby fat in a few months – something that has left her fans asking how she managed to do that in just a short while.

This is Ess

Anyway, she has opened up about her weight loss journey where Sharon Mundia revealed her day to day diet. She wrote saying;

“Before i got pregnant i had a horrible track record of eating various things and eating healthy. I would have six slices of white bread for breakfast, i would have pizzas and chicken chips and just greasy things because i love them. I got pregnant and for the first trimester leading up to second trimester as well i had the worst morning sickness. It was so bad, i was smelling food and would throw up and i had to take medication for that to just help my body to keep some food so i could nourish my little one. I genuinely tried to eat healthy and thankfully my body transitioned into this phase where i actually liked greens in fact one of the things i did when i was pregnant is when i woke up one morning and i was craving a salad for breakfast. At the very beginning i asked my obstetrician to give me an idea of how much weight she thought i should add or average on the weight spectrum. The main thing that helped me loose my baby weight was breast feeding. second thing is diet.”

Watch her video below:

Baby fat my foot! Sharon Mundia leaves the internet salivating as she shares first postnatal photo

Popular fashion and lifestyle blogger Sharon Mundia famously known as This Is Ess gave birth to a bouncing baby girl on 6th June 2017.

The last time Sharon Mundia posted anything on her Instagram handle was on December 25th 2016, some six months before she gave birth to her daughter.

A pregnant Sharon Mundia and her banker husband Lonina Leteipan

Now three months after delivery, Sharon took to IG to announce that she was back. The fashion blogger shared her first postnatal photo on Instagram and everybody was blown away by her figure. She looks yummy as always.

Sharon Mundia’s first postnatal photo

“About a year ago I abruptly decided to take a step back from blogging/social media. It had been many months of this feeling of self doubt, persistent fear and sense of disconnect creeping in to the point where I felt creatively crippled. Content creation became a chore and I couldn’t fully connect with this community I had spent years building. I didn’t know what my “why” was and I felt like a fraud; something I’ve discussed in a recent YouTube video (link in bio). I’ve had a long time to reflect and I’ve rediscovered my love for creating content, love for my body (hello child birth!) and love for my truest self. But most importantly, I now know what my intentions are with this platform and with any other I choose to share bits of my life through. I’ve fought hard to shake off those negative feelings and thoughts and replace them with ones that celebrate life and honour my calling, wholly and unapologetically.

“On that note, I’d like to reintroduce myself: Hello, I’m Sharon. Let’s light the world up together. ✨

“P.S.: Motherhood is this big, beautiful, sometimes scary thing that I wear proudly and I can’t wait to share more with you. ??? ?@tatianakaranja”


“For a while I had been feeling unsettled” Sharon Mundia reveals why she quit social media

The last time Sharon Mundia aka This Is Ess posted on Instagram was on December 25th 2016, some six months before she gave birth to her daughter.

The Fashion and lifestyle blogger was very active especially on Instagram where she used to engage her fan, many people believed she quit social media to concentrate on being a mother to her first child. But this wasn’t the case.

So why did Sharon stopped posting on social networking platforms? In her YouTube channel, Mundia explained that she lost track and felt burdened to continue with her activities on social media.

“For a while I had been feeling unsettled in my role as an influencer or as a creative, I didn’t know how to be myself and I would just share because of sharing or because a contract says I need to put this up at this time and it wasn’t authentic, it wasn’t really me. It was making something that I once loved feel like a chore and a burden and I was starting to resent it. And after months and months of thinking about it I realised that there were a couple of issues I had about it, I didn’t know what my why was. Whereas I started my blog because I needed an escape because I was going through something in my life… at some point I was like, wait a second, I actually like this, let me do it for good. And then it became if I’m doing this solely then it needs to make financial sense, so now I’m doing it chasing the money. All that was good but that can’t be what is fully driving me yet it was something I completely enjoyed. It wasn’t clear what my purpose was and I started to feel guilty… it was driving me nuts… ” Sharon Mundia explained.

Watch the video below:

Sharon Mundia and her husband share their baby’s first photo

Fashion blogger This_is_Ess and her hubby are now proud parents of their new born baby welcomed a few weeks ago. Though they have been keeping the baby on the low, Sharon Mundia’s hubby finally shared a photo of the baby on his social media page.

Lonina uploaded the photo as he celebrated himself on Father’s Day. He also went ahead to confess that the journey of parenthood is not as easy as many assume but thanked his wife for picking him to be the father of her child and the love of her life. He wrote saying;

“First came love…… Then came marriage….. Then came the little one in a baby carriage! Having been a father for only a short time I’m not sure how to celebrate this day. So allow me to instead celebrate the person that made this possible. I can honestly say she is the champion that not only brought my daughter into the world but also is to me the greatest mother ever. My beautiful wife @this_is_ess It wasn’t an easy audition but I’m glad you picked me to be your homie, husband and baby daddy. I love you to forever. And even after.”

However, he did not reveal the baby’s gender nor the name but we know it must be one cute baby. Check out the photo below:

“Relationships are not easy and it takes work” Sharon Mundia’s husband dedicates beautiful message to his heavily-pregnant wife

The beauty of life is finding the right person to settle down with and seems that Sharon Mundia aka This is ess found this when she met Lonina Leteipan. The couple got engaged back in 2015 leaving team mafisi heartbroken as this is ess was officially off the market.

Late 2016 they walked down the aisle making their union official in a private ceremony that saw only friends and family attend. They went on to surprise us when this is ess revealed that she was expecting her first child on 25 December 2016 and since then we have all been watching to see what they reveal next.

Lonina and his wife, Sharon Mundia
Lonina and his wife, Sharon Mundia

Anyway, Lonina Leteipan is the only one who seems very active on his social media pages unlike his wife. Just recently he dedicated a beautiful message to his wife thanking her for completing his life and making him the happiest man in the world.

Though he mentions that relationships are not as easy as many think we beleiev that that the two have had their ups and downs like most couples however love helps them pull through at the end of the day. Lonina also revealed how excited he was now that he will soon be a father as this is ess is expected to deliever anytime soon.

Through his social media pages he wrote;

“Two years ago today you gave me the greatest honor and accepted to be my wife. And I’m ever grateful. We know that relationships are not easy and it takes work. But from the mountain top to the sea shore you continue to bless my life with your love. I treasure our continuous journey as we welcome our progeny I believe more than ever that God is in control. I love you always Sharon Leteipan.

He went on to add…

“As the journey to fatherhood continues it is amazing to see the miracle of life coming to be. I have found a new respect for my wife. I feel like the Ess needs to stand for Superwoman. Her smile means everything.”