74-year-old watchman dies after allegedly overdosing Viagra 

A body of a man was discovered in his house on Saturday morning in what is being believed to be a case of excessive use of Viagra tablets.

Ronald Onduko Ndubi, 74, from Bosaragei Village in Nyamira North Sub County was found dead in his house by his employer Naftal who had come to pay him a visit.

Ndubi, who is a watchman in the area, might have been killed by an overdose of the drug which were found beside next to him.

“We cannot conclude that he used the Viagra but let us wait for the clear information from the investigating agencies so that we can establish the truth behind the death,” said Bosaragei location chief James Ondiba.


The chief added that the body had no physical injuries and there was no sign of any other person living in the house.

“We were informed by the employer of the deceased that he had tried to knock severally at Ndubi’s door but there was no response as the door was locked from inside. Neighbours had to break the door only to find the guard dead covered in a blanket. Next to his lifeless body were the Viagra tablets.” 

Ezekiel Mutua finally reacts after KWS posted ‘immoral’ photo of two Rhinos making babies

Kenyans, as usual, had nothing but fun on social media yesterday after Kenyan Wildlife Service took to Twitter to post a photo of two Rhinos mating.

We all know how such posts, well, just any post, get Kenyans on Twitter excited. KWS was looking to market the Nairobi National Park but the conversation ended up switching to totally something else.

“What’s a Wednesday afternoon timeline without a little romp? Talk about Sex and the City!” the post read.

While others called for moral cop Ezekiel Mutua to bash KWS for their immoral post. Others were quick to connect it to Huddah’s recent Funga Duka campaign which encouraged women to abstain from having sex.

Here are some of the tweets:


KTN News anchor Zindzi Kibiku quits after 4 years at the station 

KTN news anchor and Morning Express host Zindzi Kibiku will be no longer working at KTN TV.

The sassy host took to social media to share that after four years working at the Mombasa Road based station, she has finally terminated her contract. Kibiku didn’t share why she left or where she’s going next.

“August 2015 I joined KTN News team as an intern. As infant as the station was with a goal to be the first 24/HR news network, so was my budding journalism career. They took a chance on me and allowed me to realize my dream while being myself . I meet so many of you amazing people. Thank you for your feedback, picking calls, showing up in studio and teaching me. Today, I say goodbye with a full heart.” Reads tweets from the TV Girl Zindzi Kibiku.


Kibuku has hosted several shows including “What’s Trending”, “Youth cafe,” and “Morning Express”. She’s also a Vlogger and runs a YouTube channel  called ZINDZI where she interacts with millennial’s.


Nyambane chased away by angry crowd after refusing to imitate former President Moi 

While fans were dying to hear the imitation of icon voice of former President Daniel Torotich Arap Moi, former comedian Walter Mongare known to many as Nyambane was not willing to stage another Moi performance as he has done many years before.

We all know Nyambane is the ‘official Moi imitator’ and fans always enjoy his performance.

But during a Churchill recording on Moi Day, an angry crowd was forced to boo the comedian out of the building after he refused to do his normal performance of imitating the former president.

No today

He was called on stage for the performance but he declined saying that he didn’t want to make fun of Moi. He wanted him to rest well during in his retirement.

“Out of respect for the retired president, who today is not as energetic as he was nearly two decades ago, I choose not to imitate or make fun of him,” he said annoying the crowd in turn. 

Nyambane, who is the liaison officer for the youth in Jubilee Party, was forced to leave the venue after the crowd continued booing for almost 30 minutes  after he said NO to their plea.

Sharon: I have battled depression, self doubt and I did it with a smile on my face 

Fashion blogger Sharon Mwangi has said she has been fighting depression for a longtime now but has never let the public know.

She recently took to social media to share her depression story saying that she was forced to mask it with a warm face but was suffering inside.

“If you know me or if you’ve followed me for a while you know that I literally always have a smile on my face & on all my pictures too.  However, For years, I have battled depression, self doubt, among other issues & I did it with a smile on my face. (Talk about being a pro at masking lol),” she said. 

The fashion blogger went on to add that she had to finally let go of her fears and opened up with the issue which made her feel better.

Opening up 

“I finally let go of all my fears and self doubt and I open up in my latest video, (probably the most vulnerable you’ll ever see me ?– direct link in bio) and talk about my personal experience with mental health, a conversation I feel is very neglected in Kenya although a lot of us battle these issues. And Oh, this means I’m back on YouTube now after months of being away ????,” she said. 


“I have since learnt (in the hardest ways possible) & taught myself to find happiness and inner peace in myself. I still struggle sometimes but I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and I hope for anyone who’s still struggling that they’ll get to this point too.”

Avril: I have turned down endorsement deals because I don’t want companies to use my baby

They say labour always kicks in at the least expected time and always needs a hero to help out.

For singer Avril, she was her own hero when labour came.

In  a recent interview with Parents Magazine, the singer said that she drove herself to hospital when labour kicked in. She also said that she did most of the preparation of the baby by herself.

“When I found out I was pregnant I had mixed feelings. It was something I had wanted for so long so I was happy. However, I also wondered, ‘what do I do next?’ By my second month, I was done with baby shopping and when my water broke, I drove myself to hospital,” Avril told Parents Magazine.


Avril also shared that she has rejected several endorsements deals from companies since she doesn’t want to use her baby yet. She said even though the deals were good money she had to say no unless she took the endorsement herself.

“I’ve been approached for endorsement deals and I’ve had to turn them all down. Mind you, it’s a lot of money. However, if I’m signing a contract, I’m signing as Avril not as Avril and M, unless the corporate is comfortable with my son’s identity remaining anonymous.” she said. 


Has Willy Paul been paid by government to do stupid things and distract Kenyans from Sharon Otieno’s murder? He speaks

Some Kenyans believe singer Willy Paul has been paid by the government, not sure which exactly,–county or National government–  to distract Kenyans.

Since Sharon was killed, Willy Paul released his new song featuring Khaligraph called “Bora Uhai” that has attracted a stream of controversies.

Number one

First, two upcoming singers came out to expose the singer for stealing the song then different parties went on to say that the song was trash and shouldn’t get any air play. Fans now believe it’s the government pushing the song to distract citizens from the numerous scandles taking place.

On social media, the singer denied the claims while sharing his new song which is currently number one on YouTube’s trending list.

“Still trending at number 1.. #Borauhai ft @khaligraph_jones New music.. and for those of you saying that I’ve been paid by the government to bring distraction kwa story ya the late #Sharon .. please get your facts right. That’s a very sensitive issue. And the people involved should be arrested and charged in a court of law,” Willy Paul wrote.

Elani sing about Mahandi in their second song after their much awaited come back(video) 

Elani has released their second song after making a huge comeback recently and dropped their album ‘Color Of Love’.

Just weeks after the group released Heart Beat, they have now release a new song dubbed “Mahindi”


The song is from their debut album Barua ya Dunia and aims to bring to the fore the conversation on food security.

“We cannot let our people starve to death and not raise our voices against it. Life and death. We cannot be quiet about it. And it’s time we discuss it. We are taking a stand against the politics of food, because it is immoral that the benchmark for life rests on the threshold of survival. Let this song spark a conversation and open up the minds and hearts of all Kenyans to speak out against this chronic food security problem that is crippling our nation,” they said. 

The song is a partnership with Route To Food Alliance that is helping them push the agenda.

Man caught on video beating wife like a dog given a shocking 12 years prison sentence 

Daudi Nzomo has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for domestic violence. Nzomo was last week caught on video beating his wife, Winifred Mwende, for allegedly cheating.

The Makueni man became a wanted criminal after the clip went viral and Kenyans begged the government to arrest him. Delivering the judgment, Makueni Senior Principal Magistrate James Mwaniki said he considered Nzomo’s criminal record that shows that he has been violent.

Viral clip

The 35-year-old was arrested in Nguuni, Kibwezi West Constituency after Kenyans’ plea. His mother confessed that he’s been a violent man for a longtime.

Police also arrested those who recorded the clip and watched as Mwende received blows and kicks from an angry Nzomo.

Man kills wife after cooking githeri instead of Ugali for supper

A man in Chebulu village, Trans Mara East, Narok County has been arrested after killing his wife for making him a meal that he didn’t want.

According to sources, the 40-year-old man killed his wife after she prepared githeri for supper instead of ugali which he craved.


Trans Mara East OCPD Joel Syuki said that the wife, who was only 25 years old, succumbed to her injuries while being rushed to Longisa Mission Hospital in Bomet County.

The man will be questioned further about the shocking incident that has left Chebulu village with a somber mood.

Students make clean 500,000K in 30 minutes selling fake Nasty C tickets from a Toyota Premio

A clique of young hustlers has been arrested after they were caught selling fake tickets during the Hype Fest in Ngong’ Racecourse.

According to reports, the eight youngsters, who have been scamming event organisers millions of shillings, were caught in a Toyota Premio printing the fake tickets during the Nasty C’s event at the Waterfront.

It’s estimated that they made a cool Ksh 500,000 in just 30 minutes after printing them and selling at a lower price than the originals.

“We caught eight kids operating from a Toyota Fielder in the parking lot selling fake tags. They had a whole shoe box full of different tags, they even had tags for the Rick Ross concert,” said the organisers.

Half price

According to the organisers, in good day, the kids make at least 600, 000 shillings. They buy one ticket and quickly photoshop and make others just outside the event.

“If your ticket goes for Ksh8,000 VIP, he’ll sell the tag to you at half of that. He sells 30 VIP tickets, that’s 120,000 quick and all he spent on the tags plus art work (if any) is probably Ksh6,000. Once he’s sold, he ghosts the scene,” says one of the event organisers who nabbed the university kids.


Pressure on Slay Queens as government plans to tax selfies

From the look of things, Kenyans will soon pay a tax for almost every little thing they do.

Kenyans might soon be paying a tax for exhuming bodies, street preaching, taking photos with your smart phone and hawking food if proposed new tax plan by counties goes through.

Kenyans have been left speechless by the proposed bill will see them part with at least Sh20,000 upfront per day to preach and use lawns maintained by the county government in Siaya if the Finance Bill 2018 is approved. In Makueni, you will be needed to pay at least 100 bob to take a photo using your mobile phone.


It’s not yet clear how they’ll implement such a law but monitoring whether someone took a photo with his/her phone can be a huge challenge.

American singer Alicia Keys reacts to Githurai girl singing her song like a true champ 

Gracious Amani, a girl from Githurai who topped headlines worldwide from her singing talent, is still impressing many including the artist behind the song she was recorded singing.

American singer Alicia Keys finally watched the video of the Amani singing “Girl on Fire” and was really impressed, just like the rest of the world.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, June 27, Alicia showed nothing but love for Amani.

“Look at this beautiful soul,” the celebrated musician wrote as she shared the viral video of Amani singing her heart out. 

Hit the studio

Amani has been recruited by singer Vivian already and the two hit the studio after the video went viral. Vivian’s manager and hubby, Sam West said they’ll also manage her.

“They are recording a song together then they will shoot a video for the same. The girl has shown interest in music and Vivian is more than willing to mentor her through her musical career,” said Sam. 

Former KTN news anchor Ann Ngugi lands lucrative job

Ann Ngugi, a former KTN and K24 news anchor, has landed a new job with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

The news anchor has gotten the job after maintaining an almost five-year low profile where prying eyes didn’t have a clue of her whereabouts.

Joining a bunch of others

What many didn’t know is that she’s been working for a christian channel called MBCI TV which is airs on free to air platforms.

Ngugi now joins KBC’s Roncliffe Odit who just signed a deal with the international media firm, Larry Madowo who is now the BBC Africa business editor, Former KTN sports anchor Lynn Wachira and Michelle Katami.

Kenyans attack Zari after giving relationship advice: You have 5 kids from different fathers and you talk about condoms?

Ugandan sensation Zari Hassan has seen all kind of relationships dramas. From domestic violence, being cheated on and finally being dumped, the sexy socialite and mother of five has a story to share.

Kenyans however hated her side of the story after she shared some relationship advice in an interview on Citizen TV.

Zari asked Kenyans always to use a condom if they have to cheat, a thing that annoyed some.

Keep your advice to yourself

Zari on Citizen TV

On Citizen TV’s Facebook page, Kenyans complained that the mother of five was misleading people with her advice and should focus on getting her life together first before trying to advise other people.

“For the guys, if you have to cheat; condomise it! There is STIs and HIV/ AIDS. Don’t put your family/ partner in jeopardy,” said Zari in the interview. 

Here’s what Kenyans said:

Martin Kariuki ItaI can’t take advice from this arrogant lady with fake accent ‘n she’s Tanzanian’ about cheating yet she has a school of 5 kids with different hyenas…….
Brian Kr this woman is overrated….she should keep those advice to herself….your life is just a mess my friend ?????ata kama uko na pesa
Bonny OmmaniYoungsters drink from your on cistern, otherwise its troubling on how Ringtone could live in shadows of two men who have sired children while the lady thrives on limelight, has moaned a lot for loosing both the dead & living hubbies.
Biki Arap RongoeYou have five kids from different fathers and here your telling us to condomise cheating,you are preaching water and drinking wine.hypocrisy at its best.
Martin MuiruriWait, cheat but condomise? I guess Diamond wasnt condomising.. What of the five kids that are not Diamond’s? I bet she just learnt what condoms are used for.. ???
Ron Esh She can’t take her own advice. 5 kids all different dads. Hmmm they have names for people like that
Vincent Ochieng Zari is right, very right. You guys spewing insults at her how many ladies have you screwed!??? Are you sure the man you call your father is really your biological father??? ????. Are you sure of your HIV status!??? Reflect on your life first. How many children have you fathered outside wedlock!???? Deadbeat fathers.
Kezy Kazina Kezy The fact remains that she has said it so whenever you are going to cheat on your partner you will remember her words ‘condomise’ please …why such hate .Zari is a strong woman, a definition of beauty with brains ,your insults doesn’t give her sleepless nights.
Serena Akinyi Hahaha zari you make my night hahaha really? I thought you are in Kenya as investor as in Kenya they need more investor can you open a factory of condom in Kenya ?

Not God’s Plan! Why rapper Drake is not happy with Kenyans

Rapper Drake and his team are not happy with what Kenyans are doing to his art. It’s not God’s plan.

Report reaching Ghafla has it that his Canadian team was not impressed after Padi Wubonn, a master of parodies, made his own version of “Gods plan” and called it “Alcohol plan”. Drake’s team wants it pulled down because of copyright infringement.

Wubonn is also behind the Ugali, Man’s and Hot Spot which left Kenyans in stitches.

Watch the video below:



Photos of the Kenyan woman who was allegedly shot dead by her husband in the U.S. 

A Kenyan woman living in Jersey City in New Jersey was allegedly shot multiple times and killed by her husband, who went on and shot himself according to police.

Henry Okongo and Lydiah Okongo were found dead inside a Country Village home with gun wounds. Police suspect Henry, 51, might have shot his wife before killing himself in the basement where his body was found.

They had two kids who

Their two kids, one fives years and the other has just clocked one year, were found in the house by a family member who alerted the police. The couple have been living in the U.S for almost two decades now. Lydiah worked as a nurse while Henry owned a few laundromats.

Kenyans living abroad who knew them and spoke to the police said they were a normal couple stating that they even helped them clear a pending bill when Henry’s business was about to be seized after failing to pay for the lease in 2013.

Lydiah Okongo


This is the ethnic song banned by Ezekiel Mutua for spreading hate speech

The Kenya Film Classification Board CEO, Ezekiel Mutua has come out yet again guns blazing to ban a popular song that is allegedly spreading hate speech.

The song, called “Ikambe”, is allegedly inciting Kikuyus against Kambas and Mutua has ordered the arrest of  Isaiah and Waharaka who released it on March 4.

Also read: “I counseled him as a father” Ezekiel Mutua reveals what he discussed with Eric Omondi before he left for US

“My attention has been drawn to a new kikuyu song by Isaiah and Waharaka titled “Ikamba” that mocks the Kamba community and castigates Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu” he said after speaking to SDE. 

“The song is a primitive piece of art that contravenes the provisions of Article 33 of the Constitution on Freedom of Expression. It amounts to incitement to violence and hate speech.”

NCIC Chairman Francis Ole Kaparo launches investigation

The song has sparked mixed reactions from Kenyans as many more scramble to listen to it after the ban.

NCIC Chairman Francis Ole Kaparo has also launched an investigation on the song’s lyrics and has promised arrests shall be made if any one was found guilty.  The song has not been played on any local media platforms but is still circulating on social media as more and more Kenyans try to decode the lyrics.

Kenyans on social media unleash hilarious memes after president Uhuru Kenyatta failed to attend the presidential debate

Kenyans on social media keep proving that they have no chills. After president Uhuru Kenyatta failed to attend the presidential debate that went down yesterday at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) – Kenyans decided to get creative by coming up with memes that explained why he failed to attend.

However, as much as it seemed like a fun and games moment – most Kenyans felt that the president had failed them as he was not willing to spare 90 minutes to prove to them why he was the best candidate to be re-elected come August 8th, 2017.

Anyway, the presidential debate went just fine despite Uhuru Kenyatta not being present.