Size 8 on why she kicked out DJ Mo before packing her bags and leaving her marital home

Size 8 is one of those people who’s never shy to share details of her marriage. In fact, she’ll tell you everything in detail hence leaving you with two options – are you for marriage ama you’re for Nairobi’s per person sharing kinda arrangement.

couple, DJ Mo and Size 8

Well – despite having tried made her marriage appear perfect , we understand that she’s had her ups and downs as a wife; and has but the love and affection she’s always had for hubby DJ Mo always kept her grounded.

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I like being honest with marriage because when you’re honest, you encourage other people, when you paint a picture of perfection, you make other people feel like they’re in hell.

However speaking during recent interview on Kiss FM, Size 8 being hyper as usual disclosed unknown details of her marriage; like that time she kicked out DJ Mo following a small misunderstanding they’d had that day.

Size 8 and DJ Mo

Before I matured into a lot of things, I used to overreact, ata kuna day in 2016 nilifungia Mo nje, alikuta vitu zake nje na mlango nimefunga

But since this happened at the age of 27 years, she blamed her actions in childishness yaani utoto.

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Moves out because of temper

In 2018 Size 8 says she also pulled a stunt that even surprised her own people. This is after she disagreed with hubby (just like any other couple) but instead of working out their issues – she opted out. Speaking on how dramatic her past life was, the preacher said;

I’ve really sumbuad, I have packed and gone and I have really overreacted.

And in conclusion the preacher said;

…I can say I have really matured and I don’t pack and go after every argument.

Size 8 shares unknown details about her almost failed marriage to DJ Mo

Marriages are not easy! And Size 8 will tell you this for free.

After being married to gospel DJ Mo for 7 years, Size 8 has undeniably seen it all; and although she rarely talks about the other side of her marriage, her new reality show has left her sharing personal life stories….aimed at inspiring other women struggling in their marriages.

Back in 2018, Size 8 was rumored to be pregnant, but the gospel artist chose to keep the information off her social media pages.

Probably this was to protect her unborn child from peoples mouths; and also mama Wambo did not want to get too excited when the pregnancy was too young, considering the many complications she suffers while pregnant.

Gospel artiste, Size 8 Reborn

Marriage failing

Speaking just recently, Size 8 opened up about the miscarriage she suffered back in 2018; a dark moment that saw her almost lose her marriage.

Unlike what many know, having suffered the miscarriage left DJ Mo and his wife fighting and arguing to a point of no return.

The miscarriage brought about the blame game – a technique used by some couple to get over a loss.

Size 8 holding son, Muraya Junior

The miscarriage really affected us. We fought a lot and we blamed each other since we did not know how to deal with it. It was very bad; but with our son, we were able to come together and support each other.

Unifying factor

However through it all the two ended up getting closer; as they still had Wambo to raise. Size 8 went on to add;

It has actually brought us closer as a couple, which is something we realized later,

DJ Mo shares his side of the story

Addressing this issue, DJ Mo admitted to having some difficulties as he was also in mourning.

Size 8 looking frail and worn-out on the hospital bed

However with time he realized that his wife and daughter needed him; and for this reason he stood in the gap to ensure his family stays together. But just like any loving father, losing a child for him was however not any easy!

 When you lose a baby, things change. It was very hard on me but I knew I had to be strong for Linet and Wambo. if we let our grieving take over, it would have affected Wambo because we wouldn’t be able to give her attention.


Watch: Size 8 and DJ Mo colorfully mark 6 years since tying the knot

Gospel celebrity couple, Size 8 and DJ Mo are commemorating their 6-years’ journey in marriage.

However, Baba Ladasha could not even remember any of it in the first place.

But since marriage involves a couple, then his better half took it to task to ensure the 6 years did not go to waste.

Accompanied by an enchanting melody, the elated mother of 1 could not hold back her liveliness as she ran to her hubby in her white wedding dress.

Wambo was not left behind as she witnessed her parents celebrated their 6 years in marriage.

A red rosy-cake completed the decor and celebrations wholesomely.


Via social media, Mama Ladasha emotionally pens:

Imagine it’s been 6 years of marriage #TheMurayas TO GOD BE THE GLORY yani time flies like that uuuuuuuuwwwwwwiiiiiiii. Yesterday with the help of @bountifulsafaris we got to celebrate these beautiful journey full of ups and downs. Huyu Mr. Muraya alikuwa amesahau wanaume what’s wrong with your memories ???????????????? anyway it was great he didn’t remember coz I took a chance to just appreciate him being my husband for 6 years by surprising him coz he always surprises me ????????????……… I got some not really good news today but watching this clip has given me some strength to go on fight on and keep the faith…….. Father Lord the glory belongs to you for the battle is yours………… love you ????❤????????????????@djmokenya. Swity God did it once He shall surely do it again. Amen!!!!!!!!! @ladashabelle @jozie_n.k@djray_kenya @hustler_in_christ
@mcpricekenya @kijanapatpat

As she thanks all who made it their responsibility to ensure everything goes smoothly.

@nishasurbankitchen switheart the cake was not only beautiful but tasty thanks darling.
@dream_gown_rentals I loved the beautiful gown. Mummy you always make me feel like a princess God bless you.
@infinity_clix you do the best videos and pictures thanks for helping me capture the moment


We might be in the middle of a battle but am certain we will win – a pregnant Size 8 hopes

DJ Mo and Size 8 are expecting a new born in a couple of months but it has to be step-by-step in order to get there.

Mama Ladasha has been to hell and back when it comes to managing pregnancies and seeing them through successfully till they reap the fruits of a baby’s sharp cry.

But she has also been a woman of steel whose challenges have only made her stronger, better and more hopeful of what is to come.

Her hubby, DJ Mo has been with her through the rough roads in the journey of life and still is.

In a photo Mama Wambo shared on her Insta page, her hubby holds her close, all hands on her gradually protruding belly, hopeful of what is to come of it in the end.

The gospel singer-cum-God’s minister hopefully pens:

Battles are a sign of new levels approaching!!!!! In battle we cry to God and trust in His power to win the battle for us!!!!! We might be in the middle of a battle but am certain Jehovah will cause us to win!!!!! @djmokenya#Godwinsalways#themurayas ….. Praise be to God who always leads us to victory in Christ Jesus!!!!!


Excited fans cannot wait to hear the baby’s cry let alone the gender expressing:

Second Born ni lini watu wangu…mmekaa saana


Best couple ever❤️????


Awesome ????????

Mnapendeza sana